The Singletree – The Bear Hunt – by Linfisher

True story: The Singletree – The Bear Hunt. Author: Linfisher. A rogue bear has been killing cattle on the ranch that Lori owns and operates withs her father. She decides to go after the bear with a professional hunter to kill the bear. Her life will will never be the same after this experience. The story is including of True Story, Blowjob, Cheating, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Male/Female, Oral Sex, Wife, Written by women genres.

True story: The Singletree – The Bear Hunt

Author: Linfisher

As the sun rose over the Rockies, Lori sipped her morning coffee looking out the window of her bedroom. She glanced over at the bed, where her husband, Ted, lay sleeping. Lori and her Dad own and operate the Singletree Ranch, one of the largest ranches in the Southwest, lying on both sides of the Colorado and New Mexico border, consisting of over 27000 acres of high altitude mountain land and low altitude ranch land. Her husband owns and operates a farm consisting of about 10000 acres of irrigated farmland.

Recently, a rogue bear has been attacking their cattle up on the high range of the ranch. After several weeks, no one has been able to stop this animal so Lori has hired a professional hunter to go into the area and kill the bear. Monte Roberts has been hunting problem animals for many years. At 38, he has become one of the best and most sought after problem solvers in the intermountain area.

Lori is also an accomplished hunter, being the son her Dad never had. She has been trying to kill the bear herself for the past couple of weeks and hasn’t succeeded. Last week she missed an 800 yard shot and the killer got into the trees before she could take another shot.

Much to Ted’s dismay, Lori has decided to go up to the high range with Monte and hunt the bear with him. She told Ted that because the area that the bear was ranging in was several miles from a road, she was going to stay up there till they got the animal. It’s not that Ted doesn’t trust her, it’s just that he doesn’t like to be away from Lori. They have been married only a few months and Ted has not gotten used to Lori’s independence and hands on approach to all problems.

True sex story: The Singletree - The Bear Hunt. Author: Linfisher.

True story: The Singletree – The Bear Hunt. Author: Linfisher.

As the sun rose higher, Ted stirred and saw his wife looking out the window. “Are you having second thoughts about going up to the high range to hunt that animal?” he asked.

“No, I’m not,” she answered, “just wondering how long it will take. Monte is bringing his dogs, so I hope that we can get it done in a short time. I’m not coming out till that damn bear is dead…..he’s cost me too much money and I’m pissed………I want his hide on my office wall.”

“Well, if you think you’re going to be up there for several days, come back to bed, I’m going to miss you lying here beside me at night.”

Lori smiled and giggled as she sat her coffee cup down. She walked toward the bed and stopped along side of it and removed her shorts and tank top. She stood there naked, letting Ted get a good long look at her beautiful body. Lori is 5’9”, long dark brunette hair, 36 D breasts with large areolas and nipples that stick out about half an inch. She has a figure men stare at as she walks into a room and her legs are long and shapely. Her pubic area is shaved clean and the outer lips of her pussy encase a tight and sweet love canal that Ted thoroughly enjoys.

“Don’t just stand there, babe, get that hot ass of yours in here and let me pleasure you,” Ted told her as he threw the covers back. Lori smiled as she looked at Ted’s cock. It was very hard and standing straight out, measuring about 8 inches long and very thick. She crawled onto the bed and pushed Ted onto his back as she attacked his cock and began to suck it very vigorously.

Ted was in heaven, Lori could take it all, sliding it down her throat and holding it there while she would work on the underside of it with her tongue. After a few minutes of this stimulation, Ted was ready to cum, but he wanted to fuck her, to feel her warm pussy wrapped around his hard cock as he plunges it deep into her.

He pushed Lori onto her back and went down between her legs and sucked her engorged clit into his mouth. He could feel that she was sopping wet and knew she was well on her way. He attacked her slit with his tongue, probing deeply into her pussy and tasting her as he stimulated her. He reached up and lightly pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger as he licked her pussy.

Her nipples were super sensitive and most usually he got a strong reaction. Lori arched her back up and Ted knew that she was beginning an orgasm. Lori felt that good feeling beginning deep down inside her. Contractions of her muscles had begun and she was moaning loudly. Her legs went stiff and Ted knew that she was cumming.

When her orgasm subsided, Ted moved up and pushed the mushroom head of his cock against the opening of her dripping wet pussy. He pushed slowly into her and she felt the sensation of his cock pushing up against her cervix. His thick cock filled her and she began to cum again as he started to move in and out of her. Ted knew that she was prone to multiple orgasms and he liked pushing her over the edge as many times as he could.

Lori had her legs wrapped around him pulling him into her as deep as possible, thrusting her pussy into him in rhythm with his strokes. The sensations were tremendous and Lori felt so good. Ted raised up and pulled out of her, he grabbed her ankles and put them on his shoulders, then pushed back into her. He had her legs splayed wide and watched as his cock plunged in and out of Lori.

He reached forward and pinched her nipples again………..Lori began to cum as Ted began to empty his balls into her. Lori felt his hot semen coating the inside of her uterus, filling her cavity to capacity. His thick cum was beginning to run out of her pussy around his cock and down her ass. Lori was in total ecstasy, screaming, “FUCK ME TED, FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME………OH GOD THIS FEELS SO DAMN GOOD, SLAM THAT COCK INTO ME…..OH FUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME ALL THAT BIG PIECE OF MEAT……..OHHHHHHHHHH FUCK !

Ted let her legs down as he pulled out and collapsed beside her, sweating profusely. “Damn, Lori, that was good, fuck that was good” he told her.
After a few minutes, Lori had recovered and rose up on her elbow looking at Ted lying there breathing heavily. “Have a good one, lover?” she asked. “Want some more?”

“Hell yes, “he replied.

Lori got up on her knees and leaned down over his cock and started licking it. It was covered in their cum and she wanted to taste it. After she had licked his cock and balls clean, she took it into her mouth again and started sucking it. In no time at all, he had a full erection………..she smiled and began to squeeze his balls as she took him deep down her throat again.

She brought her other hand around, lubed it up with the cum dripping from her pussy and pushed it into Ted’s ass all the way and massaged his prostate. It didn’t take long at all and Ted began to blow his hot cum into her mouth, which she swallowed greedily, not losing a drop. She continued to suck him after he quit ejaculating, cleaning him totally.

Lori got off the bed smiling, headed to the shower, Ted’s load of cum running down the insides of her legs as she walked. Ted just lay there, enjoying the sight, grinning.

Lori showered, got dressed and went down to the kitchen to do breakfast. When Ted came to the kitchen, she had breakfast dished up and sitting at the breakfast bar. She walked over to Ted and gave him a deep, wet kiss and said, “My love, thank you for that wake up this morning, you’re terrific……..I just love fucking with you. “

He smiled and told her that he loved her and that he would always love her, no matter what.

When they finished breakfast, Lori kissed him and told him that she would be back as soon as the bear was dead. She grabbed her packs and headed out the door. She had to meet Monte at the ranch in about half an hour. It was a 20 minute drive to the ranch. While driving, Lori was remembering her past, her wilder days, when she was sexually free and easy. She had used men for her own pleasure…using and discarding them as she pleased. She smiled as she remembered many of her sexual partners and some of the depraved acts she had performed. All in all, she was proud of the things she had done.

When she arrived at the ranch she went about getting ready to leave. She had to hook up a trailer, saddle her horse and put the pack saddle and gear on the pack horse. When she finished, Monte came driving up to the barn. He got out and told her good morning.

Monte was a good looking man, tall and very muscular with longer dark hair. He reminded her of Tom Selleck…..rugged and very handsome. He had his dogs in the back of his truck and his trailer had his horse and pack animals in it. Lori thought to herself, ‘wow, if I weren’t married, I’d get a piece of that.’ Of course Monte was thinking he’d like to bury his cock deep inside her……little did each of them know what the near future would bring.

She greeted Monte and went inside the office and got her 300 Winchester Magnum and enough ammo to take care of her if there was an invasion. Monte only grinned and said, “it only takes one shot Lori”.

She replied, “I know, but it makes me feel more comfortable to have several bullets with me.” They both laughed and loaded up and headed out.

It took about an hour to drive up to the trailhead. When they got there, they both got out and began to unload the horses and check the loading on the pack animals. Lori cinched up her saddle as Monte was unloading the dogs. These dogs were very well trained and followed his commands to the letter. They locked up the vehicles and mounted their horses and headed up the trail. It would take about an hour and a half to get to the camp site. The clouds were hanging low on the mountain tops, looking like rain.

Lori had tied her poncho behind her saddle, just in case……Monte had done the same. Lori was a very accomplished horseman, having ridden since she was 5 and competed in rodeos for many years. She could rope and work cattle with the toughest of men. About half way in, it started to rain, they put on their ponchos and continued up the trail.

The rain was light, but it slowed their travel down considerably. In about two and a half hours, they arrived at the campsite and began to unload the pack animals. It hadn’t rained there and they were glad of it. Lori stretched out a rope for a picket line and tied the horses up as Monte began to set up the tent. Lori found some rocks and built a fire ring, then went to gather wood.

She made a large pile of firewood and covered it with a tarp, in case it rained later. In about an hour, the camp was set up. They had lunch then decided to go up and ride the area and see if they could find any sign of the bear. The dogs were anxious to go also. They loaded their rifles, put them in the scabbards, mounted up and headed up to the area where bear sign had been seen by some of her hired men yesterday.

The scenery in the area is beautiful, mountain peaks up to 13,000 ft, aspen glades, extensive stands of pine trees, large meadows and millions of wildflowers. The cattle grazing are fat, shiny and healthy. Hummingbirds and other wild birds are everywhere…..a cow elk and her calf run for the trees as they ride over the top of a hill.

Monte’s dogs are staying close and not roaming far. One word from Monte and they obey immediately. After about two hours of riding, the dogs hit a scent. After a few minutes of looking, Monte finds a large bear track and bear scat nearby. Monte estimates the bear probably weighs around 800 pounds. The tracks look to be about 24 hours old. Since it was getting close to sunset, they decide to go back to camp and start again early in the morning.

When they get back to camp, they unsaddle their horses and build a fire. Monte goes to a nearby creek and catches some brook trout and they have them for supper. After the meal, they just sit by the fire and talk. Monte asks Lori if she is happy in her marriage to which she answers that she couldn’t be happier. She tells him the story about how she and Ted dated in High School, then broke up when they went to college.

She told him how they had bumped into each other one day at the grocery store and it started all over. Ted’s first wife had passed away a few years ago from cancer and he had two kids, a girl and a boy. Lori told Monte how much she loved these kids, as she couldn’t have kids herself. All in all, she thought this would be the marriage that would last the rest of her life.

She asked Monte why he hadn’t ever married. He told her that he just hadn’t found the right woman. He also told her that he wished he had met her several years ago, “You are everything a man could want…’re beautiful, you’re definitely not a girly girl, you’re educated and smart…..oh, did I say you were gorgeous…, you can hold your own with any man……you are the perfect woman………you’re husband is a very lucky guy.”

“Well thank you for the compliments, Monte. I just find it hard to believe that you can’t find a woman that‘s compatible with you………damn, you’re a really good looking man, I’d think women would be beating your door down.”

“Well, Lori, I sometimes think I scare women. You know, the line of work I’m in, most think I’m just a “killer”. A lot of the women out there now days are conservative tree huggers. Most don’t understand why my profession is necessary and I sure can’t convince them otherwise…and there are a few other reasons, but they’re not that important.”

They talked about their lives till very late then went to sleep. They both knew that the next day would be a long day in the saddle and they needed the rest. Saturday morning came and the skies were clear. The temperature was mild and after breakfast Monte untied the dogs and they were off in search of the rogue. They searched most of the day, covering over 15 miles of tree line with no fresh results.

They returned to camp, ate, relaxed and talked for a while then went to sleep. This routine continued for the next couple of days. Each night, Monte continued to try to get closer to Lori, even kissing her once when she didn’t expect it. It felt good to Lori, but she told Monte that she just wasn’t interested, even though it stirred old familiar feelings down deep inside of her.

On Tuesday afternoon, the dogs hit on a scent. Monte checked out the tracks and estimated they were only a few hours old. He found bear scat and found it was still warm. They knew they were close to the killer bear they had searched for.

Monte gave the dogs a smell of the scat and gave the command, “find”. Immediately the dogs took off on the trail. The bear had crossed a wide meadow and entered a stand of Aspen trees on the other side. They dismounted and got their rifles out, tied the horses and continued the pursuit on foot. Off in the distance the baying of the dogs was intense.

Monte looked at Lori and said, “They have him treed, I can tell by their barks……hear how excited they are?” Lori was moving quickly through the trees in front of Monte. Monte definitely noticed what a nice ass Lori had as she ran in front of him. He was still thinking to himself how he would like to have her. After about a quarter of a mile, they came on the dogs circling a large pine tree. They stopped, breathing heavily, and checked out the tree. About 40 feet up in the tree was the bear. Monte said to Lori, “You want to shoot him? It was your stock he was killing, it’s only right that you get to take him out.”

Lori smiled and said, “Hell yes, I want to kill that son of a bitch, he’s made my life miserable for the past month.”

They both had to catch their breath. Lori chambered a round and took a rest against a tree. Through the scope, she could see the bear looking directly at her. For a split second, she felt sorry for him, he’s just trying to survive like the rest of us……….then, the thought of the money he had cost the ranch popped into her mind. She took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger.

Through her scope, she saw the bullet hit the bear and the blood and tissue splatter against the trunk of the tree. The bear bellowed and fell from the tree. When he hit the ground, he just lay on the ground, his breathing labored. Lori could hear a bubbling sound when he took a breath. She and Monte had their guns up and ready to shoot again if he got up…..however he just laid there, the dogs were going nuts, but the bear didn’t move. Monte and Lori eased up on the bear, their guns at the ready.

When they got up within ten feet of the animal, the breathing stopped. For a few minutes they just stood there, watching. The dogs would go up and bite the animal, with no response. He was dead. Monte called the dogs off and made them lay down a short distance away. He walked up and kicked the bear with no response. He pulled his knife out and said, “Well Lori…that was a great shot, right through the heart. You want to keep the meat?”

“No, just the skin, head and paws.” She said.

“Well, we’d better get busy, it’ll be dark soon. He kneeled down and began to skin the bear. Lori pulled her knife out and helped him. It took them about an hour to remove the skin from the animal. While Monte finished up, Lori walked back to the horses and led them to where Monte was. He had folded the skin up around the head and took some twine from his saddle bag and tied it.

The horses definitely didn’t like being this close to a bear, dead or alive. Just the scent of the bear was driving the horses crazy. Lori’s horse, Jack, was a really a high spirited animal, however, in Lori’s hands he was a piece of clay. He trusted her completely and never batted an eye when she and Monte tied the bear skin on the saddle.

Monte commented to Lori that there weren’t many horses out there that you could do that to. They walked out of the trees and into the meadow. Monte mounted his horse and Lori swung up behind him, leading Jack. Jack stayed close to Lori, maybe just a little uneasy with the skin on his back. Lori had her arms wrapped around Monte as they rode back toward camp. She could feel his muscles under his shirt as they rode.

When they got back to the camp site, they decided that it would take too long to ride out tonight, as the sun had set about fifteen minutes ago. They unloaded the skin and unsaddled the horses. Monte tied the dogs and he and Lori went to the creek to wash up before supper. Monte pulled his boots off then his jeans, shirt and boxers.

He waded out into the creek and began to bathe himself. Lori took a good look at this handsome cowboy, then told him she was going downstream. He smiled and continued to bathe, not trying to hide his nakedness. Lori, not being very shy herself, went downstream a hundred yards stripped down and bathed. There was a short distance between them, but in the twilight they weren’t within easy sight of each other. Lori had brought a bar of soap and proceeded to clean herself up good.

After a few days without bath facilities, this felt really good. The cold water was invigorating. She could feel her nipples getting hard from the cold water and the thought of Monte’s naked body….damn he was hot. She finished up and dried herself off. She had brought a clean change of clothes as the other ones had the bear’s blood on them. She dressed and went back to the campsite. Monte was already there and had a skillet on the fire and was cooking what looked like steak. “I didn’t know you brought any steak up here, that looks good,” she said
“Lori, it’s bear steak, while you went after the horses, I cut some steaks off the loin of that bear, I think they are going to be good. He had also put a couple of large potatoes wrapped in foil in the coals of the fire. As he smiled at her, his thoughts were of getting her naked and making love to her.

“Go sit down and relax, I’ll cook these babies up, they should be ready in twenty minutes or so.” He told her.

Lori smiled, “well, that sounds really good. I brought something to celebrate with, in case we got the bastard. I left it in the creek yesterday to get it good and cold, I’ll be right back.” In about ten minutes, she returned with a bottle of Patron……ice cold. It had always been Lori’s drink of choice.
She peeled the seal and opened it, smelled it then took a big drink. “Can I interest you in a sip, big guy?” she asked Monte.

“Sure, I think we deserve a little nip or two.” He took a big drink and gasped. “That’s some good stuff, babe.” He said as he passed the bottle back to her.

The bear steaks were ready, so they sat on a couple of logs close to the fire and ate the bear that had caused so much trouble. They continued to sip on the Patron. After dinner, they brought their sleeping bags out and stretched out close to the fire, they laughed and talked about the successful hunt. Lori took another drink from the bottle and as she handed it over to Monte, she saw that about half of the liter had been consumed. She knew that she was feeling a little high, but it felt good and she felt all warm inside.

The night air was pleasant, the skies were clear. It looked like she could just reach up and touch a star. While she was staring out into space, Monte was suddenly over her. He leaned down and kissed her, slipping his tongue past her lips, deep into her mouth. It caught her completely by surprise. She pushed him away and said, “Monte, no, I’m happily married and I’m not going to cheat on him.”

Monte ignored her and pushed in close and kissed her again, this time more passionately than before. His hand had cupped her breast and his fingers were pinching her sensitive nipples. She told him no again, but he persisted, his lips going to her nipple on the outside of her t-shirt. He bit down gently on her nipple and suddenly she felt warm all over. His lips came back to hers and she pulled him close as his hand went between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her jeans. She knew that she was making a mistake, but the tequila and his caresses killed any inhibitions she had……..she wanted him, even though she knew it was wrong.

Monte continued his passionate aggression of Lori, knowing that her defenses were low. Shortly, he had pulled her t-shirt up to her neck, exposing her bra containing her large breasts. Monte was still kissing her passionately and his hand was stroking her bare stomach as his mouth went from her mouth to her breasts.

Monte was up on his knees, between her legs. His lips kissed her nipples then kissed a small trail down her stomach to her navel where his tongue dipped into it, sending chills across her body. He continued kissing down over her belt and onto her jeans…..going to her pubic mound, then to her pussy. He blew his hot breath into the jeans, she could feel the heat from his breath warm her pussy…….

she was getting very wet and breathing very hard….she wanted his cock. Monte took her by the hands and pulled her up to a sitting position, he grasped the bottom of the t-shirt and lifted it over her head and tossed it aside. His skilled hands went to the back of her bra and unfastened it in one try. He removed it and tossed it aside.

For a moment, Monte just stared at her in the firelight. She was beautiful……….he wanted her badly, and he knew that in a short period of time…….he would have her. He kissed her again, a long deep kiss that warmed Lori from her head to her toes. She lay back as Monte took her breast in his mouth and gently sucked her tits as he caressed them with his hands. His hand went behind her head and pulled her to his lips once again. She hungrily kissed him, her excitement building by the minute. His hands were skillfully caressing her upper torso while his lips kissed her tits and his tongue probed her navel.

Monte rose up on his knees and looked at Lori laying there, he could see he desire in her eyes as his hands went to her belt buckle and unfastened it. Her breathing rate increased. His hand opened the button on her jeans and unzipped them. He stood up and grasped the bottoms of the legs of her jeans and pulled them off. He leaned down and grasped the waist band of her panties and pulled them down and off over her feet. He stood there, admiring her naked body in the flickering fire light………..

she was absolutely stunning. Her body was in perfect proportion, well toned and it was all his tonight. He knew he would take her over and over until they were both exhausted. He stood there and removed his shirt. Lori was taken by the look of his upper body……it was so muscular with six pack abs. He kicked his boots off and unbuckled his jeans. He pulled them down and kicked them off. Next he removed his boxers. In the firelight, Lori could see a huge cock, at least ten inches long and two inches across.

It was standing up straight, pointing at his chin. She gasped as the thought of taking it all engulfed her thoughts. She got up to her knees and began to stroke it as she took it into her mouth. He grasped the sides of her head and pulled her on and off of it as he groaned and moaned. Lori was good at a deep throat, but, in this position there was no way she could take it all down her throat. She took all she could and there was still three inches outside her mouth. Damn it tasted good.

He was giving her small drops of pre-cum as he head fucked her. After a while, Monte removed his cock from her mouth and went to his knees, pulled her close, pressing her hard nipples into his chest and gave her a long, tongue filled kiss that lasted for a minute or more. He pushed her down onto her back and took his tongue down between her legs.

He pulled her outer lips apart and slowly licked her swelled clit. He could see in the firelight that her juices were running down her crack. He dipped his tongue into her juices and tasted her for the first time. She was sweet as honey. He pushed his tongue deep into her honey pot and licked the insides of her love tunnel.

His tongue licked her clean of her excess juices and probed her ass as he went down her slit to get all the juices that had flowed from her. Lori’s back arched up and she pushed her pussy into his face. He continued eating her, grasping her butt cheeks and squeezing as he pulled her to him. He could feel her muscles tensing and knew she was about to cum.

He continued his tongue assault as he reached up with one hand and tweaked her nipples. This sent Lori over the edge. She began a long and strong orgasm that lasted for several minutes. Her stomach muscles tensed so hard it hurt, but it was a good hurt. She wrapped her legs around his head and pulled him to her pussy as her juices ran freely from her hot cunt into his waiting mouth. After she finished cumming, she relaxed her legs and opened her arms to him. He lay down beside her and pushed her onto her side.

He raised her leg over his and pushed his cock into her wet pussy from behind. His hands were on her tits squeezing while he kissed her neck and shoulder. His cock filled her and felt good as it slid across her g-spot and massaged it. He moved his hand to her pubic mound and slid it down to her clitoris and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger.

His cock filled her pussy and she could feel it’s head pushing against her cervix like it was trying to enter through the small opening… felt so good sliding in and out of her she began to cum again. The tequila had loosened her inhibitions and she told him to fuck her hard and fuck her good… that she wanted to feel his hot cum inside her.

Her orgasm was strong and as it maxed out, her love canal contracted and tightened on his big cock. He could feel her pussy milking his cock, trying to remove all the sperm it contained. Suddenly, she felt a flood of his hot cum surging inside her, coating her insides completely. He continued pounding his manhood in and out of her, his cum was running out of her onto her leg then down onto the sleeping bag. The feel of his hot seed inside her caused her to continue her orgasm.

She was moaning loudly as she experienced his big cock ravaging her pussy. The tight feel of him inside her felt wonderful. When he pulled his cock out, she felt a small stream of hot cum running out of her. Monte rolled her over on her back and kissed her. He massaged her tits and went between her legs and licked her pussy clean, pushing her into another orgasm. When he came back to kiss her, she could taste the mixture of his cum and hers on his tongue, it turned her on immensely.

She pushed him over on his back and took him in her mouth and began to suck him vigorously. She cradled his balls in her hand as she took him in and out of her mouth and down her throat. Her tongue explored the bulbous head of his cock and removed small drops of pre-cum as it oozed out…she could taste his cum and hers on his cock.

She worked his cock hard, sucking like a vacuum cleaner trying to extract its sweet nectar. After half an hour of total oral pleasure from Lori’s mouth, Monte felt his hot cum explode into her mouth as she took his cock deep into her throat. Lori sucked him and swallowed his sweet sperm as he grunted and moaned. His balls and cock delivered a huge load to Lori………she loved it……swallowing a man’s cum is one of her favorite things…….she had always loved the taste of cum and craved it.

The two of them lay together in front of the fire, laughing and sipping Patron. The moon and stars were bright and they both were feeling the warm glow of satisfying sex. Monte confessed that he knew he would try to fuck her while they were up here, alone. He told her that he wanted to taste her and experience her charms and hopefully she would continue a discreet affair with him in the future. The tequila definitely had an effect on her and had lowered her inhibitions and increased her desire for sex.

In the back of her mind she knew she had done the wrong thing, but it was too late to turn back now. Monty’s stamina was unsurpassed and he fucked Lori all night, time after time, until the sun began to light the Eastern sky. He had made her cum so many times her abdominal muscles ached. She knew that her body was full of his cum and all her muscles were hurting as was her well fucked pussy. She had swallowed a lot of his cum, but most of it had been spewed into her pussy and some had been deposited up her ass. She didn’t have a hole that Monte hadn’t filled, several times.

Just before sunrise, having sobered up some and realizing what she done, she got up and walked to the creek and washed herself thoroughly. She felt wonderful after all of the great sex, but down deep, the guilt of what she had allowed was having its effect on her. She felt bad because she had cheated on her husband. Even though Lori had been very promiscuous throughout the years, this episode was truly bothering her.

In her youth she had fucked so many men that, in her words, ‘if all the dicks that had been stuck in me were sticking out of me, I would look like a porcupine.’ Lori loved sex, but when she married Ted, she promised herself she would not fuck around any longer, she would be faithful to him. As she sat in the cold water she cried, wondering what to do, should she tell Ted or keep it to herself.

It was a hard question to answer. She cleaned herself, so that she would not smell of sex when she got home. She had a lot of soul searching to do in the days to come. Her tears continued to flow as she sat in the creek in the early morning light. After a while, she got out of the water, dressed and walked back to the camp.

The fire had been rebuilt and coffee was boiling when she arrived. Monte was lying on top of his sleeping bag, still naked and with a hard on. “What do you think, beautiful, want to mount me one more time before we mount up and go home?”

Lori looked at Monte and said, “Monte, last night was fabulous, but, there will never be sex between us again. Last night, I was a little drunk and gave in to you and let you have my body. It’s like I was in a dream. I’m going to hope Ted forgives me for what I have done. I love him and the kids and I don’t want to take any further risks to lose them. Let’s get dressed, load up and go home. We’re done here.”

Monte looked dejected, he thought she would continue to want his cock and was very surprised at her response and disappointed also. ‘Oh well’, he thought to himself, ‘he had scored with the most beautiful and desirable woman in the area… the fuck was good, but there are more fish in the sea.’

The ride out was quiet. When they reached the trucks, Lori unloaded her pack animals and unsaddled Jack. She loaded up and put the bear skin in the back of her truck. Before she left she walked over to Monte’s truck and told him, “thank you for your help Monte and a wonderful night. I don’t think that I could have got that bear without your help. I will mail you a check for your services, but I don’t think I will ever need your services again. I’m sorry for that because you are a very good hunter and sometime I may need you again, but, I won’t call you. Goodbye and good luck.”

With that Lori started her truck and pulled out. She continued crying all the way back to the ranch as the visions of the previous night flashed before her eyes. She just hoped that no one would be at the ranch when she arrived and luckily, all the guys were out on the ranch working when she got there. She unloaded the animals and the gear and parked the trailer.

She knew she needed to get the bear skin to the taxidermist as soon as she could to keep it from spoiling. She left the ranch and went by the taxidermist and left the skin and head. He told her it would be ready in about a month, he would call her. From there, Lori went home. She was glad to see that Ted was not there and it looked as though the kids were gone also. That was good for her, it would give her time to get herself back together. She took her packs in and unpacked all the clothing.

She disrobed and put the clothes in the washing machine. She then went to the shower and just stood under the warm water and cried some more. She cleaned herself inside and out and dressed in some shorts and a tank top. She continued to do laundry and cleaned up the kitchen. Her mind was racing about what to do. She thought of her cyber friend, a Canadian she had been messaging for some months. After her marriage, she told Ted about the cyber relationship, only to have him tell her to break it off.

After a while she had started it up again, he was such a good friend. She had lied to Ted when he asked if she had ended it. Maybe he would give her some advice on how to handle this. She thought to herself that maybe her infidelity should just be forgotten and put behind her…..could she live with it? It was a question that plagued her.

She heard Ted’s truck pull up to the house. When he came in he was smiling widely as he ran to her arms and kissed her and hugged her tightly. “I am so glad that you are home, I have missed you a lot.” He told her. “I’ve been worried as hell about you, not being able to call you up there.”

Lori pulled him close and held him tightly….her mind running rampantly. She knew she didn’t want to take the chance of losing him and she knew that she had fucked up. Ted kissed her and told her that he had a few more things to do on his farm, and would be back in about an hour and would take her out for dinner and she could tell him all about the hunt………..”You did get him, didn’t you?”

“Yes darling, I shot him, the taxidermist has him.” She told Ted. “I’ll change before you get back and it sounds great to go out tonight.”

Ted left and Lori went to her computer and sent a message to her friend asking his advice. He told her that if she loved Ted, she should keep it to herself, it would serve no purpose to tell him what she had done. Lori felt better after hearing from her cyber friend, she knew then that she would just keep it to herself and move forward. One thing she had to do, never put herself into a situation like that again. ‘One should learn from their mistakes’ she thought to herself.

She would change clothes, put the tears away and go out with her husband and later when they returned home, show him just how much she loves him. The world moves on and she wants to move with it, together with Ted and his kids. In her mind she said thank you to her cyber friend……he’s one in a million. Her mind moved to the future and the events of the hunt became a shadow in her mind.

However, the shadow looms there, always present…..she hopes that she can overcome the habits of her past and move on with her marriage……..but that’s another story !


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