My adventures with Kasey – by Slave_4_fam

True incest story: My adventures with Kasey. Author: Slave_4_fam. If the reviews see it as worthy I will post more of our relationship. Not sure how things developed into the situation I find myself I dont even know where to start but the beginning.

True incest story: My adventures with Kasey – Chapter 1

Author: Slave_4_fam

I met my wife when I was 22 she got pregnant with our daughter the following year and we got married. 2 years later my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her battle has been long and arduous constantly going in and out of remission. This constant battle has left her physically weakened.

I remember her when she was the perky 5’6” pistol with her curly brown hair glasses a size 4 waist and 36 d chest. The first night i met her she dam nearly knocked me out. She was drawing back her purse to hit some guy she was with and hit me in the base of my neck as i was talking with a few buddies at a table behind them. And after that we ended up married.

I’ve always loved my wife since the day of our off hand meeting. And thru the best and worst of her last 15 year battle with chemotherapy and the cancer drugs. I still love my wife even tho a huge hole is in the middle of our sex life I never once cheated on her. This is why I’m so confused on how i come to find myself in the situation I am currently in at the time this story took place 9 months ago.

Now i mentioned that i have a daughter with my wife. So let me describe her and how we get along. She’s 5’ 11” wavey dishwater blond hair with red streaks that she had dyed there. She is athletic with volleyball and softball for her school and some hoops and disc golf with me from time to time.

She has about a size 7 waist but can never find anything that don’t kill blood flow to her toned legs.and her chest is slightly smaller than it should be due to her activities. Its a lean 34 B. So she wears loose fitting clothing almost always so most people never see what she really looks like.

Now since I have been both mom and dad at various times our relationship as father and daughter is good. When she was younger we would sit in a rocking recliner and i would read to her. As she learned how to read we would do chapter books and switch who was reading every chapter.

True incest sex story: My adventures with Kasey. Author: Slave_4_fam

True incest story: My adventures with Kasey. Author: Slave_4_fam

And as she got in to late elementary school the books were replaced by movies. And she was getting to heavy to sit on my lap any more and she would cuddle with her mom from time to time. So we ended up with a double wide recliner and it seemed she grew out of sitting next to me as she grew up.

Back in January of this year is where i guess this story starts so I’ll just tell the story the best i can remember from their. We just had a bad snowfall total for 2 days straight almost 14 inches if i remember correctly.

The power was in danger of going out at any moment how ever somehow it held on. How ever our poor over worked furnace didn’t fair as well it had a part go bad in the actual valves. The heating and cooling guys were up to their eyeballs in calls. So i tried to get electrical heaters that were sold out. As well as everything else heat related. Then my wife remembered the electrical blankets in the attic.

So we pull them out to find out out of the 6 we had only 2 were not destroyed by mice. One seewas a twin size and the other was basically a over sized heating pad. My wife needed the twin size blanket the most since she just started a new round of chemo and was already developing a bad cough. So i played nursemaid for her and also blanketed off every door and window in the front room.

So that was our designated warm room i brought the coffee pot in their and kept warm liquids flowing. My wife was bunkered down in a recliner and my daughter had the heating pad under her and 3 layers of blankets on the couch as the sun went down it got colder. It was so bad i couldn’t stop a shiver one in my chair and then my wife felt my fingertips accidentally when i was giving her a fresh tea.

She absolutely demanded i get under her blanket. We both would not fit in her chair and her in home monitoring system couldn’t move so my daughter suggested i just climb on the couch with her. My wife basically said if i didn’t she would hog tie me to the couch.

So I sit on the couch and start to warm up and i try sleeping sitting up. However with another body that cant seem to get comfortable due to lack of not stretching out it was impossible. So eventually me and my daughter decide it would be best if we spooned. That’s when my wife brought back the story times we once did as a memory. That made my daughter think back and suddenly she starts getting up.

“I’ll be right back Dad” she said as she went to her room

“Hurry up you’ll freeze to death Kasey” her mom stated

Kasey came back with her childhood copy of peter pan. Once she was back and settled in she started reading out loud. Then it was my turn to read the next chapter. How ever i couldn’t see over her head and hair. So we moved into a sitting position with her in between my spread legs and her back on my chest.

I am thinking that the pressure from her soft warm body on mine as well as the smell of her shampoo is what really started it all. Never before had I thought of my daughter in any sexual way but now it seemed my body was awakening to the fact she was also a woman. Several times I could feel my self starting to get stiff but I just thought of other things to make it go away.

We read maybe ¼ of the book and while I was reading a chapter Kasey rolled on to her side faceimg her moms chair. She then laid her head on my right arm and drifted off to sleep. I was pinned under neath her body so I decided to get some sleep my self. I was awoke during the night by Kasey.

“Dad.. Dad” she wispered

“ huh” was my half asleep response

“ Your poking me” she wispered in response

“ I’m sorry babe. I’ll move to my side of the bed” I responded still not aware

“ It’s ok just roll on your side with your back aginst the couch” she wispered

“Ok” i grunted as I did so

Kasey then snuggled in to me putting her ass aginst my crotch. I swear she wiggled more then was needed to get comfortable. As i drifted back to sleep I swear her breathing had changed. My phones alarm clock woke me up at 5 am like normal and as the fog of sleep lifted. I realized where i was and whos ass was firmly planted against my stiff cock and whos tit i was gropeing. Trying not to wake anyone i got up and dressed for work but it took me well over a half hour jerking my cock to get it to go down.

The furnace repair guy came and fixed the heater that day. I was kinda saddened by this news when i got the text from Kasey about it. The events of the morning played heavily on my mind all day and ggot me hard several times. But Kasey didnt seem to care about what had happened and she never said anything about it. Even though I wished for more than a one time event that is what it was looking to be.

Thru out the following weeks it seemed as if my body and hormones where becomeing obsessed with the missed opportunity to explore her body. And it seemed as if even my mnd was playing tricks on me. Because their seemed to be a change in the way Kasey dressed around the house. It seemed as if she was dressing in either tighter fitting clothing or less clothes depending on the situation. And it seemed as if she was trying to get me to notice each time.

And I know I seen a smile on her face a few times as she watched me get up and she seen the proof that i noticed. She had even walked in on me in the shower a few times wich was unlike her. And their was a few times I would be doing paper work for my joband she would ask for help with herr home work. She would lean over my shoulder to show me what she was needing help with and she would not have a bra on and her nipples would be rock hard and I could feel them digging in to my skin.

This girl had to know exactly what she was doing to me. And her mother didn’t have a clue what was going on. But to be honest she dont know whats going on 75% of the time anyway. And its not like my wife and I were going to be having sex any time soon. She only gets in the mood once every 6 months or so with all thats going on with her any way.

So after about 3 weeks of Kasey’s antics I’m walking up stairs to my bed room as I clear the top of the stairs with just my head. A vision of angelic beauty walks out of the bath room in to the hall way.

Here my daughter is naked as the day she was born with her hands up drying her hair with a towel and she seems to be takeing her time walking to her room. Giving me plenty of time to take in the full frontal view shes offering she then enters her room and dosent shut the door. As i walk by shes bent over with legs slightly apart and showing me a full glorious moon.

She either seen or heard me because she then slowly squats spreading her legs open and showing me her neatly trimmed mond and a wicked grin on her face. I nearly rip my clothes off and start showing her what shes doing to me. But her mother is comeing up the stairs so i close the door telling her good night.

The next day i get a text at work saying “Dadwe are now even with seeing each other naked” with the devil emoji.

I respond to this message with this “what exactly do you think your doing young lady?”

She responds with this “Right now im just sitting in my room fingering my puussy ;)”

This instantly gets me rock solid and I cant respond and the rest of the day at work im useless. When i get home my wife and Kasey are watching movies in the living room I get my diinner and join them. Kasey has made a pillow and blanket pad on the floor in my direct line of sight of the television. And she seems talkitive and seems to keep looking at her mom then over her shoulder at me with a smile.

My wife seems more out of then normal and tiered she falls asleep after maybe 30 min in to the movie they started when i came in. Kasey then pulls out her phone and my pocket vibrates

“You ready for a diffrent movie? ;)” the text reads “No I would rather talk about what has gotten in to you lately but cant risk it with your mom in here” I respond then another text comes in

“Mom will be out cold for hours she took 2 sleeping pills” it says “Why did she do that?” Then my phone goes off agin “She didnt know she took the first one” it says “What she forgetting stuff now?” Then agin a new text “No I put one in her drink like normal then she put in a second one not realizeing I already did it” “Great just great now shes going to be cranky all day tomrrow, Now back to the subject at hand what the fuck do you think your doing with all this new you?” I send back “ How about I change movies and then see what questions you may have after that! “ was her response as she stands up to change the dvds.

I see shes in a t shirt slightly long enough to cover her ass cheeks and she then changes the lighting in the room to where its just one light thats focused on her pallet area and my lamp lighting me. The movie dont have any opening credits or a title as she lays back down with her feet faceing me and she dont cover back up. The single beam of light allows me to see every curve of her bare legs.

The movie starts off weired as heck with justt a pair of hands with a black back round then the hands slowly move down to a split in the back round. Suddenly the split is shown to actually be a pussy.

The black fabric hides all details except what the camera lets you see. Then hands start playing with the pussy then a voice thats clearly been filtered speakes. Makeing diffrent pleasure sounds then trys to engage the viewer with questions about “If they like what they see” and “Would they like to touch it?” The first scene ends with the actress getting her self off and calling out for her daddy to fuck her.

The next scene is a standard porn scene exept its a dad and daughter fucking. Kasey has had her eyes glued on me since she started the video. And shes starting to touch and rub her self as she sends me another text. “Any more questions DADDY?” It reads im too shocked to think as if I’m haveing amout of body experience, I’m watching both the t.v and my daughter as shes starting to finger fuck her self while watching for my reaction.

Then I hear her say “Daddy are you going to make me play alone or can i watch you jack your cock off as you watch me finger my self?” I mindlessly undo my fly as if mesmerized by this all. I start to stroke my cock in view of my daughter and watch just her as the actress in the back round is being ass fucked. Kasey is solely focused on me and my cock and she then asks “How close are you to cumming Daddy?”

I’m not going to last to long npt being laid in 6 months 14 days and 3 hours. But i dont tell her those details “ Im close baby girl why?” She then slides across the floor to start to see my pre cum oozeing out and she just stares as the first 2 ropes shoot out after her hot pussy touched my calf. She then we quickly cups her hands under my erupting cock and catches the rest of my cum. She then plays with it in her hand for a second then slowly licks her hand clean.

“Maybe next time I can drink it straight from the source?” She says kinda as if asking if their will be a second time. “This isnt supposed to be happening ypur my daughter!” I speak she stands up and says “Your right daddy and im your princess and you always do what your princess asks right?” As shes touching my cheek with her hand “Yes you are my princess but we cant do this” I respond “Yes we can daddy because I want to do this.”

She says as shes got her fingers playing with my hair “But but.” I start to say as she just lets out a deep sigh and pulls my hair causing my head to move “No buts about it now shut up and eat my pussy now!” Once my lips touched her shaved pussy i couldnt help my self. I licked and sucked until my jaw hurt. And that’s how our first night as a couple ended with me eating her sweet tasting pussy to two orgasims


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