More fun with family – by Anonymous Among Others

True story: More fun with family. Author: Anonymous Among Others. So, for starters, this story is not for everyone. If you do not like same family relations, please do not read this story it is not for you, and please do not leave your distasteful comments on my story. Thank you. Also, this is my first story, be patient with me. The story is including of True Story, Consensual Sex, Incest theme.

True story: More fun with family

Author: Anonymous Among Others

It was grim times as to why my whole family was gathered together. My grandfather had passed away so i went with my mother to go to his funeral. Had I known what was going to await me in Pennsylvania, the long drive was worth it.

The first day of the viewing tears were flooding, but he still joked with me, “him” being my extremely tall, good looking, racer of a cousin. After the first day, we were all exhausted from crying and emotions getting the better of us and given the circumstances of short notice, my mother and i had no where to stay, so my uncle being very generous took us in for the night.

I was watching T.V. with my mom and cousin, he was so sexy, sitting there smoking, half chewing on the cigarette in his mouth. He was looking over at me ocassionally, flirting with me shall I say. I am an avid vapor and he did not like the smell of it, so I would blow it in his face flirting with him.

He said “If you do that again, i’ll shove it up your ass.” to which I replied “Oooh, I’d like to see you try.”

With that he sent me a message on facebook. I was not expecting that in the slightest. Mind you the last time I saw my cousin was 4 years prior to this visit. So I played it coy and didnt know what he was saying when he said the lights off with him would be an issue. He is my cousin, what was i to think of all of this? But I had always had a fondness for him. I was willing to see where this would lead, I have had fantasies before and figured it might be hot to try to at least kiss him.

True story: More fun with family. Author: Anonymous Among Others

Image for Illustration purposes only. True story: More fun with family. Author: Anonymous Among Others

After a few messages of back and forth flirting he went upstairs to his room leaving me watching tv awake by myself. I really was starting to get lonely.. So I asked him if I could go up to his room with him, I didnt want to be alone. He happily obliged and we sat in his room. Him on the computer, me watching tv.

After a while he got up and laid down next to me, I rubbed his arm as innocently as anyone would rub a family member. It was like he was sort of moaning while I did this. His skin was so soft and I wanted to keep touching him, I would have made an excuse to. he grabs my arm, and pulls me into a kiss… I don’t know what to do. I laugh it off and he is content for a while before pulling me in again, still nervous, nothing happens. I cuddle up to him, closing the small gap between our bodies, laying my head on his arm. he makes me feel so tiny. he is 6’3 and i am 5’1. He pulls me in again I let it happen.

Our lips brush, his tongue laps at mine. I smile so big. his lips are soft and he is gentle. I want more, I feel the lust building already, he is toxic. the naughty feeling of kissing my cousin is in fact incredible. i slide his hands up and down my body and my own up and down his. he grabs ahold of my breast and flicks my nipple in such a way I let out a gasp of pent up sexual desire. His hands are like magic being so rough and gentle at the same time.

I kiss his lips, his neck, his chest. Everything is spinning. At this point I am dripping wet for him. he asks me what i want, i reply with “you know what i want” i suck on his finger and lick it. He said “i want to hear it. now.” i kiss him *kiss* i *kiss* want *kiss* to *kiss* fuck *kiss* my *kiss* cousin *kiss*. He kisses me ferociously, pulling and grabbing at my body. i need to feel him in my mouth, I pull his pants down and reveal his wonderful cock. He tries to tell me its too small. I disagree imediately!

I put it in my mouth, licking it, kissing it, wanting nothing more in the world than his cock at that moment. He loves it too, I can hear his breathing quicken, he tells me wants me to take it all. I gag a little and I love it, I usually never allow that to happen but he is my cousin and I want to make him feel wonderful. There is no way I can wait anymore so I pull my left pant leg off and get on top of him.

I am sopping wet, it takes no time for him to slide in. GOD, he moves my hips making me cum, and I never want to stop. he asks me if I’ve cum, and just him asking me sends another convulsing orgasm through my body. He tells me he is really close and I need to stop before I get a load in my pussy. I manage one more orgasm before I need to get off and take his full load in my mouth. mouthful after mouthful, i love it, swallowing every drop, draining him completely.

I lay next to him and snuggle for a few and after what seemed like just minutes he was ready to go again. I want to keep fucking my cousin. He tells me he is hard again and if I want his cock I had exactly one minute to get on top of him. I am quick to get on his hard cock wasting no time at all and start to ride him like my life was depending on it. I am gasping, wanting to feel him for as long as possible.

I was not really being all to considerate of our surroundings, knocking over a fan we had to hurry and get composed, I was so sad having to cut our fun time short. afterwards, he sends me away reluctantly and sleepily and I slump down the stairs and fall into a blissful slumber on the couch only feet from where my unsuspecting mother sleeps.

The next morning me and my mother are getting ready to leave and I find an excuse to get him and I into his room alone and he kisses me, he hugs me and he is frustrated because he has gotten hard. He takes his cock out and shows it to me before putting it away again. The last kiss before I leave he puts a piece of candy in his mouth, he pushes it into mine with his tongue and I give it back in the same fashion. That is the sweetest kiss literally I have ever had. I love my cousin.


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