Like Pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle – by senorlongo

Erotic stories: Like Pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle. Author: senorlongo. I meet Henry and dominate him. While this story has some aspects of BDSM, it has none of the cruelty usually found in most mistress/slave stories. As you read you’ll understand why. The story is including Fiction, Domination/submission, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex theme.

Let me ask you—how many things can you name that go perfectly with each other? Peanut butter and jelly? That’s one. How about bacon and eggs? That’s another. Bagel and cream cheese? Good! Ham and Swiss? Even better! Pastrami and rye? Excellent! Here’s one you’ll never get—Nancy Rizzo and Henry Fuller! I’m Nancy and this is my story.

Erotic stories: Like Pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle – Chapter 1

Author: senorlongo

I was born the eldest daughter of Michael and Carmela Rizzo. The name Nancy came from Nancy Reagan, my mom’s heroine when she was a child. My dad is a famous trial attorney, the second Rizzo in Rizzo, Rizzo and Samuels with offices on three floors of a modern skyscraper on Park Avenue in Manhattan. Grandpa is the first Rizzo.

I grew up in Kings Point, Long Island—a tony bedroom community on the North Shore of Nassau County, Long Island in a large colonial house on an acre that overlooks Manhasset Bay. I attended public schools in Great Neck even though we were essentially rich because the Great Neck schools were as good, if not better than any private school you could name.

This is an extremely affluent area. The student parking lot at Great Neck North High School is so big that the school provides a shuttle to transport students to and from the school entrance. My parents gave me a BMW 3-series convertible that I just love for my sixteenth birthday. It would have stood out almost anywhere else, but not at Great Neck North where the parking lot was filled with Mercedes’, BMW’s, Jaguar’s, and Cadillac’s.

Most guys would describe me as “hot.” My oval face is perfectly symmetrical and my skin is clear. I’m tall for a girl—almost five feet ten inches with a well proportioned and fit body—34C-24-33, coming to all of 122 pounds. I’ve been told that my ass is “to die for”—not my words—and my legs are incredibly long, slender, and toned by many hours in the gym at our country club.

My Italian heritage has given me straight black hair that I wear mostly in a pony tail unless I’m wearing “dressy” clothes to a restaurant or a club or a party. Then I usually wear it down, allowing it to frame my breasts. I have light olive skin and piercing brown eyes with very long lashes, the kind that most women find only after using a ton of mascara.

Many boys have described me as gorgeous, beautiful, alluring, and sexy. Others have said I’m a stone cold bitch. Personally, I’m inclined to agree with all of them. In addition to my many physical attributes I tend to be pushy and domineering. Most guys find that to be a turn-off–that’s probably why I never had a steady boyfriend, but not Henry; thus this story, which is about our perfect match. Henry and I are like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fit together perfectly.
I first met Henry during orientation week at Penn State. Why would I attend Penn State when I had been accepted at Princeton, Yale, and Cornell? That’s easy—Daddy and Mom met at Penn State. My aunt and uncle are also graduates and Grandpa is, too. I was destined to be a Nittany Lion the day I was born. Henry and I were on the same campus tour. I noticed him hanging at the rear of the group of fifty. He impressed me then as being very shy and withdrawn.

I actually met him in person at the Freshman Mixer. As expected, I had to fight the boys off and I did so for almost an hour until I found Henry sitting alone, head down, in a dark corner. “Hi, I’m Nancy,” I began, speaking softly. I almost fainted when he looked up at me with those pale grey bedroom eyes. Even after repeating my greeting he was too shy to respond. Smiling, I commented, “That was your cue to say, ‘Hi, I’m—fill in your name.’ Go ahead–I won’t bite you—not yet, anyway.”

“Uh…Henry…I’m, uh…Henry Fuller.”

“Well, hello there, Henry.” Grabbing his hand I pulled him up. “C’mon, we’re going to dance.” He followed like a puppy dog at heel. Once in the middle of the floor he held his hands as he’d been taught in junior high. I chuckled. “We’re not in junior high, Henry. Put your hands on my ass. Make believe you want to fuck me.” I was pleased when Henry smiled and I was even happier when he followed orders.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, molding my body into his. Henry was taller than me—maybe two or three inches—so my heels brought my face to the side of his. Our dancing was literally cheek-to-cheek. His unruly light brown hair was parted on the left, but looked as though it had been combed with an old-fashioned egg beater.

Henry was slender; I guessed his weight at about 170 pounds and his clear skin was fair–much lighter than mine. My face was in his hair as I unashamedly ground my pubis into his thigh and abdomen. I was thrilled to feel how excited I made him–his erection could easily be felt through his slacks. At the time I thought it might be adequate. I was wrong. It was longer and thicker than I had thought, but more about that later.

We danced to three straight slow songs, although, truthfully, all we did was shuffle and grind. Twice another freshman tried to cut in, but I refused both times, telling Henry, “You’re not going anywhere, Henry—not without me”. I led him back to a seat once a fast song began. “Henry, please get us some Cokes. I’ll wait here for you.”

He looked at me for several seconds before retreating toward the canteen. He was back three minutes later with two cans and two cups with ice. “Thank you, Henry—bringing ice and cups was so considerate.” I batted my eyelashes and watched as he fell under my spell. So far so good—now all I had to do was get him to open up to me.

We stayed there talking as I slowly pulled the story of his life out of him. For now it was just the basics, but that wasn’t important. I needed him to speak. Henry was born and raised in Shamokin, a town in what had been Pennsylvania coal country until the 1970’s when the colliery had been closed and abandoned. Henry lived with his mother and her parents after his father had died in 2000, the victim of a drunk driver while jogging on the side of the road.

His mother was a teacher as were both of his grandparents. I wasn’t at all surprised to learn that Henry wanted to be a teacher, too. However, I was quite surprised when he told me he wanted to teach elementary school. “A lot of kids have no male influence in their lives. Maybe I can make a difference for them.”

“I think that would be great, Henry. I’ll bet you’d be a great teacher.” I couldn’t believe how he blushed. Glancing at my watch I realized that we’d been at the table talking for more than an hour. I rose, took his hand in mine and told him, “C’mon, we’re going to my place.”

He followed right along as I ignored several invitations to dance. One guy even called me a bitch and a tease. I stopped in response, turned and spoke in a clear calm voice. “I am not a tease, but for you I’m happy to be a bitch or even worse. I’m sure that someone of your intellect will understand. Find someone else.” I turned back to Henry saying, “Sorry about that,” before leading him out to the parking lot.

I could sense that Henry was confused. “Aren’t the dorms over that way?” I was so pleased; Henry had initiated an entire sentence. There was hope for him yet.

“I don’t live in the dorms, Henry. We’re going to my apartment.” I saw Henry gulp several times as I led him to my Beemer. Five minutes later I pulled into my reserved parking slot. A minute after that Henry and I were seated on my couch. “Don’t get the wrong idea, Henry. We’re not going to fuck. We will eventually, but not for a long time…not until we both know that we’re committed to each other, but I’m not a tease. I want to make out with you for a while and, perhaps I’ll allow you to attend to my body’s needs. I promise you that I will address yours before I take you back to your dorm.”

Henry sat—stunned I think, would be the best term—while I ran my fingers through his hair. He was actually shaking when I turned his head toward mine. “Na…Nancy, I…I….”

“Let me guess—you’ve never done this, have you?” He was practically crying when he shook his head. “I didn’t think so. Don’t worry, baby, I’ll teach you everything you have to know and then some. Just relax, Henry. Here…let me loosen your tie and open your collar.” I continued once his jacket and tie were carelessly lying in a heap on the floor. “Put your left hand behind my head and your right on my breast…like this. Hold my head to yours and gently massage my breast. Ohhhhh…that’s so good. Now keep your mouth open…just a little.” I leaned in for our first kiss.

Of course, it was pretty dreadful, but Henry would learn with a little experience and practice. I placed my hand onto his chest. Damn, his heart was going crazy. His pulse must have been 150. I kissed him again, this time with my tongue barely touching his lips. We were into the kiss about ten seconds when he began to relax and allowed his tongue to encounter mine. Henry was obviously a quick study. I thought at the time that more than eighteen years of repressed passion were released in those few seconds. I was pleased that, despite his obvious excitement, I did not have to remind him to be gentle with my breast.

There was nothing I would have enjoyed more than losing my dress, but I knew Henry wasn’t ready for that. I needed to remain in control—to retain my dominance over him and our situation. He was more than satisfied to keep his hand outside my clothes.

We made out for almost an hour until I noticed a wet spot in his crotch. He was making and leaking pre-cum like crazy. Breaking the kiss I moved back. “Stay here while I get a towel then I’ll take care of you. I told you I wasn’t a tease.” I bounced up and strode into the kitchen, returning in less than a minute.

I opened his belt and his khaki’s, pulling them and his briefs down to his knees. His cock sprung free in an instant. The large knobby head was covered in slick pre-cum. I rubbed it over his shaft. “Mmmmm…you have a beautiful cock, Henry. One of these days I’ll put it into my mouth, but only if you’re a very good boy for me. You’ll do that for me, won’t you?” He nodded and gulped several times as I spread the dish towel over his chest and abdomen. We kissed again as my hand grasped his organ. It was like granite, that’s how hard it was. I knew then that he would cum quickly.

“I’m not going to kiss you while I do this, Henry. I want to see it. I want to see how I affect you.” My fingers are long, but I was barely able to wrap my hand completely around his shaft. I was pleased to see that he had been circumcised. I loved the look of an erect cock with its head pulsing reddish purple in its desire. I began slowly, concentrating on the expressions on Henry’s face. He appeared to be tortured in his need to cum. “Relax, Henry; give yourself to me,” I whispered. “Allow me to control you.

It’s what you want and it’s what you need.” Gripping him more tightly I began to increase my pace. As I predicted, it didn’t take long. He grunted as his body experienced a ferocious spasm and a thick rope of semen exploded from his cock. His first two spurts flew three feet into the air at least before landing on his chest. Had I wanted I could easily have aimed for his face and mouth. That might be an option later when he was more fully under my control, but now all I wanted was for him to have the most exquisite pleasure at my hands.

All told, Henry shot six times and I managed to catch all of them on the towel. Folding it in half I used the unsullied surface to wipe him clean. Finally, I licked and kissed the last droplet from his tip. Henry dressed and I had him home less than ten minutes later. It was almost midnight when I was back in the apartment and I knew I’d never get to sleep without a little help. I stripped, throwing my clothes haphazardly in the general direction of the hamper and laid back on my bed. I already knew that I was as wet as I’ve ever been. A minute later I was fucking myself with my biggest vibrator, the one I was now calling “Henry.”

I had been really surprised when I pulled his pants to his knees. His cock was much bigger than I had imagined. It’s no lie that many submissive men have small dicks so Henry must have been the exception. It had to be at least seven inches long and two or more wide—long and thick enough to stretch and satisfy me, but not so big as to cause me pain. I was looking forward to having it in my tight wet pussy, but like everything else it would be when and how I wanted it. For now my vibrator would have to suffice. It did—wonderfully. I was a physical wreck by the time I was done. I showered quickly and fell into the deepest, most relaxing sleep I’d had in months.

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