Fantasizing on my mother – by JohnSebastian

Incest story: Fantasizing on my mother by JohnSebastian. Hi everyone. My name is Jean-Sebastien. To my English speaking friends I simply go by “John”. I was born in Paris, France 28 years ago.

Incest story: Fantasizing on my mother – chapter 1

by JohnSebastian

I grew up as an only child in a relatively normal family. My parents both worked from 9 to 5 and I was a decent student in school. I graduated in computer science two years ago and found a position with a local consulting firm. While the pay is not bad, I still live with my parents.

I met Elyse at the office. We have been dating for over a year. Elyse just celebrated her 50th birthday last week. She is beautiful and elegant. I have never had such great sex in my entire life.

Not only is she very open-minded but there is something about her that really turns me on every time I get close to her. Before I get into details about my relationship with Elyse, I would like to share with you the reasons why I think I ended up dating a woman who is 22 years my senior.

It all started when I was in college. I attended a psychology class where the teacher explained that some fantasies were meant to become reality while others were best left in Fantasyland. On the latter, she emphasized that it was okay to have such fantasies as long as we knew better than to act on them.

That speech really marked me. Like most people I had had my share of erotic dreams and woke up very excited each time. While most of these dreams involved a woman I was attracted to, some of them were a bit more on the weird side. I remember dreaming of having gay sex and waking up with a bulging erection. I was never attracted to men but I remember masturbating that morning nonetheless.

I also have an aunt, my mom’s youngest sibling, who is barely older than I am. Back in my college days, I caught her stepping out of the shower one day and jerked off to the scene so many times.

My aunt was (and still is) very attractive so the fact that she is family never really bothered me. We were always more like cousins anyway. I remember one time she asked me to give her a massage and she kept moaning so seductively that it made me uncomfortable. I jerked off on that many times as well.

One night, I got really high and was lying in my bed, slowly masturbating while thinking of my favourite aunt. Despite all the fun I was having, I started to look for a fresher fantasy, one that was more taboo. That is when I thought of another aunt of mine, this time my mom’s eldest sibling. She was too old to be my type but for some reason that was even more of a turn on. There was also another reason why this felt so forbidden: she and my mom could be twins. And on that night, I somehow substituted the characters.

I was really close to having a much needed orgasm when the thought of my mom entered my mind. I started thinking of my mom giving me a hand job and it was soon game over. I came so hard, the kind of pleasure that is so addictive. The next morning I was in total disbelief that I had masturbated thinking of my own mother. I felt disgusted with myself but then remembered the advice of my psychology teacher. So I did it again, and again, and again.

At first I kept my fantasy to a hand job. I would imagine getting an erection while my mom is washing my penis and how she would smile at me and give me a sweet, loving and motherly hand job. Or I would imagine how she would give me a stomach rub when I have a cold and her elbow would accidentally touch my penis.

I rotated a bunch of scenarios for months before I pushed things further and imagined having more intimate contact with my mother. I felt so guilty imagining my mom’s sweet face while her lips would be locked on my penis. But it was such a turn on and I would reach a wonderful orgasm each time. Giving a blow job is the most loving and pleasurable thing to do to a man and I would imagine how my own mother would suck on me with care and passion.

By that time I was pretty much out of control, masturbating on incestuous fantasies almost daily. I would still think of my aunts but none of them felt as forbidden and exciting as my mom. So one day it happened. I imagined myself on top of my mom, between her legs who were widely spread, and thought of her moans and cries of pleasure while I would penetrate her. I had reached the point of no return.

I had no real desire to see my mom naked but every time I felt like masturbating her face would inevitably haunt me. I did not realize it then but that was the start of many years of masturbating while thinking of my mom in various scenarios.

While I have thought of everything imaginable, from the mildly unacceptable to the unspeakable, my biggest turn on remains just visualizing her face while she has an orgasm and how I would ejaculate inside of her. I have thought of that scene hundreds if not thousands of times and it still gives me an instantaneous erection each time.

One of my biggest concerns when I started indulging in incestuous fantasies was my reaction in real life and how it would impact my relationship with my mom. In retrospect, I must admit that it created some tensions and other moments where I could not explain the anger that I felt. For example, my mom was never a big hugger but from that point on any physical contact would become quite awkward, as if the slightest touch was necessarily erotic.

To this day I still try to convince myself that everything is “in my head” but there are certain events that contradict that perception. I remember my mom teasing me one day while I was lying on the couch. We were sort of wrestling and she somehow ended up sitting on my crotch. The contact did not last more than a couple of seconds but I could clearly feel it. Another borderline moment occurred when I woke up from a nap in the living room and saw my mom rubbing herself from the corner of the eye. She was not going at it full tilt but I could clearly see the back and forth.

About 4-5 years ago, my mom and I flew to London for my uncle’s wedding. We stayed at his house for over two weeks and since there were a lot of relatives in town, we were forced to share a bedroom. There were two beds in the room, a taller double bed for my mom and a twin bed for me, with about one foot between them. All the couches were already taken and I could not afford to stay at the hotel so this was my best option.

One night, I came back from a party with my cousins and found my mom sound asleep in her bed. I was drunk and felt really horny. For some reason I was never the type to jerk off in the bathroom or in the shower. I always preferred to be in my bed. In any case, I turned away from my mom and started masturbating frantically. I was concerned that my mom would wake up and knew I had to get the job done quickly.

As I got close to having an orgasm, I had more courage built up and decided to flip on my back side. If my mom could rub herself in the living room while she thought I was napping, I figured she would not be that much offended if I ever got caught. So I kept stroking my penis which was now pointing straight up and well in sight. Just before I came, I listened to my mom’s breath one last time, just to reassure myself that she was still asleep. Not sure what I would have done if she had opened her eyes at that moment. It was too late anyway. I let it go and savoured every second.

But perhaps the most telling story happened at the wedding. We were up on some kind of balcony and looking down on the rest of the family. My mom took out her camera and bent down so she could aim at the crowd. It was a tight area and by doing so she accidentally brushed her backhand against my crotch and by reflex I quickly stepped back. Instead of ignoring the incident, my mom made it worse by apologizing and then laughing uncontrollably. Although the contact was rather innocent, it was the first time that we had both acknowledged it.

As you can tell, my mom was always a bit of a weirdo. I was never actually attracted to her but the thought of incest was always so exciting. After all of these years, masturbating while thinking of my mother remains an immense turn on.

When Elyse and I started seeing each other, she quickly asked me why I would date a mature woman. Unlike other girls my age, Elyse always seemed confident so I decided to tell her the truth about the reason of my attraction. First of all, her resemblance to my mom was striking. Elyse may look thinner and perhaps younger but otherwise they could be sisters.

Secondly, Elyse was very confident and open-minded. I tested the waters by telling her that a woman giving me motherly care turns me on and that I liked the idea of breastfeeding and role playing. Elyse made me comfortable and soon I shared all of my incestuous fantasies with her. I could see in her eyes that she was incredibly turned on.

That night, we had sex at her house and it was torrid. It was as if Elyse always knew how to excite me. As we were passionately going at it, she started calling me “son” and asked me to call her “mommy”. I closed my eyes and started doing just that. I was burning with desire and my erection was at an all-time high. I kept calling her “mommy” softly as I came inside of her. It was as much pleasure as my body could handle.

I could tell from Elyse’s reaction that she genuinely enjoyed it. Some women would feel insecure by a man who fantasizes on another woman but Elyse was totally fine with it and even encouraged it. With Elyse I explored different worlds while having the most incredible sex. One of her favourite scenarios involve my getting caught masturbating by my mom. But rather than hiding away, I would get up from bed, get in front of my mom and ejaculate on her. Elyse often gets off when I reach that part of the story.

One time, Elyse was casually giving me head when my phone rang. I was going to ignore the call but when I realized it was my mom I suddenly got really excited. Seeing the opportunity, Elyse took the phone and answered herself. She told my mom that I was right beside her and then passed me the phone. That led to another pleasurable experience as Elyse kept sucking me off while I was doing some small talk with my mom.

Meanwhile, I kept experimenting at home as well. While my mom was away, I went to her room and grabbed a pair of panties and rubbed it against my penis. I then rolled up the panties around my shaft and jerked off until I came. And then this other night my dad was watching TV downstairs and I knew that there was only my mom in the room next to mine. I started to masturbate and soon started making loud noises as my pleasure built up. I’m not sure whether my mom could hear me or if she was asleep but I was really excited thinking that she could be awake and listening. And possibly getting turned on.

Another time I was jerking off in my room while my mom was busy in the kitchen. As I was in the middle of my session, I decided to put my pants back on and went downstairs with my erection well in sight. I walked right by my mom, grabbed a drink in the fridge and returned upstairs. Again, I’ll never really know whether she saw my bulge but I like to think that she caught a glimpse of it.

By that time things were getting dangerously out of control. I did not have much courage when I was by myself but with Elyse as partner in crime we started to come up with dangerously realistic scenarios. I knew my mom would not freak out if she ever found out about my silly fantasies but I was still much afraid of messing up our relationship.

But psychologically I was starting to sort of lose it. I wondered what would happen if I actually showed my penis to my mom. I kept visualizing how I would expose my erected shaft to her. I knew in the back of my mind that we would both enjoy the experience, that no one loves me more than my own mother, that I had a unique experience to enjoy the most beautiful thing in the world with her.

I started questioning our moral code, whether the taboo was justified and how I could deal with it. After all, what’s wrong with two loving and consenting adults taking care of each other’s sexual needs? The thought of releasing my load inside my mother kept haunting me.

You may have noticed that I do not refer to Elyse as my girlfriend or partner. We have agreed since the beginning that we do not have a relationship but rather simply see other whenever we feel like it. In practice, we spend a couple of evenings together during the week and typically stay at her place on weekends. She is fun company and the sex is great so I don’t mind seeing her that often. The thing is, I know in the back of my mind that I would like a family one day and she knows it, too. We both realize that this arrangement is temporary, no matter how pleasant it might be.

As you can understand, I had a huge dilemma last Christmas as I didn’t know how to handle the situation with Elyse. What eventually forced my hand is that she doesn’t have any close relatives and had nowhere to go so I invited her over to my parents’ place where the rest of the family was also gathered. I felt really anxious and uncomfortable in anticipation of this meeting. I knew my mom would be horrified to see such a mature woman by my side while my dad would probably think that she’s more his style than mine. And they would both be right.

Perhaps thanks to the flowing wine and champagne, Christmas Eve turned out to be a pleasant success. Elyse and my mom chatted all night while I caught up with my cousins, uncles and aunties. I could tell from the corner of the eye that my mom and her new friend were giggling like school girls and I wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing or not.

At least the initial awkwardness was no longer a concern. However I knew that my mom was the manipulative type and I was convinced that she would try to squeeze some personal information out of Elyse. Perhaps were they discussing our sex life? That would have been so embarrassing but yet so perverse and exciting.

By the time that everyone had gone home, my dad was in bed and there were only me, my mom and Elyse left in the living room. We had had a lot to drink and were still in partying mode. My mom decided to put on some soft music and Elyse invited me to dance. I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of slow dancing in front of my mom but I was too drunk to resist.

Elyse held me close and tight. She felt very warm and eager. I became hard as my penis slightly rubbed on her tummy. When the next song started, Elyse turned away and asked my mom whether she wanted to dance with her boy. My mom blushed and refused at first but she eventually got up and joined me. The problem is, I was still hard and barely able to cover it.

As soon as my mom leaned against me, I could feel her body against my penis immediately. Her tummy is a bit more prominent than Elyse’s and there was no room for my shaft to hide. I tried to pull away but I was too hard to be discrete. After fighting it for about 15 seconds, I finally gave in.

My erect penis was rubbing on my mom’s tummy and we both kept dancing as if nothing was happening. My mom even got closer at some point as I comfortably leaned against her, making no secret of my erection, simply enjoying the moment. At some point, I even repositioned my shaft so that it stood out even more and my mom never backed off.

While Elyse was watching attentively, I spoke in my mom’s ear and apologized for my erection. She replied that it was fine and hugged me even tighter. And I kept repeating in her ear that I was so hard, so excited. My mom finally let go of me after the second song and excused herself. Elyse was smiling as she knew exactly what had happened.

We tiptoed back to my room and hopped into bed. Elyse did her usual routine, offering her breast to me and stroking my penis at the same time. The house was so quiet that we could hear my dad snore in the next room. Realizing that my mom was the only one who could hear us, we proceeded to having the most passionate sex we had had in a very long time.

I kept encouraging Elyse to moan louder and louder. She was so into it and sounded incredibly sexy. We had been going at it for about ten minutes when I finally exploded in her. I thought of my mom overhearing us the whole time and it made me so much hornier. I had never heard Elyse being so vocal. It was so hot.

I was a little worried about facing my mom the next morning but for having had similar experiences with her in the past I knew she would be fine. We had more relatives visiting on Christmas Day and my mom seemed a little nervous but otherwise in very good spirits. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress which showed just enough cleavage for a family event.

My penis started to swell as I reminisced the intimate moment I had with my mom the previous night. At the same time, she went downstairs to pick up something and without much thinking I decided to follow her.

I was so excited that I could not think straight. As soon as my mom and I were alone, I pulled out my hard penis and looked at her straight in the eye. Her reaction was epic as she started to giggle and told me to put it away before my dad catches me. She did not seem upset at all. We quickly returned upstairs and acted as if nothing had happened. Elyse knew something was different though as my mom was all flushed and she kept laughing for no reason.

When I explained everything to Elyse in the afternoon, she got really upset at me. I didn’t understand why as we had just had the best sex ever the previous night. It appeared she was angry because I did not include her in my plan and she felt left out among a bunch of strangers. I was totally mystified as I had thought that it would have turned her on. In any case, Elyse excused herself before dinner and went home.

Family dinner was uneventful. We drank quite a bit and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. My mind was wandering between fixing things with Elyse and having some alone time with my mom. I was starting to lose touch with reality as I seriously considered asking my mom to slow dance again. I also thought there was no harm in showing her how I jerk off. All of these erotic ideas made me hard while I was trying to maintain conversation with my extended family. Not an easy chore.

I ended up lonely in bed that night. I could hear my parents having sex in the next room which was equally frustrating as it was exciting. I called Elyse but she didn’t answer. So I masturbated to my mom’s moans and went to sleep after a quick orgasm.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s was very difficult for me. I was feeling horny day and night. I didn’t want to harass Elyse so I left her alone for a while but masturbating was not nearly as satisfying as the steamy sex I was used to having with her on an almost daily basis. Between the actual sex withdrawal and hearing my parents having sex at night, I was going crazy. I called a date line looking for phone sex with a mature woman but there was no easy find. I even contacted Dr. Block and had an amazing discussion with her but it only made me think about sex even more.

Elyse finally called me late on New Year’s Eve to wish me a happy new year. I was already in bed and ready to go to sleep. I expected her to be lukewarm or to tell me that she no longer wanted to see me but it turned out she apologized profusely for her behaviour. She said she reacted emotionally and that it was not in her intention to start an argument. I was simply happy that we were in good terms again and told her she did not need to apologize. Soon the topic turned over to sex as we both started to masturbate. Elyse wanted me to moan loudly. I was a bit shy at first but she sounded so sexy that I eventually obliged. The release was so good. I kept telling Elyse how much I wanted to be in her right at that moment.

The next day, Elyse arrived early for our family dinner. My dad was at my uncle’s place for the afternoon so it was just the three of us. Elyse and my mom acted like best friends again. I was not sure whether they were genuinely getting along or if Elyse made an effort to be in her good books but I certainly did not complain. As my mom was preparing dinner, Elyse offered to help but my mom declined as she had everything mostly ready and wanted to work on her signature dessert.

We had a lot to catch up on so Elyse and I went straight to my room. As soon as we shut the door, my hands were all over her as we made out passionately. My penis was throbbing as Elyse took it in her hands while we kissed like teenagers. I knew I had to take her right then. I got fully undressed and sat on a chair, waiting for Elyse to straddle me.

Her pussy was already wet when I entered her. She felt so good, so warm. She offered me her breast as she slowly pumped my shaft. It was so erotic. After a few minutes, she decided to turn around and faced away from me. I could fondle her breasts and stimulate her clit easily in that position.

As I was getting ready to explode, we heard my mom in the stairs as she was walking toward her bedroom which was right next to mine. We slowed down the pace for a few seconds as we wondered what my mom was up to. The situation actually turned me on as I could feel my penis burn with desire. I soon resumed groping Elyse’s breasts as she picked up the pace again, her butt going up and down against me. She started to moan loudly. My mom was right next door and this was such a turn on. As I both feared and wished for at the same time, Elyse then started to cry in this high pitched voice, a bit like my mom does when she is very excited.

Suddenly, Elyse stopped before we both climaxed and suggested an idea. She wanted me to walk out of my room, stark naked, and head to the bathroom to grab a towel. We were going to need it anyway. At first I protested a little but I was too excited not to do it. As it turned out, my mom was in the hallway when I stepped out and immediately stared at my naked body.

She laughed nervously as I made my way to the bathroom. I still had such a boner and I was so excited about being naked in front of my mom that I could not think straight. As I came out of the bathroom, my mom was still there. She looked a bit uncomfortable but she did not flee the scene. I stood in front of her, silently, for about a full minute. I looked at her straight in the eyes while she wandered up and down, curious to look at my erected penis. I proudly stood there for her to look at it. Having my mom stare at my cock was one of the sexiest moments of my life.

I then returned to my room but left the door open behind me. Elyse was surprised at first but she immediately noticed the seriousness of the situation as my mom stood at the doorstep, watching us, staring at us. Elyse bent down a little as I entered her from behind. We both looked at my mom during this tense moment. About a minute later, Elyse had a thundering orgasm.

She cried very loudly as she came and came again all over me. I slowed down for a few seconds and then got ready for the final stretch. I pulled out just in time for my mom to see me ejaculate. She was all flushed but could not resist watching. I loved shooting my load in front of her. It was such an erotic moment. Soon after I was done we heard the garage door open. It was time to act normal again.

From that moment on, my mom and I shared a secret. Thankfully, she and Elyse continued to get along really well which sort of compensated for the weirdness I felt inside of me. But sex is like a drug and soon I found myself wanting more. The path had been drawn and it was too tempting to go back. During our intimate moments, Elyse and I often discussed different scenarios that became increasingly perverse and elaborated over time.

She liked to include my dad in her fantasies which turned me on while we were having sex but made me a little uncomfortable otherwise. She would imagine us having sex with my bedroom door wide open while my parents would do the same in their room, or she would describe scenes where my mom and I would get caught in the act by my dad. Hot stuff but definitely stretched my own limits a little. I nonetheless encouraged Elyse in those fantasies because I knew it turned her on. I also did not want the attention to be entirely focused on me and my mom as I knew it would eventually hurt Elyse. Diversity was a good thing.

Meanwhile I had not had a real conversation with my mother in a very long time. On a typical weekday, she usually got home first, followed by me and then my dad. I would be alone with my mom for maybe half an hour and most of the time I would just stay in my room and jerk off. I always felt more comfortable pleasuring myself when my dad was not around. That was before I met Elyse of course.

We were supposed to have a family meal one night but my dad ended up having to work late. There was way too much food and wine for just me and my mom but we somehow managed to empty the table. At first I felt a bit tense but with alcohol helping I ended up having a good time. We talked about everything from my job to the latest fashion trends to the new guy who worked at the convenience store. Of course my mom eventually brought up Elyse and asked how she was doing and whether we were happy together. I was going to explain that Elyse and I were not actually together but I think that would have been too complicated for my mom and potentially disrespectful for Elyse.

My mom opened the door when she talked about how Elyse and I seem to get along in bed. I willingly admitted that the sex with Elyse was awesome. My mom blushed so I provided more details. I told her we often did it right after work and then once again before bedtime. On weekends we would have sex all morning and all night long, for hours at a time.

I enjoyed describing my sex life to my mother. It gave me a legitimate reason to talk about sex and it was a huge turn on. My mom almost seemed proud that her son had such good drive. She asked me what Elyse and I had done that was most exciting and I seized the opportunity to go back to the night that my mom watched us having sex. My mom looked embarrassed and started to apologize for not having left the scene but I quickly interrupted her and told her that I would have closed the door had I been uncomfortable with her presence.

I continued by confessing to my mom that I had never been as excited as when I silently stood in front of her, stark naked, with my erected penis pointing straight up. She blushed and seemed genuinely embarrassed but still asked me why that situation had turned me on so much. That’s when I admitted that I often masturbated while thinking of her.

She seemed really surprised so I kept it light at first and said that I was a bit of an exhibitionist and fantasized about getting caught masturbating. My mom smiled and said there was nothing with masturbation and that she would not be offended at all if she ever saw me doing it.

As my mom was cleaning the dishes, I approached her from behind and gave her a big hug, nonchalantly pressing my hard shaft against her butt. I thanked her for dinner and said that I needed to go to my room and please myself. She giggled and gave me a peck on the cheek. I climbed up the stairs and went straight to my room.

I got off my clothes and hopped into bed, ready for a quick orgasm. I had never had such a sexual conversation with my mom and I was wildly excited knowing that my mom was aware of what I was about to do. I was about two minutes into it when I thought about getting up and opening the door just a little. I was hoping my mom would walk by but there was also a chance that my dad would come home. Now that would be quite a turn off. I ended up leaving the door closed and was very close to climaxing.

Then I heard my mom’s footsteps approaching. I knew she wanted to see me or else she would have avoided the area until I finished. I could tell she was in the lobby and still hesitating but I was on fire so I got up and swung the door wide open. I then sat on the corner of my bed and just stroked myself while my mom was watching.

It was such a pleasurable moment. She stared at my penis. That was the best reaction I could ask for. My mom then entered my room and sat on a chair next to my bed. She was about two feet away. Her proximity threw me over the edge as I came within seconds and shot my load all over my stomach. Realizing I had nothing to wipe my penis with, my mom readily went to the bathroom to grab a towel. She soaked it in warm water and to my surprise she proceeded to wipe me off as well.

First she cleaned my stomach and then she moved over to my genitals. As she was wiping my penis, I got semi-hard again and finally confessed to my mom that I often imagined having sex with her while I masturbated. She seemed really shocked. Then I told her how often I imagined ejaculating inside of her. I started being more explicit, describing how I would ejaculate in her mouth or take her from behind. She was speechless. She had stopped wiping but she was still holding the towel around my shaft. I became fully hard and was ready to go for another round but my mom smiled nervously and said that my penis was all clean and no longer needed her care.

It was a good call as a few seconds later I heard the garage door. My dad came back after a long day at work. He went in the shower and within minutes he was banging my mom right next door. I really did not want to but I somehow imagined how hard he must have been. What an untimely sight. I could hear my mom moan with pleasure as my dad penetrated her.


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