Family Affairs

Incest stories: Family Affairs. Author: Vyper269. I put the breaks back in it to make it easier to read. Shouldn’t have to put up multiples from here on out. This is a work of total fiction. The story and any characters within it belong to Vyper269. If you like it let me know and I’ll write more. If you don’t, I don’t really care. If you want to read, share, and comment on it, Cool! But it is mine. If you want to do anything with the characters, please write me with your ideas and ask, the worst that happens is I say no. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it! 1/1/2013. The story is including of Fiction, Incest, Males / Females, Mature theme.

Incest stories: Family Affairs – Rachel – Part 1 – Chapter 1

Author: Vyper269

My mom died 2 weeks after I was born. The doctor that performed the cesarean nicked something inside; she turned septic and died before anyone realized what was going on. The autopsy proved that the doctor was negligent. Something about a 4 martini lunch 3 hours before surgery. Dad mustered out of the Corps a month later, it would have been her 22nd birthday.

Once the insurance company settled with dad, I had a college fund that would let me go anywhere I wanted. Just needed to make sure my grades met the money’s potential.

Dad used some of the money as startup capital and built a nice little business as a private defense contractor making body armor that would stop a Desert Eagle .50 caliber round for the Corps. We were financially set for the rest of our lives.

We did really well for the next little bit, then when I was 7 dad found a new girlfriend. I was pretty jealous of having to share his time after it being just me and him for the first part of my life, but once I met Rachel, I loved her as much as the old man.

She was 22, 5’9, 135 pounds, long red hair, green eyes, bachelor’s degree in philosophy and the biggest tits I’d ever seen in my life. D cup if they were anything. After doing the laundry got put on my chores list, I found out that they were 36DD.

Anyway, she grew up raising her two little sisters because her mom and dad died when Rachel’s youngest sister was 10, so stepping into a pre-made family didn’t seem to faze her in the least. In fact, she and I got along right from the start. So much so that 3 years after they were married, she came to my room one afternoon while I was doing my homework and asked what I thought about her adopting me and becoming my real mother.

“Wow, I… I think that would be really cool. I mean you are my mom, so this will just make it legal, right?”

“Exactly, that way if anything ever happened to your dad, I would have the legal right to be able to get you medical treatment if you get hurt and make sure you always had someplace to live.”

“Do I have to do anything?”

“No baby just be you and your dad and I will take care of all of the paperwork and the only thing that will change is that my name goes on your birth certificate as you mother.”


She must have noticed the disappointment.

“You don’t want your real mom forgotten do you?”

“It’s okay, I didn’t know Connie anyway, it seems mean, but I don’t have any sort of memories of her anyway.”

I could see the tears well up in her eyes, and she reached out to hug me, so I hugged her back, nestled in between those massive, soft, Strawberry scented breasts. Oh my god.

After the adoption, things went smooth as silk. Home was great, life was great and school was amazing. When I was 11, I floored my dad, by rebuilding the transmission for his motorcycle. Classes went from the standard curriculum to advanced placement and college prep. I graduated High School 2 years early and started college soon after.

Didn’t go to an Ivy League school, but I didn’t really need to, one of the country’s best technology colleges was 50 miles from home, so I got to come and visit whenever I wanted, once I got my license. The old man set me up with a used ’65 Pontiac that he found in some farmer’s field somewhere down south. Took me the year and a half to get it the way I wanted, but it was beautiful and the envy of nearly everyone that laid eyes on it.

After college, I made the decision to follow the old man’s example and went into the corps. After basic, it was discovered that I had a certain skill with a rifle. This combined with my mechanical mind, I was assigned to sniper school and sent into combat on a scout/sniper team. Combat promotions and being loaned out to certain espionage and security agencies earned me a Master Sergeant rank when I left. It also gave me a lot of contacts and friends shared with the old man. It was a nice way to get to know him and his life.

About a month after my discharge from the corps, I got a call one night from Rachel.

“Davey, you need to come to the house, now!”

“Rachel, what’s going on?”

“There’s been an accident, it’s your dad.”

“I’m coming home!”

We buried my dad 2 weeks ago. The lawyers read the will to Rachel and me, we were the only ones mentioned. He left Rachel a lot of money. A lot of money. Enough money to last her through 4 lifetimes. I had no idea that dad had that much money. Everything else came to me, including the house and properties. This didn’t seem to surprise Rachel. Of course, she was still pretty numb from the whole thing. And dad left me an envelope with some DVDs in it, with the caveat that I watch them alone, and within 2 days of getting them.

We left and I took Rachel home. She didn’t say a word the whole way there. I grabbed my small duffle out of the trunk, a change of clothes because I hate monkey suits and my sleep clothes. I still had a room here, but the majority of my stuff was at my own apartment. Once I got changed, I came out and Rachel had put together a small lunch and was at the dining room table.

“Rachel, you didn’t have to do that.”

“I had to do something. You should eat. I’m going to change clothes.”

She got up and took about three steps when her legs gave out and she collapsed into a heap on the floor before I could get to her. She was fine, but sitting on the floor, tears flowing uncontrollably.

“Davey, I feel so alone. Like I’m floundering and have no direction. I’m scared, more scared than I have been in a long, long time. With your dad gone, I can’t seem to focus on anything.”

“It’ll be okay, Rachel. We’ll be okay; we just have to lean on each other until we can stand on our own. Even then, we’ll have each other, I promise you that.” I sat down beside her, took her in my arms and held her; the tears started flowing again, so I just let her cry it out.

By the time I realized she had cried herself to sleep, it had gotten dark. I tried to wake her, but it must have been the first real sleep she’d had since the accident. I picked her up and carried her to their bedroom.

As I laid her on the bed, I knew she’d be pissed if I left her in her nice dress, so I took off her shoes, and sat her up and unzipped her dress. She practically slid out of the dress, and there they were, those magnificent breasts that I spent most of my childhood trying see. I kept trying to steal little glimpses and sidelong glances every time she was close. Then the guilt afterward, she was my mom after all.

Now, however, they were right there in all their glory, wrapped up tight in a bra to keep them under control. I snapped out of my stare, and moved the dress from Rachel’s hips and down her legs, then I noticed that she was wearing a garter and nylons with a slick very small thong, even by thong standards. Holy shit she had six pack abs and tight ropey muscles over her whole body. Creepy thing to say it about your mom, but she was one hot fucking MILF.

I did my best to stay on track, I hung her dress in the closet where it belonged, and put her shoes in their proper place. I shook my head; the old man had imposed his will and order on everything and everybody in his house, including Rachel. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Of course, the place always looked great and that’s all good on her.

I turned around and went back to getting Rachel ready for bed. I undid the garters and slid the nylons off her long beautiful legs, then undid the garter belt. I slid the covers out from under her and put her into bed, took her ear rings and watch, then released those wonderful tits. I leaned down before I pulled the covers over her and inhaled as much as I could. Damn, after all these years, still smelled like fresh strawberries. I folded her bra, hose and garter and put them on the dresser; she could relax a little now and just take care of them in the morning.

I went back and checked on Rachel one last time before I left. As I bent down and kissed her on her forehead, her eyes came open and she looked into my face, almost pleadingly.

“Will you stay with me tonight?”

“I was going to anyway, Rachel so we could talk some tomorrow.”

“No, I mean here, with me. I don’t want to be alone.”

“Rachel, I…”

“Please, Davey. I feel all churned up inside, and I haven’t slept in days, I could use some comfort. Obviously I feel safe with you; I fell asleep in your lap on the living room floor. Please?”

“Okay Rachel, let me go get changed, and I’ll be back.”

I got my sleep clothes on, just some lightweight sweats and a tee shirt, and went back to my parent’s room. Rachel was still in bed, but the far side had been turned down, not what I expected, I had planned on sleeping on top of the covers. Good thing I put on my jammies.

“Thank you for taking my dress and hanging it up for me. It’s dry clean only.”

“No problem Rachel,” as I turned around and glanced toward the dresser, her thong was there with the rest of her lingerie. Wow!

I moved around to the far side of the bed and slid in under the covers.

“Thank you for this, Davey.”

“Sure Rachel, anything for you, you know that.” I turned and switched off the bedstead light. Then slid up behind her on the other side of the bed, doing my best to not get too tight up against her, I knew what that was sure to do to me.

“You’re a good man, Davey,” she said to me in the dark, “Your father was very proud of the man you have become, and so am I. I know he never told you that, and I’m sorry it took this horrible tragedy to make me to realize I needed to tell you too.”

“Thank you for that Rachel. Mom.”

“Do you know, I think that’s the first time you’ve ever called me ‘mom’ in the entire time we’ve been a family?”

“You may be right about that, but you’ve always just been Rachel to me. If it makes you feel any better, you were always introduced as my mom, and I always told people about you as my mom. Like I told you when you adopted me, you’re the only mother I’ve ever known, it’s just that you’ve always been a cool, beautiful, grown up friend to me on top of being my mom, calling you ‘mom’ never felt right. You’re Rachel.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled my arm over her and held it between her breasts. “I’ve always liked you too. You were a cool, smart and loving little kid, and I’m glad the man you’ve become is just the same. You said we need to talk, what about?”

“The house, but we can get to it tomorrow.”

“You’re not going to sell it are you?” The panic in her voice nearly brought the tears again as she started to turn to me. I held her in place and replied as quickly as I could.

“No, no, no, no! Rachel, nothing like that! You remember that dad’s will left the house in my name.”

“Yeah, I remember. He said he would, but I thought he was joking. I never thought he would boot me out of the only real home I’ve had.”

She hit the word home sort of hard.

“So you never felt like your dad’s house was home?”

“No. That place was a house, and grandma’s place too, the only thing that kept me sane was the girls. Granny was okay, but she was really old and deteriorating quickly.”

“Well, what I wanted to talk to you about, Rachel was you being in this house. I want you to stay here.”

“How long can I stay?”

“You misunderstand me, Rachel. As far as I’m concerned, this is your house, your home, I’m a guest here.
You stay as long as you feel you want to or can. Hell, I’ll sign the damned thing over too you if you want.”

“Do you mean that? Really?”

“Of course, you have my word on that.”

“Thank you, Davey. You really are a good, good man.”

“Get some sleep, Rachel. We’ll talk more in the morning.”

I really needed to stop talking; I wasn’t feeling like a good man at the moment, as my cock was growing down the leg of my boxer briefs. God damn she was hot, and she still had my hand clutched between her tits.

I came awake slowly, realizing that my hands were moving. Rachel had laced her fingers over the tops of mine, and was rubbing them all over herself. I did my best to relax, and let her, but she knew I was awake.

“I’m sorry; it’s been a while since I’ve had a man’s hands on me.”

“Didn’t dad…?”

“Not for the last couple of months. I don’t know why.”

“How long since you’ve had sex?”

“3 months.” Her voice was filled with regret.

“So what happened? You guys were always at each other. It was almost embarrassing at times.”

“I think he was cheating on me, or punishing me for something.”

“I’m sorry, Rachel.” It was then that I realized my hands were still on her stomach and on her breast. “Is there anything I can do…?”

“I’m so sorry, I know this has got to be weird for you, I’m just so alone.”

“You’ll never be alone, Rachel.” I pulled her in tight to my body and began running my hands up and down her tight stomach, and up to her breasts. When I got there, I took one in each hand and gave them a firm but gentle squeeze. She moaned with desire, and I took this as a good sign.

“I forgot, you really like my breasts, don’t you?” It was really more statement than question.

“Since the first day I saw them.”

“I remember you were always trying to get a peek at them when you were a kid.”

I stopped involuntarily, and she just laughed.

“You really didn’t think I knew did you?”

“I always thought I was being so slick and getting away with it.” I started kneading her breasts some more.

“Ungh… Nope, I always knew, and I was always flattered. In fact after you got a little older, I would imagine you doing exactly what you’re doing now while I was playing with myself. It always helped me cum.”

“Well, maybe this will help you now.” I brought my hands back to her nipples and rolled them a little between my fingers. Her response told me I was right.

“Oh, my God.”

I slid one hand down her stomach and when I got to her pussy I was a little surprised to find it completely bald.

“Wow, go a little crazy with the bikini trim?”

“I’ve shaved for as long as I can remember, do you like it?”

I responded by cupping her pussy with my hand and starting a slow rub.

“Ungh…I’ll take that as a yes.”

She reached around behind her and started fishing around in my sweats for my cock.

“You always sleep in your underwear?”

“Nope, I needed to be able to control myself, when I knew my body would betray me. You’re beautiful,
Rachel, and I didn’t want this to get weird.”

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