A Night To Remember – by myra3808

Group sex story: A Night To Remember. Author: myra3808. We had always enjoyed sharing our lust with each other. If you would like to share your thoughts with me, you may do so; myra3808@yahoo.com. The story is including of Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Group Sex, Voyeurism theme.

Group sex story: A Night To Remember

Author: myra3808

Frank called and asked me to join him for Dinner at one of our favorite Restaurants. I dressed in my usual manner, without panties. I love it when he touches my bare pussy under the table when there are other dinners in the room. Shortly after being seated, I spread my legs so he could get his fingers inside me. It is thrilling to share this with him, while we appear to others, to be simply enjoying each others company.

After a few moments, I saw Franks’ friends. When they saw us, they came over to our table. Frank asked them to join us. I closed my legs as much as I could, to give Frank the hint to stop. When I did this, he really started fingering my pussy with great vigor. At first I was uncomfortable, having his friends so close. However, soon I found it thrilling.

It added another element of excitement. Several times he almost made me cum. He would bring me to the edge and then stop moving his fingers. I was trying to breathe normally, but it was difficult. It was almost a relief when dinner was served. I watched as he used the napkin to wipe my pussy juice off his fingers. After dinner Frank excused himself and went to the restroom.

While he was gone his friends acted as if they didn’t know what he had been doing to me. When Frank returned, he suggested that his friends come home with us for a beer. They accepted and we soon left. In the car I told Frank how exciting it was to have them at the table. I reached over and unzipped his pants and I took his cock out.

I love the feeling of my lips being pushed open as his cock slides into my mouth. It excites me to run the tip of my tongue around just under the head of his cock. I took his cock so deep that I felt it hit the back of my throat. Sometimes I gag. When I do, it sends a jolt of passion and lust through my entire body. Too soon, we arrived at home. Frank was zipping his pants when his friends drove up.

As they were sitting down in the living room, I went into the kitchen to get the beers. I don’t like beer, but for some reason it excites me when I taste the beer as I explore his mouth with my tongue. I never told him this and I wonder if he has ever noticed a difference in me when we make love when he has had a beer.

Anyway, I sat on the arm of the chair by Frank as they drank and talked. Frank has been friends with them for a long time. I enjoy having them over and listening to them tell stories and busting out laughing. It was getting really late and I excused myself to go take a shower.

As I was drying off, Frank came in. He said the guys had gone. I said I hoped that I did not offend them by going to the shower. He said it was OK . As I entered the bedroom I noticed that it was very dark. I slipped into bed and soon I was cuddling up to Frank. We started to kiss and I reached over and felt his hard cock.

He knew I wanted to suck him. He asked me if he could turn on the light so he could watch me. I said of course you can. I started sucking him before he even got the lamp turned on. I was deeply involved in sucking his cock when I felt his hands rubbing me all over. It felt so good, I love being touched. I started to feel more hands on me.

I opened my eyes and started to pull my head up off Frank’s cock but he put his hand on my head holding it down. I lifted my eyes to look into his face. His eyes were so full of lust. The way he was looking at me made me really hot. I instinctively spread my legs and felt other hands touching my pussy. With a lustful voice, he said finger her pussy.

I felt two fingers going up into my pussy. I couldn’t help but moan. After a few minutes he moved his hand off my head. As I lifted my head he leaned over and kissed me. He then told me to roll over. I did and I saw his friends . They were naked and their cock were very hard. I looked over at Frank and he leaned close and whispered in my ear that he loved me and wanted me to get to have all the cock I wanted.

Frank told them to have me anyway they wanted. He said I wanted to be used and in return I would use them, as well, for my pleasure . The first one got me on my knees and shoved his hard cock into my pussy. I was looking at Frank. Both of us (Frank and I) were filled with lust. I could feel my titties bouncing while he pounded my pussy.

Frank started jerking off. I reached out for him and Frank came closer to me. I opened my mouth and took Frank’s hard cock into my mouth. I could hear the other guy starting to moan as he fucked me. Frank said fuck her as hard as you can, shoot your cum deep into her. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that made me so hot hearing him telling his friend to fuck me really hard. Soon the guy was close.

Frank was telling me to take it. His voice was so lustful. Over and over he said take it Baby, take his hard cock. Frank said I want him to fill your pussy with his cum. Soon I could feel his cock explode in me. Cum was running down my legs. The friend pulled his cock out and I told him to bring it to my mouth I wanted to suck out every drop of cum. As he put his cock in my waiting mouth Frank told him to milk it so I could have every drop of his hot cum.

Immediately, another friend mounted me. He moaned as he entered me. He said it felt so good feeling the other guys cum flowing around his throbbing cock. He said it was the first time to fuck a pussy filled with another mans cum. This was a first for us also and it It turned me on so much I pushed back and started fucking his cock.

Frank realized how it turned me on and he was telling me to get it. For me to fuck him hard. To use his cock to bring myself off with. I was sucking the first guy and I reached over and pulled Frank’s cock to my mouth. I took Frank’s cock and rubbed the head up and down the first guys shaft. I then held them touching side by side and sucked both the heads of their cocks.

I was thinking about Frank feeling the other guys cock against his. I pulled both of their cocks out of my mouth. I ordered Frank to lie down next to me. I told the other guy to suck Frank’s cock while I watched and while the other guy fucked me. I watched Frank’s face as the first guy to ever take Frank into his mouth sucked him. Frank soon really got into it, with my encouragement.

I told the guy to stop sucking him when Frank was close to climaxing. I would tell Frank when he had my permission to cum. Just as the second guy was moaning and shooting his hot cum up my pussy the other gut stopped sucking Frank. The lust and desire just filled the room. You could sense it, feel it, taste it and smell it. I was in a constant state of absolute lust.

Frank and I had talked about me fucking other guys while he watched, but I always thought we would never really do it. I could see the pre-cum oozing out of mikes cock. Frank leaned over and passionately kissed me. The next friend mounted me from the back and his balls were hanging really low. I could feel his balls slapping against my pussy lips.

I went crazy, The feeling was so incredible . I couldn’t believe that we were really doing this. I loved that Frank chose his friends because he knew they were safe and I could have all the cum I wanted without worrying. I loved the feeling of all the cum. I loved Frank for letting me have this experience and sharing it with me.

I ordered Frank to start playing with his cock while he watched his friend fuck me. He was thrusting me so hard I thought I would lose my balance. He grabbed my hips and kept thrusting , he felt like an animal the way he was fucking me. I couldn’t help but moan really loudly. I was watching Frank jerk his cock . I was so turned on that I was consumed with passion.

I couldn’t get enough. I was screaming to fuck me harder. The friend thrust into me so hard that my knees went out from under me. As I tried to get back on my knees the friend said NO, stay just like this. He laid his body on me. He took his legs and used them to spread my legs wider. The feeling of being completely covered like that gave me a feeling different than any I had ever had before. I felt like he was using me. I loved the feeling of him using my body for his pleasure.

I told Frank to get on his knees and to bring his cock over to his friends mouth. Frank did as he was told. While the friend was fucking me with all his strength, he lifted his head and I saw him open his mouth wide and reach out with one hand grabbing Frank’s hard cock. He started sucking it really deeply. I was so excited watching this because I knew all these guys never have had any gay tendencies and that it was because we were so turned on. We were never stopping to even think about anything. We were all just enjoying the lust, the freedom to get to do what ever we ever wanted to do and then some.

I wanted to watch Frank’s face the entire time but I also wanted to watch his cock being sucked by his friend. After a few minutes the friend almost made a growling sound as he exploded in me and still sucking Frank’s cock. The sound of this pushed me over the edge and in just a second I was making guttural growls as I came with him.

At this point Frank grabbed his friends head and fucked his mouth as hard as he could. I quickly started to cum again watching this. I screamed for Frank to cum down his throat and for the friend to swallow it. It was so hot for all of us. The other guys were jerking their cocks just watching and listening to us. The other guys were saying for the friend to turn me over on my back. They gathered around me and jerked off on my titties while I sucked again on Franks cock. Frank was saying “No, no it is to intense for me, after I came so hard. I would not listen and kept sucking his cock.

After a few minutes everyone started getting dressed while I lay there naked with cum all over my titties and a pussy full of cum. They all leaned over and kissed me goodbye and shook Frank’s hand thanking him for inviting them to have an evening like they have never had before. They told Frank they would let themselves out since they saw Frank was getting hard again.

After the guys left and we were alone we talked about how exciting it was. Talking about it was such a turn on. Soon we were fucking again. Soon we were exploding together. One of Franks’ friends called. He said after they shut the door and were on the porch they were saying that that was unbelievable. They all agreed that they wanted to do this again. He asked could we do it again? We set it up for Saturday. Frank and I slept cuddled up in each others arms.


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