ADA Miss Cumalot – Part 4B

xxx story: ADA Miss Cumalot – Part 4B

by MarinaTrench69

“You two be safe.”

Hawkins paused for a moment, bent down, looking at me, both hands resting on the car.

“Goodnight Sergeant Hawkins.” I finally said.

We pulled off.

“So…. What was that? He left you?” Drell asked.

“Yeah, he decided to end things,”

“Another woman?”

“He got back with his ex-girlfriend.”

“Oh…. Damn.”

“I haven’t seen him in months. No contact, nothing.”

“Well, don’t be surprised if he calls you.” Drell said.

I shrugged.

“No need…. He is happy and I am happy.”

Sergeant Darren LeRoy Hawkins. Just saying his name out loud rattled me. Hell, everything about him rattled me. He and I met when he pulled me over for speeding almost a year and a half earlier. He was a cup of ice cold lemonade on a Georgia August day. The man was….. simply delicious. The type of man you see and you immediately want to strip, ride, let him cum in you and bare his children. Yeah, he was that guy. He was so good, I THOUGHT about taking off from the traffic stop and letting him chase me, use a P.I.T maneuver, arrest me and then strip search me. After he gave me a citation, I decided to look him up. I had friends in the state patrol and I had his entire file on my desk by the next afternoon. I inquired about him and found out he had been a trooper going on twenty-five years. Yes, he was older than me, but I did not care. He wore his age well. Damn, he wore his age well. What started as a friendly conversation in the hallway of the courthouse, turned into him getting my number, us going out for a date and the rest was history. We dated, heavily and exclusively for a few months. The bedroom? Simply put, Darren PUT. IT. DOWN. I truly think that man turned me out. I had never had sex like that until I met him. He had me doing shit that I know for a fact is illegal in 27 Georgia counties. I didn’t care. Whatever Darren wanted, Darren got. Sucking his dick in the car? No problem. Sucking his dick while in uniform? Almost daily. Letting him fuck my ass while at the Governor’s Ball? Absolutely. As far as I was concerned, the sun rose and set on him. He was twice divorced, one son and a lifetime of experience.

That was until…. His ex-girlfriend came back into the picture.

Karen was…. Crazy. But I couldn’t blame her. Darren made me crazy too. He told me he and she had been conversing and one thing led to another and blah blah blah. He fucked her. I was crushed. I was heartbroken. He decided he “needed to try with her” because he “believes she is his soul mate”. After I slapped him upside his head, I was no longer listening to anything he had to say. That was months ago. I was doing just fine because I hadn’t seen Darren. We had no contact. Out of sight, out of mind. The funniest part? From what I hear, Darren walked in on Miss Karen sucking the dick of another man. Guess she wasn’t his soul mate after all.

“You ok?” Drell asked taking me out of my daydream.

“Sleepy…. Good meal, very good dessert.” I said touching his thigh.

“Oh no…. don’t start.”

We got back to his place and walked inside. I wasn’t even in the living all the way good when Drell walked up and bent me over the chair in front of the window.

“What the….”

He hiked my dress up, exposing my ass. His hand rubbed my ass, down towards my pussy. He moved my panties to the side and knelt down. He started kissing my ass, planting kisses all over it. His tongue darted in and out of my ass, before he finally buried his face in it. His fingers rubbing my clit and his tongue fucking my asshole. I felt him rub my clit with his middle finger, causing me to start dripping down.

“Damn, you’re wet as fuck” he said.

“Keep licking.” I ordered.

He put his face back in my ass, lucking and tongue-fucking me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood up, taking my panties off and sat down on the chair. I spread my legs open, letting them rest on either arm of the chair.

“Eat.” I said spreading my pussy lips open.

“Not yet, stand up real quick.” He said.

I stood up and he unbuttoned my dress and threw it on the floor. He got behind me and unclasped my bra. He gently pushed me down on the chair. I resumed my position, legs open, on either side of the chair.

“Now rub your pussy for me like you did in the bathroom.”

My eyes got big.

“You saw me?”

“I knew what you were doing.”

“Come here.” I said

He walked over to me, looking down at me.

I reached up and took his hand, inserting his index and middle finger into my mouth.

“Oooo shit.” He said as I licked his fingers like they were his thick dick.

Once I satisfied my sweet tooth, I closed my eyes and let my fingers rub.

“There you go….” He whispered.

I opened my eyes to watch him sit on the coffee table, right in front of me. I smiled and watched him, watching me pleasure myself. I grabbed my breasts, pushing them up so I could flick my tongue over my left nipple.

“What are you thinking?” he asked grabbing his camera that lay next to him.


“What about me?”

“I am thinking….. thinking about you fucking me.”

He aimed his camera at me and started clicking.

“How do you want me to fuck you baby?”

I moaned.

“I want you to ease your dick in me….. I want you to slowly….”


“I want you to str….stroke me.”

“You want me to push all my dick inside you?”

“Yeah…. I want it all in me baby.” I whined as my right hand rubbed my throbbing pussy, while my left hand rubbed my neck.


“You want to feel all of me in you?”

“Yes, I need you in me.”

He put the camera around his neck, letting it hang for a moment. He undid his pants, while I kept rubbing my pussy.

“Damn, you are so wet.” He said.

“I want you to fuck me from behind.”

“You want this massive dick in your ass?”

“Yeah….. ooooo…… I want it in my ass, I want to feel your….. your balls.”

He walked closer to me, camera still around his neck.

“You want this dick? Tell me.”

“I want your dick…. deep inside me baby….. please put it in my pussy.” I begged.

He eased his hard dick in me, nice and slow.


“Damn…..pussy nice and hot.”

“Take this pussy baby.”

“You gonna give it to me?”

“Yeah….. you can have it daddy…… it’s all yours.”

He stroked my clit with his left thumb, making me throw my head back.

“Oh damn……”


I opened my eyes when I heard the camera go off.

“Fuck me baby.”

He picked up the pace and started banging his dick in me. He kept his focus though. He kept clicking his camera, getting shots of me in pure ecstasy.

“You like that?” he asked.

“Yeah.” I moaned.

I started rubbing my clit as he eased in and out of my pussy.

“Fuck me….. harder…. Ooooo, harder baby.” I said.

He lifted my legs and started pounding, with no mercy.

“Yes….. oh shit…… yes baby, right there…… keep it right there….. fuck this pussy…..fuck the shit out of me baby” I yelled.

“Ahhh damn, I’m about to cum.” He said.

“Cum in me baby…..”

“You want this nut in you?”

“”Yeah, I want that nut…… I want all that fucking nut deep in this pussy…… ram that dick in me.”

He kept up the pace until finally he started shaking and jerking.

“SHHHHIIIIITTTTT…… ooooo damn.” He said as I felt the load of cum shoot into my pussy. It was the best feeling in the world.

We were both out of breath. His sweat was dripping down onto me, my breathing was heavy, pussy still throbbing around his dick.

“Don’t pull out yet, leave it in me.”

I pulled his face down and kissed him.

“You. Are. Amazing.” I said pausing after each word.

He smiled.

“We are amazing. I swear I think you were made for me.”

He pulled out and stood up.

“Damn, your pussy is dripping.” He said getting on his knees.

“I know.”

He stuck his head into my pussy and started licking the dripping juices up. He used his tongue to give me a full top to bottom lick.


He licked back and forth, up and down, nice and slow.

“Drell….. you got….. you gotta stop….. please”

I couldn’t take much more.

He blew on my clit and started rapidly moving his tongue over it. I started crying, I was losing my mind.

“Stop…. stop…..STOP!” I screamed.

I shot up out the chair.

“Ok….. I won’t mess with you.” He laughed.

“That’s not funny….. I need to catch my breath.”

I bent over, hands on my hips, trying to regain my mental faculties.

“Sit down and breathe….. it’s ok. We can chill.”

Drell sat up against the couch, wiping his sweat with the throw blanket that lay next to him.

“Oh shit, I need a beer after that.”

I laughed.

“I can’t fucking walk straight.”

I tried to walk, but my legs were wobbly and unsteady.

“Fuck, that was amazing.”

I stood there, holding on to the back of the couch for support. I would stand like that for an additional ten minutes. My pussy was still gushing out Drell’s cum, along with my juices.

“I bet those pictures will be amazing.”

I looked up at him.

“I can’t believe I let you take pictures of me.”

“Trust me, when they develop, you will love them….. your face is absolutely beautiful when you are being fucked right.”

Twenty minutes later, I found myself in Drell’s master bathroom.

“You need to wrap your hair up?” he asked.

“Yeah, let me grab a twisty out my purse.”

“We can take a shower; can you stand?”

I laughed.

“Yeah, I can stand.” I said taking my heels off.

“You were wobbling earlier; I am just making sure.”

He turned the shower on and stepped in first.

“Damn this feels good.” He announced as I opened the door and stepped in.

“Ahhh shit, this is hot.” I said as the water hit my back.

“Give it a minute, it will feel good, I promise.”

I stood there, letting the water run over me.

“Do you always take showers with your women?”

“No ma’am, matter of fact, only other woman I have done this with is my ex-wife.”

“Really? What about the women in the pictures?” I asked turning around to face him.

“You think I fucked them?”

He laughed out loud.

“No, I never fucked them….. I love the female body. I am a straight man, and quite frankly, I think I did a damn good job on those photos.”

He reached behind me grabbing the body wash.

“I thought you had….. they are beautiful.”

“Not as the beautiful as what I captured tonight.” He said in my ear.

“Oh Lord…. Don’t go around showing people, namely, other women my photo.”

“Naw, I am not that guy.”

I shrugged.

“You want me to get your back?” he asked.

“Yes please.”

He squeezed the body wash onto the sponge and started washing my back. His touch felt so good under the shower head. He worked his hands down my back, onto my ass. I let a moan escape my mouth. He bent down and washed my legs, right leg first. He left my leg and washed my foot, top and bottom.

“Damn.” Was all I could say.

He stood up, turned me around so the shower could rinse my back off.

“Feel good?” he asked kissing my neck.

“Yeah.” I said very softly.

He squeezed more body wash and started on my front. He rubbed the sponge across my neck and chest, down my arms. He took my right arm, lifted it and washed underneath, causing me to laugh from the tickling feeling. Once he did the left side, he sat the sponge down on the bench. He took the body wash, squeezed it in his hand before rubbing them together. Without a word, he lathered up my breasts, rubbing his bare hands over my nipples simultaneously. He was gentle. He turned me around, my back to him, and began gently squeezing my breasts. My head fell back against his chest as his hands traveled down. He hand-washed my stomach and sides, moving further down. My breathing was heavy. The shower was completely steamed up. He moved his hands down to my pussy.

“Lift your leg up.”

I rested my leg on the bench as he hand-washed my pussy, getting inside the folds.

“Oh my God.”

‘Feels good?”

“Yeah.” I said.

He finished washing, stood up and faced me. He leaned down and kissed me.


“Bend over, hold on to the bench.” He said.

I did as I was told.

He grabbed the sponge, lathered it up and began washing inside my ass.

“Oh wow.” I looked back and made eye contact with him.

“Enjoying this?’ I asked.

“I enjoy pleasing you.”

“Baby, you please the shit out of me.”

He smiled.


When he finished washing me, he stood under the shower head as I washed his front.

“Now it’s my turn.”

I bent down, eye level with his dick and started washing it with my hands. I reached under and caressed his balls.

“You like that?”

“You know I do.” He said.

I smiled, continuing to clean him, looking him in his eyes.

“Careful, a man might feel spoiled.”

I opened my mouth under the shower to let the hot water fill my mouth. Careful to not swallow, I bent back down and lifted his dick as I put one of his balls in my mouth.

“OH DAMN” he moaned.

I repeated the process for the other ball. Giving them both equal attention as I rinsed them off with my mouth. I spit out the excess water while he finished washing his face.

“I love that shower.” I said grabbing a towel.

After the shower, I put one of Drell’s t-shirts on and climbed into the bed with him, within minutes, I was fast asleep, snuggled up in his arms.


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