ADA Miss Cumalot – Part 6

xxx story: ADA Miss Cumalot – Part 6

by MarinaTrench69

Hey, come on in…. did you get a new truck? I asked Drell, pointing behind him.

Yes ma’am, well…. sort of. he said.

Nice. I said looking over his shoulder at the Ford F-150 in my driveway.

Yeah, it rides good…. but I miss my car. he said.

I smiled and moved out of the way so he could enter the house.

Smells good. he commented.

Thank you, you know I believe in candles. I said pointing to some burning on the fireplace mantle.

Are those your parents? he asked looking at a photo.

Yep, that’s at my law school graduation.

You look just like your mom.

I nodded.

I hear that a lot. I said while wiping down the granite countertops in my kitchen.

So…. where is my tour?

Oh, you want to see the house?

Sure, I showed you mine.

I threw the rag in the sink before grabbing a paper towel.

I walked him around my house, showing him each room and bathroom, before leading him up the stairs. As we walked up, he reached out and grabbed my ass.

Hands off. I said slapping his arm away.

Nice view….. you’re wearing a thong aren’t you?

Maybe, maybe not. I told him.

Let me see. he said trying to lift my shirt dress up.

Stop it. I laughed.

I walked into my bedroom.

This is where all the magic….. magic of sleep happens. I said.

Man, this is…. sexy. he said looking around the bedroom.

It’s very feminine…. like the chandelier I added…. the paint color, I love Earth tones.

I like this…. how much sex has this room seen? he asked arching his eyebrow.

Honestly? Not much, I just redid it two months ago.

He nodded, looked around before peeking in the bathroom.

Custom tub. I said

Looks like it can fit two people.

It can, besides, I like to stretch out when I need to unwind and relax.

Very nice Ms. Wallace.

Thank you, let me grab my purse and we can go.

We hoped in the truck and headed to eat.

Oh this is nice…. I haven’t been in an F-150 before. I said looking at the dashboard.

Yeah, my homeboy is out of town on business and since my car is getting the windows tinted and the custom rims, he let me borrow this. Drell explained.

Oh ok, when do you get your car back?


Nice size….. big backseat. I said turning around.

Yeah, it has come in handy with all the errands I have had to do.

Where are we eating at?

Ever been to Fox Brothers BBQ? Over off DeKalb Ave.

Been a long time.

I have a taste for some BBQ.

Sounds good. I could go for some ribs. i said.

We got to the restaurant, ate a good meal before heading to the Regal Atlantic Station movie theater.

Do you like to talk during the movie, because I don’t I warned.

No ma’am, you don’t have to worry. he said grabbing the popcorn while I grabbed our drinks.

I heard this movie is good, but it is late. I said referring to the time.

Good, I hate a full movie theater.

Really? I love a packed movie. Guess I am just weird like that. I said as we walked in the theater and took a seat.

By the time the movie was over, it was well after eleven o’clock.

Thank you for a nice evening. I said as we rode in the truck.

You tired?

No, you?

Not hardly…. sitting next to you in the movie had my dick hard though. he said.

Oh Lord.

“I’m serious, the shit I was thinking….” he began.
“Matter of fact, hike your dress up for me, so I can get a small peek.”

I rolled my eyes and inched my dress up.

Higher, let me get a look at that pussy, thing so damn good.

You don’t need to see what I am wearing; not even sure you will get this good pussy. I told him teasingly.

Come on…. please. he begged.

I rolled my eyes and pulled my dress up around my waist.


Damn…. baby blue looks damn good on you. he said referring to the satin bra and hipster panty set I had on.

I pulled the dress back down.

Now drive please. I said.

We left Atlantic Station, driving on the highway towards downtown, listening to music.

I love seeing downtown Atlanta at night…. all the lights. I commented.

Yeah, you should see the airport at night, man…. when I did TSA security, I would take my break and watch the planes take off.

Where at? The parking deck?

He nodded.

Oh wow, yeah, I can imagine that is nice.

I can show you, we aren’t far from there. he said.

Sure. I said looking at the clock.

Is it too late to be in the cell phone parking lot?

No, it’s not the cell phone parking lot…. I’ll show you, just trust me. he said driving onto 285 South.

We pulled onto Camp Creek Pkwy and headed to the airport.

Where are we going? I asked.

You will see, trust me. he said.

If you say so…

See, the parking deck…. that’s where we are going. he said pointing up ahead.

We pulled in, he took a ticket and proceeded to drive up to the fourth level, all the way at the top.

Is it okay for us to be here? I asked as Drell backed into the parking spot.

Yes ma’am. he said.

We got out and I looked around, there were no other car up there, but ours.

Wow, you can see the entire runway. I said.

I know, planes coming and going. he said having to raise his voice due to a plane taking off.


Here I have a thing to sit on. he said opening the backdoor.

What is that? I asked.

A pad. he said jumping up and spreading it out.

So you can have something comfortable for that ass. he said extending his hand to help me up.

“Well, I can tell you thought of everything…. So I am guessing you planned this out.”

He looked at me.

“I knew I wanted to come here… with you, with no one else around.”

I got into the bed of the bed of the truck and sat up against the cab.

This is nice. I said as Drell sat down next to me.

I am telling you, this is one of the best kept secrets in Atlanta.

SO this is where you came on your breaks?

Yes ma’am, all that is missing is a beer.

I laughed as a plane came in for landing.

You have to talk loudwhen they come and go…. like that one that’s about to take off.

Yeah, I wonder where they are going.

The plane made its turn and I could hear the engines roaring up.

Probably international.


PROBABLY INTERNATIONAL. he yelled making me laugh.

We paused for a moment.

No one is up here. I said looking around.

No, they are all down there. Most people find a parking spot on one of the other levels anyway. he said.

He turned and looked at me.

Kiss me. I told him.

Drell leaned over and kissed me, slipping his tongue into my mouth. It was sweet, probably from the bbq sauce. It was decadent. I reached over and grabbed his head as he leaned into me, pushing me back on the padding. I laid on my back, another plane coming in for landing. He kissed my neck as he pushed my dress up, exposing my bra and underwear.

Damn. he said looking at my body.

He climbed on top of me, kissing my stomach. My eyes opened, I looked up at the sky, stars twinkling and off in the distance,

I could make out the lights of a plane coming in. Drell took my panties off, before pulling my dress over my head. I lay there in my bra, pussy exposed.

I reached down and pulled Drell’s white polo shirt over his head, throwing it off to the side. He sat up, unzipped his cargo shorts and pushed them down around his ankles. I unsnapped my bra and threw it into the growing pile of clothes. Drell took my breasts in his hands and began rubbing them. The way his hands felt touching my body, made me speechless.

Mmmm, damn that feels good baby. I moaned.

His tongue bit my nipples, licking them, causing my pussy to start gushing. Drell began kissing across my chest, down my stomach and made his way to my thighs. Slowly opening my legs, he began kissing my inner thigh.

“Ahhh shit baby.” I said as he opened my pussy lips and began licking me.

His tongue was cold and on this night, I was hot. It felt so good rubbing his shaved head as he flicked his tongue across my clit. I tried to look down at him, but it wasn’t the same view as in the bedroom. I allowed myself to fall back, close my eyes and enjoy the sensation of his mouth bringing me oral pleasure. Damn that man ate pussy better than anyone I knew. It felt like he was French kissing my clit. He licked my pussy like it was his last meal, like he was apologizing and yet, did nothing wrong. I moaned and gyrated my hips against the rhythm of his tongue.

“You like that?” I asked.


“Eat that pussy like it’s yours baby.” I said.

He spread my legs wide, knees bent and rocked me back and forth as he licked me front to back. He pushed me back, almost on my neck while he licked my asshole. It was incredible. He licked from my asshole to my pussy and back to my asshole, washing all of me with his tongue.

“Oh my God…. I’m about to cum baby……oooo shit.” I moaned, still rubbing his head.

Saying that must have gotten him excited. He pushed my legs as far back as I could physically take it and attacked my pussy, causing me to explode in his mouth just as a plane was about to take off.

“OOOOOOOO FFFFFUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK.” I yelled at the top of my legs. It didn’t matter, no one could hear me. Below cars were zooming by, heading to the terminals, oblivious of what was going on.

Drell sat up, jacking his dick looking at me. I motioned for him to come closer to me. He was next to my head, and fed his dick into my mouth. I started sucking his dick furiously. I wanted that nut so bad. I was not going to stop until I sucked him dry. He moaned, threw his head back, playing with my nipples as I sucked and jacked him off. I turned on my side, giving myself a better angle to his dick and sucked it, while massaging his balls.

“Awww fuck baby.” He moaned.

I hummed on his dick, humming a tune, that only his dick would understand while in my mouth. I shoved him to the back of my throat and sucked him, drooling spit as I twirled my tongue around the tip. I knew he liked it, hell, I knew he loved it. I missed him, I missed this dick. And in that moment, I sucked it like it was my master and I was its willing and able slave.

“Damn baby, turn over and give me that ass.” He said.

I jumped up, on my knees, facing the runway, arching my back to allow him better access.

“Fuck me baby.” I begged.

“Yeah? You want to get fucked?”

“Yes daddy…. My pussy needs you.” I said reaching back and spreading my ass open.

“OH FUCK….. keep that ass opened.” He said sticking his finger in my asshole.

I did as I was told to do.

Drell eased his dick into me, making me jump with excitement. He put his hands on my waist and kept the pace up. He got into a rhythm and started fucking me on beat. I stretched my arms out, enjoying this moment. The breeze was blowing, no one was around us and Drell was dicking me down in the back of his truck.

“You like that?”

“Yeah baby…… I love that.”

“Tell me you like it….”

“I like it baby…. I fucking like it……ahhhh, I love this shit.” I said.

Drell started smacking my ass, soft at first, then harder.

“You like that?”



“You like this dick…. huh?”

“Yes daddy.”


Each spank across my ass gave me more pleasure than the first. The harder he spanked, the more I threw my ass back to him.

“Goddamn baby…. this pussy is so fuckin good” he said.

“It’s yours baby….”

“It’s mine? This pussy is mine?”

I nodded.

He grabbed a handful of hair, causing me to throw my head back.

“Tell me, don’t nod…. I want to hear it.”

“It’s…… it’s yours…… it’s all yours baby….” I said.

“Yeeeaaaa” he moaned pushing his dick in harder.

Drell pulled out, turned me over onto my back. I spread my legs and let him have his way with me. He pushed in me, putting my legs on his shoulders. We fucked so hard, right there in that parking lot.

“You miss me?” he asked.

“Yeah baby….. I fucking miss you.” I said as he started grunted, letting me know he was about to cum.

“Cum in me baby…… cum for me.” I said running my hands across his bare, sweaty chest.

“Ahhh fuck.” He said, his mouth opened, eyes in the back of his head, finally releasing that sweet nut deep inside my pussy, collapsing on top of me.

To Be Continued…..

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