Self-Fulfilling Son – Chap 2

Incest story: Self-Fulfilling Son – Chap 2

by tw_holt

“Mikey!” she reached out, falling further away from him.

Everything became darker as she fell. Michelle never hit the ground, instead only falling into darkness.

Soon she was surrounding by pitch black. She heard herself talking, asking questions. “Did I create her? Was that me trying to end things with Mikey?”

Michelle heard a whisper in the darkness; a simple “yes.”

She woke up to her darkened room. Reaching for her phone, she knocked it off her bedside table. Michelle crawled to the floor feeling for it. A few seconds later, after finding it, she checked the time – 3:34 am.

She got back in bed, thinking about the dream, about the sex, how good it felt to fuck him as hard as possible. “No,” she forced herself from continuing with her perverse thoughts.

Checking the time again – 3:36 – the numbers looking normal, Michelle rolled over and attempted to go back to sleep. She fought with herself, struggling to resist thinking of being filled with Mikey’s cum. She sat up, turned her light on and wrote in her dream journal.

“Total failure with that one. It went straight to sex. I need to keep trying. Try something else in the dream to end it,” she thought, lying on her back. “We fucked so hard though. All that cum pouring out of me. No! Stop it.”

Michelle calmed herself down, thinking of the next day’s plans and meetings – thinking nothing about her son or sex with him.


“Is he your boyfriend?” an older lady client asked Michelle later that day.

“Um – ”

“I sure am,” Mikey put his arm around his mother, overhearing the conversation.

Michelle had no time to react, instead blushing.

“See, Hank? I told you they were boyfriend and girlfriend,” the old lady called out to her husband, her session with Michelle ending.

“Why did you tell her that?” Michelle swatted at Mikey’s arm.

He shrugged, “I don’t know. Just messing around.”

They gathered their bags, Mikey’s hand resting on the small of his mother’s back, holding doors open for her. She grabbed his hand upon leaving the gym, not once thinking it looked like something a couple would do.

After dinner, Michelle was on his lap, spoon feeding him and herself yogurt. Mikey was watching more new reports about the crazed shooter.

“Ugh, turn it. I don’t want to see his face. Wished they wouldn’t show it,” Michelle said, holding a spoon to her son’s mouth. He ate the yogurt, Michelle eating a spoonful next.

Mikey turned the TV off, leaning his head back on the couch. Michelle finished the yogurt and put her arm around him.

“Do you have a girlfriend? I mean, never mind. You don’t. You hang out with me all day,” Michelle said.

“Yeah, you.”

“Ha. I’m not your girlfriend.”

“Fine. If and when you’re ready to date, I’ll be around,” Mikey joked, patting her lower back.

“I’ll keep that in mind, silly,” Michelle gave him a goodnight peck on the lips and got off his lap. Mikey slapped her butt as she walked away. Michelle smiled, tousling his hair when she walked by the couch.


Michelle was in a gym. It looked different, smaller, than the one she frequented. It was only one room, with large, glass windows looking out onto a street downtown.

She was the only woman amidst several, hulking, bodybuilder-like men. Michelle noticed them all moving in slow motion, lifting 100 pound dumbbells up and down. She watched one sit the dumbbell down and wipe his forehead with a towel. He looked at Michelle, tugging on an erection in his shorts.

Michelle stepped forward, looking up to him. Another man, towering above her, slowly moved into position. Then another, finally a fourth, all surrounded her. She smiled watching them remove their clothes. Their sweaty bodies glistening, their large cocks dangling for Michelle to bring to life.

She turned in circles, her hands traveling over their bodies, smiling at what she was going to do to them. However, something caught her eye.

She saw something on the wall mirror the gym had. In between two big men, there was an image, a distortion. Michelle pushed past the men, the distortion getting larger as Michelle approached the mirror.

She was looking at her reflection. It was barely even humanoid shaped, more like an amorphous, dark shape, with no texture.

“I’m dreaming,” she whispered. Then she heard a scream. It sounded like a young boy.

“Mikey?” Michelle turned, looking toward the front door.

“Mommy!” the boy screamed for her.

Michelle picked up a 100-pound dumbbell and threw it like a baseball, through an opening where the men stood, through the front window, shattering it.

Michelle ran through the large hole in the window, hearing her son calling for help. He was all that mattered.

Cars were empty, littering the streets, save for two people. One was a young boy, her son, the other was a shotgun wielding, overweight, bald man. Michelle recognized him. He was the shooter in the news.

He had his shotgun aimed at Mikey. The man was yelling, screaming, but no noise came out of his mouth. The only sound Michelle heard were birds chirping and Mikey occasionally calling out to her.

Michelle sped to the man, standing in front of his shotgun. He roared at her, spit landing on her face, no sound coming from his mouth.

Michelle grabbed the barrel of the shotgun and crushed it like the cardboard tube leftover from an empty roll of paper towels. The man’s eyes lit up with shock, he began cursing, still silent. Michelle grabbed his throat, lifted him off the ground, and crushed it in a similar way to the shotgun barrel. She flung him across the street into the side of a building.

Michelle scooped up her son, “Come, we need to talk.”

She jumped in the air, landing on top of a building. Michelle sat Mikey down, knowing this was her moment to end things with him. Now was the time for her to put a stop to their incestuous dreams. Michelle gathered her thoughts of how to deliver the news, eyes to the roof of the building. She wasn’t paying attention to Mikey growing before her eyes. He grew taller, bigger, his clothing stretched and tore, falling off his body. He cast a shadow at her feet.

“Mikey, listen we need to – ”

“Yes?” he said in a deep voice, now as his 18-year-old normal self.

“We, uh, we need to,” Michelle had trouble concentrating, his naked body distracting her.

“Need to what? Everything ok?”

“No, no, we need to – ”

“Make love, right? Now that I’m old enough, I’m a man, let me thank you like a man would,” Mikey grabbed her, pulling her against him.

“No!” his mother tried to resist, tried to end this before it became another sex dream.

“Hey, it’s ok,” Mikey stopped. “This is what grownups who love each other do.”

“But, we’re – ”

“In love. Right?”

Michelle touched his face, ran her thumb across his soft smile; she couldn’t say no. “Yes. I love you with all my heart.”

Michelle grabbed him, pulling his mouth to hers.

She pulled off her top, slipped out of her shorts, and jumped into her son’s arms. “I love you,” she said over and over, kissing him.

Mikey guided her to her back on the roof. “This is where I belong,” he said before guiding his cock into her.

He settled in, Michelle pulling him in for more kissing, locking her feet around him. “This is your home, in me.”

“Forever,” Mikey said, propping himself up on his hands. Michelle’s hands found his stomach, resting there as he pumped his hips back and forth, his cock in and out.

Her eyes fluttered, she licked her lips, moaning constantly. The birds were still chirping. “Get me pregnant,” she breathed.

“As you wish,” Mikey kept pumping.

Birds were flying overhead. Her moans and their chirps grew louder and louder.

“I’m cumming,” Mikey grunted. “Give me a baby!”

“Yes! Yes!” Michelle cried out, the birds flying lower now, almost on top of them.

“No!” Michelle woke up, gasping for air.

She looked at her phone, 9:14 am. Morning birds were chirping right outside her window. She was running late for the day’s first client. Michelle jumped out of bed and quickly got ready.


That night they lost power due to a thunderstorm. Michelle, in her underwear and t-shirt, sat next to her son on the couch. He was shirtless, in his boxers. Candles were lit nearby.

“Hot as crap,” Mikey wiped beads of sweat from his forehead.

“Yep,” his mom did the same.

“Hey thanks for letting me help you. Thanks for letting me be your assistant. And NO it’s not so I can look at your butt all day,” Mikey said.

Michelle laughed, “You’re silly. But you’re welcome. I’m glad you’re there to help.”

Mikey smiled, placing his hand on her bare, sweaty thigh. Michelle rested her hand on top of his. “We’ve been sweaty all day.”

“I know. Hopefully the power comes back on soon.”

Michelle kissed his bare shoulder, resting her head there.

“Mom, I love you,” Mikey said.

“Aww, I love you too.”

“I’m here for you – always.”

“Mikey?” Michelle sat up.

“Just saying. I’m here. To take care of you, to keep you company, to work with you. If it means we’re kinda like a couple, that doesn’t bother me.”

Michelle caressed his face, “You’re so wonderful to me.”

She leaned over kissing his lips slowly and softly. They lingered there, Michelle holding his face. Her spine tingled when Mikey trailed his fingers over her thigh.

She came to her senses, ending her sweet kiss. “I, uh, need to get some sleep. I have a feeling this heat will make it rough.”

Michelle took her leave, Mikey nodding good night to her. He didn’t playfully slap her ass. Michelle noticed, but said nothing.


Michelle was on a farm, on a very, very hot day, sucking the cock of Hank. She swallowed his cum, wiping her mouth and stood. “I love sucking dick.”

“I know you do. Now get down to the barn,” Hank instructed.

Michelle stood, adjusting her black cowboy hat. “What’s down there?” she asked, noticing her voice, her accent sounded different – southern.

“There’s something you gotta do,” Hank said, looking over her sweaty body, admiring her legs and ass exposed by tiny cutoff blue jean shorts. He patted her exposed tummy via a torn and ragged, white tank top. “Git!”

Michelle headed to the barn, the sun burning hot above her.

When she entered she saw Mikey cleaning stables and a horse nearby. Michelle’s first thought was to go to her knees and suck Mikey’s cock.

“No, I can’t. I can’t,” she said. Michelle looked to the horse nearby. He was eating hay, swatting flies with his tail. Michelle licked her lips, staring at the horse’s big, full balls hanging between his back legs. Moving closer, she saw he was erect.

“But I can, and will suck your dick,” Michelle said, Mikey not noticing her.

Michelle moved toward the dark brown horse, “Mmm,” she moaned, running her hand over his back.

“I’m going to take care of you, don’t kick now,” she said, moving behind the horse, going to her knees.

She leaned forward and lovingly kissed the horse’s, big, massive balls. She licked all over them, moaning, wanting to empty them. Michelle crawled underneath the stallion, kissing the base of his long, erect cock.

She licked her way to the tip, grabbing it with both hands and jacking it. Michelle opened her mouth and did her best to fit as much of the huge cock inside it as possible.

“Mikey,” she said, getting his attention. When he looked to her, he stood, expressionless watching her suck that big horse dick.


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