Self-Fulfilling Son – Chap 3

Incest story: Self-Fulfilling Son – Chap 3

by tw_holt

“Mmm, I’m not sucking yours. This is what I want,” Michelle said, then ramming it into the back of her mouth, down her throat as best she could.

The horse stomped his front hooves, Michelle watched his big balls contract, she felt his cock pulse and pump semen down her throat. She started choking, pulling the cock out of her mouth. The horse’s cock sprayed his cum all over her face, chest, and thighs.

She smiled, stood and looked at son. Mikey was standing there, saddened by what he saw.

“I’m going to have sex with him now,” Michelle pointing to the horse. “Not you, Son.”

Mikey nodded and left. His mother went back to her knees, sucking the horse cock clean, bringing it back to life. Michelle was rubbing her clit at the same time, approaching her own orgasm.

She woke up, hot, sweaty, her hand in her underwear. “Oh yes!” she called out, arching her back, her throat feeling full from sucking on a horse’s cock. Michelle rubbed her throat, her mouth; there was nothing there. She sighed, wiping sweat off her chest, feeling no semen.

She sat on the edge of the bed and wrote in her dream journal. She tried going back to sleep after checking the time – 5:32am.

Michelle was wide awake. She let out a long moan, rubbing her clit, wondering what it’d be like to suck a horse’s dick in real life. “So big,” she rolled over, after kicking the sheets off. The power was still out.

She pictured Mikey’s sad look upon his face in the dream, thoughts of bestiality fading. “I’ll try again Mikey. I’ll talk to you in my next dream.”


Michelle was stuck in traffic. The air conditioner in her car wasn’t working. There was no breeze coming through the rolled down windows. Not having any idea how long she’d been waiting, she rested her forehead on the steering wheel. Cars were honking around her; no one was able to move.

Someone startled her by knocking on the side of her car. It was the older woman client she sees frequently. “Hi, sweetie, your boyfriend is waiting in that direction.”

“My boyfriend?” Michelle asked. She saw the woman’s husband, Hank, appear behind her.

“That’s right. He’s that way,” Hank pointed.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” Michelle shook her head.

“That nice young man with you at the gym?” the woman asked.

Michelle wiped sweat from her forehead. She glanced at the time on the car’s middle console display where the radio controls were. It was a series of dots and dashes.

“You better hurry up, get out of this heat,” Hank suggested. Michelle looked again at the time. It was now blurry out of focus.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Michelle felt heavy in her seat.

Looking at her reflection in the rearview mirror, she saw her skin appear like liquid droplets. She touched her cheek. When she removed her fingers from it, skin followed in a gooey-like effect. She looked again and her eyeballs melted out of her sockets.

“No!” she looked away. The elderly couple was gone. Glancing to her hands, seeing them wavy, like water, Michelle became aware she was dreaming.

“Mikey!” she smiled. “It’s time to end this.”

Michelle floated through the roof of her car, passing through the solid object. She hovered above the interstate of traffic, seeing an endless stream of cars all the way to the horizon. “That way,” she heard an unseen Hank say.

She nodded, confident in her abilities to put a stop to her incestuous dreams, and flew away, above the cars, toward the horizon.

Michelle glided above the cars for what seemed like hours. She was a few feet above them. As the sky became darker, with orange and purples hues, the cars seemed to congeal together. She reached below her and touched a roof – it moved like water, tiny waves rippling away from her finger.

Michelle looked forward and saw the cars gradually blend into a river. The slow moving water sparkled in the dusk sun light. In the distance, she saw a huge hill, with a small house on top. Michelle flew toward it.

Mikey was inside, in a kitchen that looked very much like her own. He appeared to be fixing supper.
“Mikey,” Michelle rushed to him.

“Oh, hey, Mom. You’re just in time for dinner,” Mikey casually said.

“What? No. There’s no time to eat,” Michelle said.

“Of course there is. For me at least,” Mikey said, bending and picking up his mother. He carried her to an empty table in the dining room.

“Put me down. We need to talk; we need to end this. No more sex dreams about you. It’s wrong,” Michelle said.

Mikey placed her on the table. “Sex dreams? We’re not having sex. I’m eating dinner.” He flipped her over to her tummy, holding her down.

“What, what are you doing?” Michelle looked over her shoulder, squirming, trying to break free. Mikey climbed on the table and sat on her legs. He reached for her shorts.

“Stop! No! It’s wrong,” Michelle pleaded.

“It’s ok. I know you want to get eaten. I know you want this too,” Mikey said, pulling her shorts down, exposing her bare ass. “This is my dinner,” he said slapping and holding her ass.

He pulled her up, causing her back to arch slightly, and knees to bend. “Mikey, no! No! Please don’t! We can’t – ”

Mikey opened his mouth wide, stuck out his tongue, and dove right in. “Ahh, yes!” his mother cried out, almost instantly orgasming when Mikey’s tongue entered her ass. “Don’t, don’t stop!” she begged.

Licking all around inside her, his tongue occasionally darting in and out, Mikey ate her asshole out. The pleasure it was sending Michelle was far better than any pleasure she recalled receiving from having her pussy eaten.

“Good?” Mikey paused.

“Don’t stop, Son!”

Mikey grinned and licked from her oozing pussy back up to her puckered anus.

“Yes! Yes!” she screamed with pleasure, Mikey tongue-fucking her ass. “I want this!”

Michelle felt an orgasm building and building, ready to explode. “Yes! Yes!” she reached behind her, holding Mikey’s head at her ass.

“I’m cumming!” she cried out. “Mikey!”

“Mikey!” Michelle woke up, gasping for air, her body drenched with sweat. It was hot, the power still hadn’t returned.

“Ahhh, shit,” she moaned, lying back in bed, catching her breath. She slid her hand down her tummy, into her panties – soaking wet. “Damn,” she settled down, her body feeling numb.

She checked her phone, it still had battery life left. It was just after 7am. The numbers looked normal. She jotted the dream down in her dream journal. As she wrote the words of what Mikey did to her, she couldn’t help but pause, close her eyes and moan. It felt so good.

In the bathroom a few minutes later, she stared at her reflection. No distortions or deformities.

The power came back on. “About time,” she sighed, then undressed to shower.

“That was insane,” she thought, moving her hand away from her pussy, telling herself to not masturbate to thoughts of the dream. She finished her shower, got on her workout clothes, and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Fixing a smoothie for the day, she heard Mikey approach. She flinched when he playfully slapped her ass. Michelle turned around and hugged him, “Good morning.”

“What, no fussing at me for slapping your booty?” Mikey asked

Michelle thought to herself, “I dreamed this morning your mouth was all over it. So what if your hand is in real life.”

“Nah,” she answered. “Slap away!” Michelle turned, continuing to cut up fruit.

Mikey laughed and opted not to. Michelle glanced at him as he flipped through the TV, waiting for his smoothie.

She sat on his lap, they downed their drinks in silence. Michelle kissed his head, signaling it was time to start their work day, and got off his lap.

Mikey slapped her ass when she got up. She reached down to kiss him again, “You’re such a naughty boy.”

“Sorry, you know I’m just messing around.”

“I know. I don’t think I mind anymore,” Michelle left, playfully slapping her own ass, thoughts of her dream still fresh on her mind.

They returned that evening to a cool home, the air conditioner still on. “Exhausted,” Michelle said. “I’m going to shower and meet you downstairs.”

“Me too,” Mikey headed to his shower.

They nearly fell asleep on one another after dinner. The TV in the background, Michelle in her underwear and tank top, cuddled with her son on the couch.

“Mom,” Mikey spoke up. “Getting sleepy. I think I’ll head to bed.”

“Me too,” Michelle said. She stood, extended her hand to him. “Let’s go.”


“To bed. I’m not done cuddling with you. So you’re coming with me,” Michelle led him out of the living room, up the stairs, then to her bedroom.

“Get on there!” she playfully pushed him to the bed.

She climbed on and into his open arms. “There we go. This is what I need,” she said.

Mikey laughed, his hand trailing down her back to her butt, playfully patting it a few times.

Michelle rose up on her elbows, playing with his hair. “Goodnight,” she leaned in and slowly kissed his lips.

“Goodnight,” he replied, letting his hand rest at the rise of her ass.

Michelle felt so warm and at peace. The notion that he should not be in her bed, never occurred to her. She was asleep in minutes.


Michelle found herself on a swing. It was tied to a large branch, high above her head, of a tree on a hill. She could see lovely green landscapes consisting of soft, rolling hills, bright, green fields, and winding rivers. The sky had scattered white fluffy clouds floating amongst a brilliant blue.
She was naked and felt so full. Michelle looked to her tummy, seeing a bump appear above her belly button. She smiled and touched it. “Yes,” she licked her lips. It was Mikey’s cock.

Her son was behind her, his hands resting on her back. He was still, letting his cock rest comfortably in her intestines, entering her digestive track from her anus.

“So full,” Michelle moaned in the dream. Mikey’s exaggerated cock was so much longer here than in reality. He pushed it inside her, deep into her body, all the way in – causing her tummy to bulge out.

Mikey gently pushed her and his cock slid out of her body. When Michelle returned to the starting point, his cock effortlessly slid right back into her ass, pushing past her rectum, into her colon. “There it is,” Michelle giggled seeing her stomach bulge out once more.

Mikey pushed her again and again on the swing. In the dream, gravity seemed different. He’d push the swing, it’d slowly go up, then slowly swing back, his cock sliding right back into her body. Michelle moaned every time.

Mikey kept going, kept pushing her, each time Michelle got higher and higher. Then finally, she swung right over the branch, stopping vertically in mid-air. “No!” Michelle was stuck, the swing unmoving; she was upside down.

“Wait!” she called out to her son. She looked up from her reference point, seeing the ground above her. She saw Mikey’s nude body walk away, down the hill, through the bright, green grass.

“Come back!” she called to him. “I need you in me!”

Michelle looked around, still sitting on the swing, upside down. “No. I don’t need him in me. I have to tell him.”

She looked to her wrist. There was no watch. She had no mirror to look in. “I do though. I need him, I want him so badly,” she thought.

Michelle grabbed the seat of the swing and pushed off it, hanging from it, high above the ground. “Mickey. I need you!” she argued with herself. She let go and floated down.

When she landed on the grass, knowing she was dreaming, she searched for him. He was nowhere in sight. “Mikey!” she called out to him, her calls echoing off of something she couldn’t see.

“Mikey! Please come back!” Michelle hopelessly ran around the green fields, looking for her son.

“I want you in real life!” she stopped, alone in the vast countryside.

“Do I?” She thought. “No!” she closed her eyes, images of Mikey in real life flooded her vision. She saw them kissing, undressing, having sex.

“Yes!” she opened her eyes, the wind blowing the grass, the sun high above her in the field. “I need him!”

“I’ll, I’ll seduce,” she nodded, talking to herself. “I’ll seduce – ”

Michelle woke up, gasping, shocked by her words still ringing in her head. She grabbed her phone. It was 7:10 am. She turned over and read the time again. She threw the covers off, hopped out bed, and looked at her reflection in her bathroom mirror. She looked normal, not distorted in any way. She looked at her phone, 7:11am.

Then she saw her son, sleeping peacefully in her bed. Michelle glanced at her normal reflection, then back to her son. She watched him for a while; thoughts of seeking professional help entered her mind, not for having those strange dreams, but now having a desire to cross the line, sexually, with her son.

She took a deep breath. “No appointments today. I think I need to get away for a bit. Clear my head, before I do something horrible” she thought.


Michelle managed to avoid Mikey for the entire day. She walked along the beach, went shopping, buying nothing, doing whatever she could to stay out of the house.

They had a quick meal together, Michelle excusing herself to her room, to watch movies alone. She was satisfied, albeit saddened, to avoid her son all day. Sleep eventually found her.

“Mom!” she heard Mikey call out from somewhere in the distance. Michelle was in a forest at night. The trees looked different; tropical with huge leaves, turquoise in color and slightly glowing.

The moon was behind Michelle. It was so huge it took up most of the twinkling, starry sky. “Wow,” she whispered.


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