Self-Fulfilling Son – Chap 4

Incest story: Self-Fulfilling Son – Chap 4

by tw_holt

“Mom!” Mikey called out again.

“I’m here!” Michelle called back, moving through the thick, alien-like foliage.

Michelle found her son, naked, standing by a small pond. The shimmering water, sparkling, teeming with bioluminescent creatures beneath the surface.

She didn’t bother looking for reality checks. She didn’t look for her reflection in the water or something, like the time, to attempt to read. She rushed right to her son and stood before him, caressing his face.

“Mikey,” she peered into his eyes. He put his hands her waist. Michelle looked down, seeing she was naked too.

“We can’t,” she said.

“Mom, you’ve been dreaming about me for like this for months now. Every single dream you have is about you and I making love. Somewhere in your subconscious you must crave and desire that in real life.”

“No, it’s wrong.”

“I know. But you still want it. You still want us to be more than mother and son.”

Michelle placed her hand on his chest, nodding slowly.

“You could’ve made more of an effort to talk to a shrink, to get some help. But you tried to do it on your own,” Mikey continued. “Too embarrassed to have to admit to someone you want to be lovers with your own son. I’m telling you though, it’s ok, you don’t have to be afraid.”

“What do I do? I mean, I can’t – ”

“Yes you can. You can admit to me in real life about the dreams you’ve been having. Or don’t. Just be with me, cross the line, make it happen.”

“What if you are freaked out about it? What if you get angry?”

“Mom, you know how I’ve been acting around you. Flirting, slapping at your butt. I told you I’m there for you. Did you pick up on the double meaning?”

“But, but – ”

“You know what you want. You know what you need to do. Wake up and make it happen,” Mikey said, kissing his mother’s forehead. He slowly backed away.

“Wait!” she called out to him, watching him slowly fade from view.

“Wake up. Make it happen,” he whispered before disappearing.

Michelle was alone in the strange forest. She looked around her, to the starry sky, finally at the sparkling pond. “Wake up,” she told herself. “Wake up!”

The ground shook beneath her feet. She clinched her fist as the earth below her grew, propelling her upward. The small pond flowed away, rushing down a small mound that was being born beneath her. The mound grew into a hill. Michelle was above the tree line, the earth pushing her higher and higher. The hill grew into a mountain. Michelle could see for miles. The gigantic moon, taking up most of the night sky. She saw a vast landscape of turquoise foliage before her. The horizon was purple and faded upward to black. The mountain kept growing and growing, finally stopping when Michelle could see the curvature of the Earth.

She floated above the summit, rising higher and higher into the atmosphere. She saw an ocean nearly black in color; she saw a shape of a continent not resembling anything she could recall. Michelle rose upward until she was in orbit, floating further and further away from the planet.

She could see the Earth in its entirety now. The moon, half the planet’s size, was right next to it. “Mother and son,” Michelle thought.

“Son,” she rememberd Mikey. She turned around in space, facing a bright object very far away. “Sun.”

She slowly breathed in and out. “Time to wake up,” Michelle said, and flew directly toward the star.

Going faster than light, she traveled millions of miles in a minute. The Sun became brighter and brighter, taking up her entire field of vision.

“Wake up!” she yelled, focusing, flying right toward it. “Wake up!”

Michelle flew into the Sun.


She rose up in bed, holding her chest, “Mikey!”

She packed her things, didn’t say goodbye to anyone and sped home, she would text them later. Mikey on her mind the entire several hour drive.

Michelle fell out of bed. She didn’t look at her phone. She knew it was Sunday – no clients. She hopped in the shower, not bothering to check her reflection.
After her shower, she wrapped the towel around her body and stared in the mirror – not to check her reflection as a reality check, but to ask herself if she really did want to be lovers with her son. “I do,” she admitted


“How do I look?” Michelle asked Mikey, turning around in the tight orange dress he requested she wear for their night out.

“Great,” he grinned, eyeing her up and down.

“We’re going to have a wonderful evening,” Michelle approached him, pulling her dress up, revealing her bare ass. She guided Mikey’s hands to it.

“No underwear, Mom?”

“I told you, we’re going to have a wonderful night. In fact, I think we should stay in. Look outside,” Michelle directed him. Mikey peered on the back deck, seeing a candlelit table there waiting.

They were sitting, holding hands, while feeding themselves with their free one. “How long has it been since we’ve been like this?” Mikey asked.

“Don’t say it like that. That doesn’t sound very romantic,” Michelle frowned.

“Ok, how about, how long have we been lovers? How long have we been more than mother and son?”

“Better,” Michelle. “But we have a title. Remember it?”

“Ah. How long have we been husband and wife?” Mikey remembered.

Michelle stood, looking exactly like she always did – long dark hair, fit, toned body, perfect ass. She pulled up her dress once more, offering it to Mikey. He slapped it and smiled up at her.

“The big four oh. 40 years,” Michelle answered.

“Wow,” Mikey couldn’t help but grin.

“I don’t look bad for an old woman in her 70s,” Michelle turned around, pulling Mikey to his feet. She led him inside.

As they traveled through the house, something caught Mikey’s attention to his left. It was a mirror. He stopped following his mother. Looking at his reflection, he saw gray hair, wrinkles – a face of a 58-year-old man.

“Come on,” his forever young mother pulled him along.

What followed was a marathon session of Michelle grinding against and riding his cock. Mikey sat in bed watching this woman work. She’d moan, she’d hold her breasts, she’d run her fingers through her hair – her sole purpose to use her body to pleasure her son.

The sun rose and set. Night came and went. Michelle kept going, kept making love to him, always. Mikey ejaculated and woke up.

“Shit,” he sat up in bed, looking to his wet pajamas. “Whoa. That was crazy,” he laid back down. “Better than the last one,” he caught his breath.

He smiled to the ceiling, recounting the nearly nightly sex dreams he had about his mother. He chuckled, wondering what his mother would actually look like in her 70s.

“Oh, Mom. Sorry about that,” he whispered, jokingly apologizing to her for having these dreams about her.

Michelle barged into his room, startling him, causing him to quickly cover his cum drenched pajama pants.

“Hi!” she cheerily said.

“Hey,” Mikey rose to his elbows.

“Get up, get dressed. We are spending the day together.”

“Um, don’t we – ”

“Yes, we do normally. But we have no clients today. I figured we could go to breakfast, then the beach, then have a nice relaxing evening here at home.”

“Uh, yeah, ok.”

Michelle startled him again by jumping on his bed. She sat on top of him, his cock still tingling from his wet dream about her. “Maybe, if you’re a good boy, you can get in the bed with me again. That old lady thinks we’re boyfriend and girlfriend right?” Michelle jabbed his side.

“Heh, yeah, sure Mom,” Mikey winced, feeling her weight on top of his crotch.

“Alright, well get up!” she hopped off him and left his room.

Mikey shrugged and climbed out of bed, “Whatever.”


After a nice breakfast, mom and son were in each other’s arms, with Mikey treading water, holding his mother up. Waves bounced them up and down in the water. They both couldn’t help but think the motion looked sexual. Michelle was straddling him after all.

“I’m surprised you haven’t been swatting at my butt,” Michelle joked. “It’s practically fully exposed.”

“Right. You aren’t wearing much of a bikini.”

“You like it? My butt?”

“Mom,” Mikey looked away.

“I don’t think you have any reason to be embarrassed,” Michelle said.

“In that case, yeah. You look insanely good. Everywhere,” Mikey confessed.

“So do you.”


“I mean it. We’ve grown closer recently. We spend so much time together, working, and so on. It’s wonderful.”

“I agree,” Mikey looked down, his own collection of erotic dreams about his mother, making him feel guilty.

“You don’t have to feel bad about that,” Michelle said, guessing at what was on his mind. “I love it. I love you.”

“I have to admit,” Mikey paused. “I don’t want to leave home any time soon. I want to be there with you for a long time.”

Michelle smiled, not saying anything and ignoring the fact that Mikey placed his hands on her ass to hold her up.

“Maybe it’s weird – ”
“No,” Michelle interrupted him. “I mean, yes, but I don’t think it is. Some would say a mother and son shouldn’t spend so much time together. You heard the older client of ours. She thought you and I were a couple. But there’s no one else I want to be with.”

“Be with,” Mikey quietly recited her last two words.

“Yes,” his mother smiled, kissing his cheek and hugging him.

Her mind was racing there in his arms. All those dreams she’s had of him, all the sex in those dreams. Michelle saw all the signs now. Their embraces, their quiet evenings alone, the affection mixed with her admittance to herself that she wanted to be everything to him. She wanted her son to fulfill every role a man could fulfill.

“Let’s get out of this heat,” Michelle said. They held hands, making their way back to their stuff.


Several hours later, after dinner, Michelle was sharing a glass of wine with Mikey. She was in her pajamas, consisting of a white tank top and underwear, sitting with his arm around her. “Feel ok?”

“Ugh, yeah. Doesn’t taste great,” he wiped his mouth.

“I’m not much of a drinker, but this one is an acquired taste, I supposed,” Michelle finished the glass, placing it on the table.

“Now then, let’s talk.”

“Ok, about what?” Mikey asked.

Michelle thought for a moment, resting her hand on her son’s, sitting against him on the couch. “You know, it’s funny. I’ve been having dreams about you.”

Mikey’s eyes lit up. “You, you have?”

“Mmhmm,” Michelle smiled. “I figured they were a result of us being so close or you being there for me through bad times. I don’t know. But they are daily.”

“Um, what kind of dreams?”

“Well, sweetie, they’ve been sexual in nature.”

Mikey nodded, hoping his cheeks weren’t as red as he thought they might be. “I see.”

“I know it’s weird, but that’s what my subconscious cooks up.”


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