Self-Fulfilling Son – Chap 5

Incest story: Self-Fulfilling Son – Chap 5

by tw_holt

“No, no, I mean, it’s not weird. We all dream strange things every once in a while.”

Michelle kissed his cheek, “I have them every single night.”

“Really?” Mikey gulped.

“Yeah. Thought about getting professional help or have a lucid dream where I could change or stop it from happening. Failed every time,” she kissed his cheek again.

Michelle circled his lips with her thumb, “So then I began to wonder, if it was something I wanted in real life, deep down on a subconscious level.”

“You, you did?” Mikey turned to face his smiling mother. “What, uh, what did you um – ”
Michelle kissed his lips softly. “I do want it.”

Mikey was shaking nervously. “Uh, ok.”

“Do you?”

“Do I want it too?”

Michelle didn’t reply, she stood up and turned around. She slowly slid her underwear over her ass, bending slightly in front of her son. “Do you want it too, Mikey?”

“Oh wow, oh wow, this is, this isn’t real,” he whispered.

Michelle picked up her phone, “Read the time.”

“9:28 pm,” Mikey said.

Michelle looked at the time next. “Yep, looks normal to me. Come.”

Mikey took her extended hand, staring at her ass all the way up the stairs. He breathed in, smelling her perfume as they climbed. She led him into her bathroom, flipping on the light. “Look in the mirror. What do you see?”

Mikey looked at his normal reflection, then watched his mother kiss at his neck, cheek, and jaw line. “I, uh, I see you and me.”

“Look normal?” Michelle asked, still peppering his face and neck with kisses.


She grabbed his face, pulling it to hers, kissing his mouth hard. His lips were so soft even if they were a little dry. Michelle fixed that by lightly darting her tongue against them.

“Mmmm, now what do you see,” she broke the kiss, turning his face to the mirror, kissing his cheek.

“Still looks like us, looks fine.”

“I think it looks great,” Michelle said, referring to the reflection of her and her son.

Michelle stepped away and flung her tank top off. Mikey’s mouth dropped.

“You never answered my question,” Michelle said standing nude before him. “Do you want it too, Mikey?”

“Uh huh. Yes,” he nodded looking over her body.

“Then let’s make it real. Let’s make it happen,” Michelle said, grabbing his face once more, kissing him harder than before. Her tongue forced his mouth open. Mikey hobbled backward, nearly falling over.

His mother practically tore his clothes off. She shed them off his body, flinging them over her shoulder, kicking them aside. She grabbed him and kissed again, feeling his erection against her tummy.

“Yes,” she breathed. His lips felt so good. She ran her hands over his shoulders and chest and slowly went to her knees before him, kissing her way down his body.

There it was, the cock she’s dreamed so much about, inches in front of her face. “Mom?” Mikey asked, seeing her hypnotized by it.

Michelle looked to the mirror, making sure she wasn’t dreaming. She saw her reflection with his cock right next to her face. She smiled then turned to face it.

His cock was veiny, thick, and throbbing for her. It felt soft, yet powerful in her grasp. Both fists closed around it, she slowly jacked it. It was time for her to taste it next.

She couldn’t help but moan feeling the blood-engorged head fill up her mouth. The musky smell, the taste was incredible. He was perfect in her eyes, so much better than in a dream. She licked all over the tip, the shaft, feeling her tongue crawl over veins.

Michelle stood, pulling her son in for another kiss. She moved backward taking him with her. They bumped into a wall, still kissing, and then corrected their path to the bed.

She went to her back, pulling Mikey on top, kissing, and moaning into each other’s mouth. She raked her fingers across his back, gliding down to squeeze his butt. It too, was soft, yet hard and muscular at the same time – similar to hers.

They broke the kiss, Mikey on top, heaving, exhaling his warm breath on her face. “Mom,” he managed to say. “I’ve been dreaming of this; of you for a while now too.”

“You have?”

“Just this morning I dreamed we were married. We’d been together for years. You were in your 70s, but looked like you do now. Still hot.”

“Oh Mikey,” Michelle kissed him.

“That was right before you came into my room,” he smiled.

“Let’s make our dreams a reality,” Michelle said, reaching down his body, grabbing his shaft. She held it against her entrance and nodded to her son.

“Ready?” he asked.

“I love you,” his mother answered.

“I love you too,” Mikey said, paused, and then slid his cock as deep as he could into her pussy.

Michelle closed her eyes, arched her back, gasping for air, feeling his shaft slide into her, pushing against her inner walls, all the way to its base.

“M-Mikey,” she opened her eyes, staring into his. “Soo good.”

“Uhnn,” her son grunted, pushing as far as he could. He held still, savoring the feeling of her vagina clamping and holding his cock inside her. “Yes, mmm, yes.”

They kissed more and more, not moving, connected to one another, making it last as long as they could. Both knew that once they started it would be over soon, especially from Michelle having an orgasm from kissing him alone.

Mikey was successful in not cumming while his mother did. Her moans of pleasure and pussy contracting around his cock made it difficult.

“Mmmm, Mikey,” Michelle said, catching her breath. “Did I ever use adult language in your dreams?”

“Cuss words? I don’t remember,” Mikey answered.

“Heh, you should’ve written your dreams down. I did. You can read them later,” Michelle said.

“With that said,” Michelle kissed his lips once more. “Fuck me. Fuck me, baby!”

Her words were music to his ears. He nodded and did as his mother told him.

Michelle couldn’t help but giggle at the real feeling of her son kissing her neck while sliding his cock in and out of her.

Her legs closed around him, locking him in place. He kissed her neck, ear, and finally her mouth as he pushed into her. Propping himself up on his hands, Mikey stared into her eyes. Michelle ran her hands over his muscular chest and stomach, staring right back.

“You feel so good, so real,” Mikey said.

“It is real,” she pulled him down, kissing him once more. She held his head in place, their hot breath mixing with each other.

“I love you,” Michelle whispered.

“I love you too. I think,” Mikey pumped his hips harder and faster. “I think I’m ready, I’m almost – ”

“Cum, cum in me. Please.”

“Is this a one-time thing?”

“No. I want this, every day. Son, lover, husband – I want you to fill every role. And uh, every hole,” his mother winked, giving him a sly grin.

“I’m ready!” Mikey exclaimed.

“Yes!” Michelle felt another orgasm building inside her, burning, ready to explode.

She felt the heat their two bodies rubbing together caused. She felt the heat inside her pussy spreading outward. She felt the heat from their breath, as they exhaled on one another.

She felt the muscles in his ass flex as he pumped into her. She felt his and her body tighten and shake as they exploded together; a mutual orgasm.

She heard Mikey moan as he ejaculated into her, emptying his balls. She heard him trying to speak, to say her name. She heard herself cry out with passion and pleasure.

It was all real. It wasn’t a dream.

He rolled off her, she rolled with him, lying in his arms, catching their breath.

They didn’t bother talking about what they just did. Instead, they kissed one another until they fell asleep.


Michelle woke up the next day, still naked, having slept better than she had in a long time. Her first instinct, out of habit, was to check the legibility of the time on her phone. If it looked normal, she accepted that as a sign she wasn’t dreaming.

Reaching for her phone, she stopped herself, not bothering to turn it over. She smiled, looking over her shoulder at her sleeping son. She got out of bed and started up a shower, not bothering to look at her reflection.

A few minutes later, her son joined her. “Morning,” Mikey said.

“Morning,” They lathered up each other with body wash. Michelle smiled and turned around.

Mikey bent at the knees and guided his cock into her from behind. After another mutual orgasm in the steamy shower, Michelle kissed him a nice thank you. “I’ll get breakfast ready,” she said.

Leaving her son alone, not bothering to dress after drying off, Michelle headed to the kitchen. Preparing a smoothie, she tried to think if she had any dreams. She shrugged, giggled, not recalling any dreams she had the previous night or that morning.

Mikey joined a few moments later. They sipped their smoothies on the couch, naked, finished them up, and starting kissing. Mikey took her back to bed where they stayed the rest of the day.

The next morning, she woke up a little later than she hoped. She and Mikey would have to rush to meet the first clients of the day at the gym. They had shower sex, ate a quick breakfast, and rushed off.

They whole day was normal. Mother and son worked together like they always do. When they arrived home is when things were different between them. They stripped naked and went to bed.

Michelle let Mikey read her dream journal the following weekend. “Wow, this is pretty crazy,” he said, turning a page while his mother lay against him in bed. “Makes me wished I kept a dream journal.”

“You should have. Dreams can be hard to remember after waking up. Especially as the day goes on.”

“Get on all fours,” Mikey said, closing the journal, tossing it on the bedside table.


“I want to eat your ass out like I did in that dream you had,” Mikey said.
“Mmm, good idea. You really need to stick your tongue in deep. You did in the dream after all,” Michelle said, getting into position.

He moaned at her taste, swirled his tongue all around inside her, stopping to cover her ass with hickeys.
Michelle was in heaven. She closed her eyes, and enjoyed the sensations of his tongue work. She smiled, knowing the following night she’d ask him to stick his cock in there.

A couple days later they passed out early after a movie. It was a rare cheat day on their strict diet. Ice cream was the choice. Most of it ended up on Michelle’s ass, but the two of them ate quite a bit from the containers too.

Michelle and Mikey were snoring lightly, next to each other.

She woke up in the middle of the night by the first dream she recalled having in several days. Michelle sat up in bed, Mikey still asleep, trying to remember its details. There was a construction crew consisting of chimpanzees involved. They were arguing among themselves. The foreman was a gorilla and had to break up their fighting.

“Weird,” Michelle whispered. She fell back into her son’s arms, the man of her dreams, before going back to sleep.

The end.

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