Fantasizing on my mother – chapter 2

Incest story: Fantasizing on my mother – chapter 2

by JohnSebastian

Almost against my will, I visualized his hard cock stretching her wet pussy. Usually I only thought of my mom when I heard my parents having sex but on that particular night I kept thinking about my dad’s erection. It felt so taboo. I imagined how he would ejaculate in my mom and that made me climax for a second time.

At the time, I decided not to disclose what had happened to Elyse. I was still very much into her but I started finding reasons to go home after work instead of going to her place. I did not want her to realize that I was going home to be alone with my mom for a few minutes. She would have been devastated to know that I preferred masturbating at home rather than having sex with her.

The situation was particularly delicate as Valentine’s Day was fast approaching. Meanwhile my mom and I had developed a bit of a ritual. She would passively watch me until I ejaculated and then she would wipe me clean. She would sometimes touch my thigh and lightly stroke my leg but otherwise there was a line that we did not cross.

One time I noticed that my mom closed her eyes for a few seconds. The room was pitch dark so I decided to fake an orgasm. I had plenty of pre-ejaculate to justify it anyway. Thinking that the deed was done, my mom reached out to wipe my stomach and genitals. She did not realize that I was still fully excited when she rubbed my shaft and I took the opportunity to really enjoy her touch for a few seconds. She was a good sport when she found out she had been tricked.

She grinned at me and gave me a few extra strokes before letting me finish off myself. Otherwise I occasionally tried to push the limits a little. She often held my free hand while I masturbated. Sometimes I would grab her thigh. I love feeling a woman’s inner thigh. Eventually she even let me touch her breasts as I came. These sessions usually lasted only a few minutes. Even though we knew at what time to expect my dad, we still played it very safe.

On Valentine’s Day I decided to avoid all awkwardness by taking Elyse to an out-of-town resort. That way I could pamper her for a couple of days and my parents could also have their intimacy. Elyse was very elegant for our Valentine dinner. She put on a beautiful dress and her makeup was perfectly dosed. Had I been twenty years older she would have been the woman of my life.

She was smart, in good shape and the sex was always amazing. But in the back of my mind I knew I wanted my own family one day. Perhaps I could keep Elyse as my lover? Would she be willing to accept that situation? Strange thoughts on the day that we were supposed to celebrate love. In fact we had anal sex for the first time that night and it was a beautiful experience.

When I returned home in Paris I found my mom a little tense. She seemed anxious to see me. My dad was watching television in the living room downstairs when my mom joined me in my room and asked how my date went. I could not help but notice that her blouse was partly open. She went on to explain that she had just taken care of my dad and I presumed that she gave him a blowjob.

I wondered whether my dad came in her mouth. I wanted to masturbate in front of my mom but with my dad around I had to do it very quickly. We could not close the door as that would have been way too suspicious. My mom looked so pretty though. When I told her so she was so flattered that I think it even turned her on. She then instructed me to do it quick and even went looking for a towel before I had finished.

On that night, we crossed the line in two ways. First I masturbated in front of my mom while my dad was in the house. And after I came, my mom wipe me so carefully that I became hard again. But unlike previous times, my new excitement did not scare her off. And then she surprised me by showing me what she had done to my dad. She approached my bed, bent down and licked my penis before taking the tip of it in her mouth. The feeling was exquisite. Her lips were tightly but softly wrapped around my shaft as I kept calling her name.

It was simply the best blowjob I had ever had. My beautiful mother sucking on my hard penis with all of her motherly love. I could only resist for about a minute. Not only was this such a perverse situation but my mom simply gave the best head in town. She hit all the right spots with her lips and tongue. I said that I loved her and she was the best mom and that seemed to turn both of us on. I eventually surrendered and came in her mouth while holding her head against me.

That night my parents had sex again but I was too exhausted to care. I only looked forward to being alone with my mother again.

The next few days were a bit awkward as Elyse was so into me because of our romantic getaway while my mind was elsewhere. I went home every day hoping for some intimacy with my mom but due to circumstances we were never alone. I woke up one morning and overheard my parents having sex before going to work. They must have thought that I was still asleep as they were particularly loud.

When they finished, my dad hopped into the shower while my mom stayed in bed. I was so aroused from listening to them that I had to masturbate. I wondered whether my mom actually had an orgasm. I was pretty sure that my dad came as I heard him grunt right near the end but my mom moaned all along so it was more difficult to guess. I was really hoping that my mom would come by my room but it turned out that she was waiting for my dad to come out of the shower so they could resume their lovemaking.

I found out later that morning that my parents had so much sex because my dad was going on a golf trip with his buddies and would not come home on Friday night. I could not wait to have dinner alone with my mother even though it was pretty bad timing as Elyse expected me to stay at her place over the weekend. I eventually found a lame excuse as I really needed to spend time with my mom. When I went home, she was busy in the kitchen but I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had put on that sexy makeup that turns me on so much.

The situation was a bit odd as my mom was willing to do anything I asked her to do. That usually included fixing me a meal, taking care of me when I was sick or doing my laundry. But now she could also take care of some of my sexual needs and I thought that was wicked. As much as I was previously uncomfortable talking about sex with my mother, it now felt totally natural to ask her whether she would suck my penis.

I gave my mom a big hug and then she told me to go to my room and get comfortable. She was still wearing a dress when she joined me although I noticed that she had removed her bra. This was the first time that we had a few hours all to ourselves and I really wanted to take full advantage of it.

My mom hopped into bed with me as we looked into each other’s eyes for a long moment. Then we started kissing passionately for what seemed like hours. I could not get enough of her lips, her tongue, as her hand kept rubbing my hard penis. I never thought that French kissing my own mother would be so enjoyable but it was simply incredible.

As her head disappeared under the covers, I knew what was coming next and I could not wait for it. I do not have the words to describe how well my own mother gives head. At first she only licked the tip of my foreskin, very lightly, before giving it a gentle bite. Then she took my shaft in her warm mouth and slowly sucked it up and down. I kept telling my mother how much I loved her and how hard I was because of her. I wanted that moment to last forever but I soon exploded. After hours of kissing and teasing, receiving such a motherly blowjob made me surrender in no time.

While we cuddled and talked, I noticed that my mom had some of the same fantasies as Elyse. She kept mentioning how my dad could catch us and that seemed to turn her on each time. As she stroked my penis, she described how my dad takes her and how she feels when he ejaculates inside of her. Such comments made me both uncomfortable and excited.

Thinking of my dad’s erection while my mom stroked my penis was very perverse but I could not ignore the overwhelmingly pleasant feeling that was invading my body. As my mom took me in her mouth again, she asked me to hold her head and tell her how much I loved her. And then I closed my eyes and ejaculated.

On Saturday morning, we still had the house all to ourselves. I had to go to Elyse’s place before dinner but otherwise my dad was not going to come home for another several hours. My mom asked me what I wanted to do. I took a few moments to think about it and then I had a special idea for a quiet morning.

I replied to my mom that I would love it if she could bathe me like she used to. She seemed a little surprised by the idea but was eager to play along. As I went to my room to get some clean underwear, my mom ran a bath for me. As I approached the tub, stark naked, my mom smiled and pulled up her sleeves.

The water was very hot but soon my body got used to it and it felt good. My mom took care of my back and then my torso. She giggled as she pinched my nipples to tease me. Seeing how she looked beautiful and how my penis was getting hard, I asked her whether she wanted to join me. She grinned and suggested that we head to the master bathroom instead.

The shower was much larger in their room and could comfortably accommodate two people. So I quickly dried myself up and followed my mom. It felt kind of weird being naked in my parents’ room especially as my mom took her clothes off right in front of me. Her breasts were beautiful and her butt was firm with feminine curves.

I got in the shower with my mother as we embraced and kissed for long minutes. Meanwhile, my mom took a bit of soap and started to rub my anus. The feeling was divine. My hard penis was insistently rubbing against her tummy and ready to explode anytime. My mom then got on her knees and started sucking me off. Again, she pulled her signature move by licking and gently biting the tip of my foreskin. As she slowly took my shaft in her mouth, her fingers gently caressed my anus.

She knew exactly what to do to please a man. As I prepared for a stirring orgasm, I took control and entered my shaft deep in my mother’s mouth, told her I loved her and shot my load down her throat. Then I asked my mom to flicker my foreskin with her tongue and she happily obliged. It was so intense that I grunted like a bear.

We decided to go out for lunch and had a light meal at a restaurant nearby. I kept thinking of the shower scene and how it would have been hot to have sex with her in that setting but I knew that was off limits. The thought kept me hard nonetheless as I tried to keep the conversation flowing. After our meal we went grocery shopping.

I loved looking at my mom while I walked behind her. I also noticed how older men kept staring at her. As my mother was choosing some tomatoes, I could not help but lean on her from behind and lightly rubbed my bulge against her. But as I was going to nonchalantly touch her breasts, I noticed from the corner of the eye that our neighbour (I don’t know her name) was right next to us and looked terribly confused. Instead of panicking, I acted as if there was nothing unusual so that the whole scene could pass for an accident or a misunderstanding.

While we stood in line for the cashier, my dad called and told my mom that he would be on his way right after his round of golf. I started to imagine how my mom would suck his penis and possibly do the same trick she does with the foreskin and that made me hard again. I could not afford to have another orgasm before visiting Elyse though so I saved my energies for later.

Elyse was radiant when I finally arrived at her place. As I transposed my incestuous fantasies on my actual mother, Elyse gradually became an equal partner. One of the direct consequences is that the sex got rougher and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Our fantasies also grew in intensity. I was starting to feel comfortable with the idea of having sex while my parents were next to us doing the same when Elyse introduced this new idea that she wanted to suck both of our cocks at the same time. She had obviously thought about this for a long while as she detailed how she envisioned the scene. It really turned her on, which by rebound also turned me on, but she was definitely stretching my limits, even in Fantasyland.

When I came home on Sunday night, my parents were in the shower. I could almost imagine what was going on in there, my dad taking my mom from behind under the running water. They eventually moved back to the bed as my mom probably finished him off with a blowjob. Perhaps was she also rubbing his anus while he grunted and came in her mouth.

In my family, Easter is really important, probably even more important than Christmas. We typically gathered with the rest of our family in London and this year was no different except that my dad could not make it. Actually it would be more accurate to say that he would not make it. The exciting part was that my mom always dressed up to go to church and taking the train with such a beautiful woman made me proud to be her travel companion. She had her sexy makeup on and her skirt was very elegant but rather tight around the curves. She looked fantastic nonetheless and she made every agent smile when she addressed them.

While we were between Paris and Brussels, a guy sat next to us and he struck a conversation with my mom. He looked like a businessman, probably in his forties. At some point he must have inquired about me as my mom explained that I was her only son. She then looked at me with a smile and rubbed my thigh. I could tell the guy stared at my mom’s wandering hand as he wondered what was going on.

They eventually talked for most of the trip and seemed to get along very well, so much that they finally exchanged numbers. I have to say I felt a bit jealous at that point. As if she had read my mind, my mom comforted me by giving my penis a quick squeeze. At some point they both disappeared for about ten minutes and to this day I wonder if anything happened on that train. I did ask for fear of knowing the truth and my mom did not say a word either.

We were supposed to stay with my grandparents, and then with my uncle, but in the end other relatives took our spot so we ended up at the hotel. In an awkward moment, we wondered whether we should take one or two rooms and ultimately the very steep prices made us decide on just one. As the clerk controlled our passports, she assumed that we wanted two double beds but my mom accidentally answered that one king bed would be fine, too.

I normally would not be embarrassed but this agent actually knew our age and last name so she probably guessed we were mother and son. We were eventually given a suite with a king bed and a sofa bed. Oddly, when my dad called my mom told him we got two rooms. Not sure why she did that but she reminded me several times not to forget that detail. We were already late for our gathering so I did not have any intimate time with my mom when we first got to our room. She offered me a quick blowjob or we could wait until later that evening and she could take her time to please me. I opted for the latter.

It was great to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins again although I could not wait to be alone with my mom. I felt so selfish for not fully enjoying this moment simply because of my sexual needs. On our way back, my mom sat close to me in the cab and rested her head on my shoulder. She kept giving me little pecks and discreetly rubbed my thigh as we approached the hotel. Our driver seemed confused by our affectionate behaviour as he kept looking in the mirror. He totally blushed when my mom asked me in French whether I wanted her to suck me when we get to our room. Obviously our driver understood our discussion or at least parts of it.

As soon as we got to our room, we hopped into the shower as our tongues twirled and swirled in yet another moment of pleasure. Unlike when we were at home, I noticed that my mom actually touched herself and was being much less discreet about it. As much as I enjoyed being in the shower, I was looking forward to going to bed so I could fully enjoy my mom’s fine blowjob and she did not disappoint.

My own mother has the warmest, wettest and gentlest tongue that I have ever experienced. As I saw that she was rubbing her clitoris, I asked her whether she would like me to lick her down there. At first she was very reluctant but she soon gave in. She was very responsive and tasted like heaven. She kept calling my name as her legs tightened up around my head while she enjoyed an orgasm, and another. I thoroughly enjoyed pleasing my mom and ended up spending at least two hours going down on her.

I was getting ready to be on the receiving end when my mom’s phone rang. It was my dad. My mom made me a sign to remind me to be quiet as we were supposed to be in separate rooms. After a few minutes of small talk during which I paid little attention, my mom told my dad that she would put him on speakerphone. I was unsure how to react as the speakerphone would inevitably make it more difficult for me to remain completely silent.

But as I listened to my dad, I finally realized that my parents wanted to have phone sex and my dad thought that my mom was all by herself. Soon I could hear him moan as he stroked himself. I was a little uncomfortable but the sexual context made me hard anyway. My mom then pointed toward her pussy as she wanted me to continue licking her and I happily obliged. She had another orgasm a few seconds after we heard my dad shoot his load.

Once the deed was done, my dad wanted to go to sleep so he was quick to hang up. Meanwhile, the fun only started for me as my mom resumed her foreskin teasing and licked the underside of my shaft from my balls all the way to the tip. A blow job is an act of love and my mom proves it every time she sucks me off. Other than my own mother, I cannot think of any woman who would so generously please me like that. I really meant it when I told my mom I loved her so much. And then I ejaculated abundantly in her mouth as she swallowed every drop.

I could tell the next morning that something had changed. My mom was glowing, she was so affectionate and it just seemed like our connection was on a different level. The fact that I gave her several orgasms probably changed her perception as she developed more romantic feelings for me. We were clearly in the danger zone but it was too pleasurable for me to back off. As she was in the shower, I approached her from behind and started kissing her butt.

Soon, my tongue was circling around her anus before gently licking it full on. My mom screamed with pleasure as she said my dad never did that to her. I was quite proud as I had given her a new sensation, one that she was clearly enjoying very much. I kept asking her how she liked having her son lick her ass and she responded with cries of pleasure. I was almost certain that our neighbours could hear her and I hoped they thought it was enjoyable rather than disruptive.

After a long session of ass licking, my mom asked what else would please me and I told her about that one time when we wrestled on the couch and she ended up sitting on me, directly on my crotch. She claimed that she didn’t remember that particular event and even if it did happen we were fully clothed. She kept smiling at me but said it was much too risky, that I could slide inside of her and we would regret it.

Then I suggested we keep our underwear as I only wanted to feel her labia on my crotch and my mom thought it was a great idea. Instead of putting her panties back on, she simply put a white towel on my genitals and then confidently straddled me. She smiled and kissed me as she rocked her hips back and forth. I had fantasized about this moment for so long. I could not believe that my beautiful mother was pleasuring herself by rubbing against my hard shaft.

I was holding on to my mom’s butt when I suddenly felt that I was about to ejaculate. She bent down a little so I could suck on her breasts. I was holding her really tight, telling her how much I loved her. She cried in this high pitch that made me so hard and then I started shooting my load on the towel between us.

My mom then moved up and straddled my face, pressing her clitoris against my mouth. I stuck my tongue out as I let her take control. Her juices were flowing as she wildly rocked my face. I thought she was about to climax when she reached for her mobile phone to call my dad. When he answered, she told him that she was playing with herself and wanted him to masturbate along. I made my mom climax twice before my dad shot his load.

My mom was still horny when they hung up as she started sharing some very personal fantasies with me. She said she would love to have sex with my dad while I would watch them and masturbate in front of them. She kept asking me whether I would enjoy being hard in front of my dad and I must admit the thought finally turned me on. Seeing that I was hard again, my mom put her mouth around my shaft and gave me another soft but firm blowjob. Her tongue felt so exquisite as it twirled all over the tip of my penis.

She asked me whether I wanted to ejaculate in her month and I nodded. She said she would show me my dad’s favourite move and then proceeded to licking and biting my foreskin gently until I came. There was no actual sucking but the pleasure was irresistible. It took a while for me to actually feel the urge to shoot my load but when it came it was a real monster. As my mom held my foreskin between her teeth, I started shooting all over her face and cried her name as the pleasure waves kept hitting me.

We went back home that night and things got back to normal. Or almost. As I heard my dad grunt and moan with pleasure, I knew exactly what my mom was doing to him and it was the most amazing feeling I had ever had. As he penetrated her, she was yelling louder and louder, so much that I overheard him asking her to tone it down because I was around. She told him not to worry, that I was a big boy, and encouraged him to express himself freely. With that my dad kept banging my mom and grunted loudly. Meanwhile my mom felt free to scream when an orgasm hit her. I loved listening to them.

I was going to finish off when I realized I could use some lube and decided to run to the bathroom quickly. My parents were busy so I did not think about covering up. I was stark naked and fully erect when I stepped out of my room. The problem is, my dad was also looking for lube, presumably to have anal sex with my mom, so he also stepped out without covering himself.

I was shocked when we bumped into each other especially as we were both fully naked and very hard. My dad did not seem uncomfortable at all. He simply apologized for being in my way but otherwise he seemed very comfortable with his erection. I even caught him lightly stroking himself, probably to remain hard for my mom. We were having a discussion to determine who would keep the bottle of lube as I realized it was the first time I was in erection in front of another man. Sure I had been in locker rooms before but I was never aroused like this.

My dad said he just needed a little bit of lube and was happy to leave the bottle with me. With that he put a bit on his hand and then wrapped it around his shaft. He then rubbed his hand back and forth a few times to make sure he was lubricated all over. Admittedly seeing my dad’s cock so hard and glossy revived my own erection. I took some lube and applied it on my shaft just to have an excuse to rub myself in front of him. I felt so perverse for doing this intentionally.

My dad noticed what I did and told me not to be shy as being hard was completely natural. He made his point by making me look at his erection while he vigorously stroked himself. He said with a cocky smile that he had some unfinished business with my mom and had to go back soon but meanwhile he was enjoying our male bonding moment. By looking at the size of my erection, I was enjoying it as well. My dad said I could go back to my room to finish off by myself or I could do it in front of him if I wanted to. I was not sure what to do but I did not want to stop right away.

I soon picked up the pace and was pretty close to climaxing. As I changed my grip for the final stretch, my dad noticed what I did and told me right away that I was not doing it right. I told him we were probably not built the exact same way and got stimulated differently but he insisted that a foreskin is a foreskin. Without alerting me, he took a hold of my penis and with his rough hands he quickly rubbed the underside of my foreskin just over the sweet spot.

He pinched the skin in a certain way that I had never felt before and within seconds his technique drove me over the edge and I ejaculated all over the bathroom floor. The feeling was acute and intense. All the pleasure was concentrated on my foreskin. I could not believe what had just happened. Satisfied to have made a point, my dad returned to his room and took care of my mom.

The next day, I told Elyse about the bathroom incident with my dad and it turned her on instantly. She wanted to know more details on what happened, how I felt, whether it was weird. I did not lie about the outcome. As embarrassing as it was for me to admit, I came really hard. Elyse asked me to show her how to do it but the truth is I could not give her clear directions as I did not really know myself.

She tried a few tricks but none of them hit me on the right spot like the night before. Elyse was a bit disappointed but we ended up having passionate sex and it was fantastic. We talked about all kinds of perverse fantasies while I was inside of her and enjoying her warm pussy. We planned to find a reason to have sex at my place while my parents would be around.

When I came home that night, my parents were far from having sex. In fact, they were arguing like I had rarely heard them argue. I was a bit paranoid and thought that my dad found out about what my mom and I had been doing. It is only the next day that my mom told me it was actually the other way around. My dad apparently told her about what happened in the bathroom, thinking that it would turn her on.

Instead it drove her mad as she did not want me to engage in gay sex. I reassured her that I was not gay but she was still appalled that my dad would have done something like that. I told her that it was alright, that it only lasted a few seconds, but then she could no longer hold her tears back. For some reason, seeing my mother cry turned me on. I held her in my arms and my shaft became hard.

While my mom was still sobbing, I kneeled down behind her, lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. I started licking her inner thigh all the way up to her butt. Then I parted her butt cheeks with my hands and started licking her. I went with long streaks up and down as I heard a mix of cries and moans. Soon we heard the garage door as my dad came back from work. I was going to pull my mom’s panties back up but she insisted that I lick her pussy for just a few seconds. She did not have time to climax but it was so hot going down on her until the last second.

My mom greeted my dad and went in the shower with him, presumably to give him a blowjob as she was still horny when she came out of her room. She dragged me to the living room downstairs and quickly asked me to lick her pussy for another few minutes while my dad was still in the shower. When the water stopped running, she knew that time was up and finally managed to climax. She sounded breathless and beautiful. As she was hastily fixing herself, she thanked me and said that she would take of me later. My dad soon joined us for an uneventful meal.

Later that night, my parents ended up having sex for what seemed like two hours. I listened and pleasured myself as I figured that my mom would be spent anyway. Meanwhile I kept thinking of the way my dad rubbed my foreskin and how intense it was. Perhaps I felt more pleasure because the situation was new and unexpected? I started to question whether his technique was all that special.

The topic eventually came about a few days later when my dad apologized for what had happened. Apparently my mom forced him to do that. I told him not to worry about it, that I was almost in my thirties and could defend myself. I seized the opportunity to tell him that I had tried to replicate his move, alone and with Elyse, and was unable to get the same results. My dad laughed out loud and said that it was his little secret.

It happened on a Monday afternoon. My mom took the day off so I decided to call in sick. I had not had sex or masturbated the day before so I had a huge erection when I woke up. As soon as I heard my dad leave, I got out of bed and brushed my teeth. Then I went downstairs to join my mom in the kitchen. She was standing at the sink so I gave her a hug from behind and rubbed myself against her butt.

“Good morning, mom.” I said to her as I reached for her breasts.

“Honey, are you not supposed to be at work?” she replied.

“I called in sick, mom. I wanted to spend some time with you. I want you so badly this morning.”

My mother started breathing heavily. I reached down inside her panties and gently rubbed her sweet spot.

“Mom, who do you love the most in this world?” I asked despite already knowing the answer.

“Of course it’s you, honey. You are all that I have got in this world.” she answered without hesitation.

“I love you most as well, mom. So let me ask you, what is the most pleasurable thing to do in this world?”


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