Fantasizing on my mother – chapter 3

Incest story: Fantasizing on my mother – chapter 3

by JohnSebastian

“Son, why do you ask such questions? There are many things that are pleasurable in life, such as travelling, eating, reading a book. And of course sex should make the list as well.” she answered hesitantly.

“Well, if you and I love each other most in this world, and if sex is so pleasurable, do you not think that we should make love at least once in this lifetime?” I insisted.

“Oh son, we have talked about it so many times, you know it would not be right and we would regret it for the rest of our lives.”

By that time I was wild for my mom. I really wanted her, to be in her, and I knew she wanted it, too.

“Mom, I love you so much. Can you not feel how hard I am? Can you not feel how much I want you? Mom, I want to make love to you, I want to be inside of you.”

My mom did not say anything but I could tell from her breathing and her wet pussy that she was really excited. It turned me on to talk dirty to her so I kept going.

“I want to ejaculate inside of you, mommy, I have masturbated while thinking of this so many times. I imagined taking you from behind and making you scream with pleasure. And I also visualized being on top of you and seeing your beautiful face as you have an orgasm. Please let me penetrate you and make love to you. It would be so beautiful.”

Meanwhile, I made her turn around and lean against the counter. I pulled her skirt down, exposing her delicate underwear. I got on my knees and started licking her through her panties. My mom kept moaning her pleasure.

“Oh honey, it feels so good. Keep licking mommy. You are doing a fantastic job, son. Oh yes, just like that.”

With that, she took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. She sat on the bed, told me to turn around and proceeded to giving me an amazing rim job. The feeling was incredible.

“Mommy, oh mommy, this feels so good. Oh mommy, your tongue feels so warm! Oh keep licking me, mommy!” I kept saying as her tongue explored my orifice.

As I was as hard as I had ever been, my mom laid down on the bed and opened her legs wide open. I could not believe what was happening. I was about to make love with my own mother. I slowly got on top of her as we started kissing passionately. I could not have enough of her lips, her tongue. My penis was about to enter her, slowly but surely.

“Mommy, your pussy feels so nice, so warm. Oh my God! I cannot believe how good this is. Mommy, I’m so hard. I do not think I will be able to hold it much longer. Oh mommy, I love you so much, I love being inside of you.”

By then my mother was screaming and it sounded so beautiful.

“I’m going to ejaculate in your pussy, mommy. Oh yes, I can feel it coming!”

“Let it go, son. Yes, let it all go inside of your mommy. Oh yes. I cannot believe that you are inside of me. Your penis feels so good! Let it go, son. Don’t hold it back.”

I looked at my mom straight in the eyes as I came in spades and shot my load inside of her. We stayed in that position for long minutes after orgasm, just looking at each other and kissing like true lovers do.

My mom and I ended up making love all afternoon. For the second round, I took her from behind and lasted about a minute as well. I felt so perverse for taking my own mother in such position that I got overwhelmed and came inside of her again. We took a short break during which we kissed passionately. It was enough for me to maintain an erection and soon I found myself on top of her. I started very slowly at first but unlike the previous rounds I was now able to penetrate her hard without losing control. It was by far the most intense stretch and the one during which we sweated the most.

“Oh mommy, this feels so good,” I kept repeating to her.

“Oh son, oh yes, I love having you inside of me!” my mom managed to say while catching her breath.

“I cannot believe we are making love, mommy, can you feel how hard I am?” I asked her while I increased the pace.

“Yes honey I can feel how much you want me and it is driving me insane, I do not think anyone has ever made love to me with such passion,” she confessed.

With that my mother resumed her high pitched moaning that turned me on so much. It almost sounded like she was crying or in pain but yet it was beautiful. I listened to her as I penetrated her harder and harder. I kept going until I was close to orgasm but I held back at the last minute.

“Your dad never makes me feel so good, son, you are making mommy so proud,” my mom said as her breathing got heavier.

“That is untrue as I have listened to you and dad so many times,” I replied to her.

“Really? Could you hear us clearly?” she pretended asking, as if she did not know the answer.

“Clearly enough to turn me on, mom. I masturbated so often while listening to you.”

For some strange reason, her mentioning my dad actually turned me on even more. By then I was ravaging her and she was practically yelling. Besides, her pussy was so warm, so comfortable and so soft. It felt like we were built to have sex together, my penis being the right size and shape for my mother. When I told her how her moans made me even harder, she was happy to oblige and even exaggerated things a little for my personal enjoyment. She also clearly enjoyed talking about my father while we were having sex. I think it made her feel even more perverse.

“We have spent so much time in bed today that I do not think I can please your dad tonight,” my mom said as I kept pumping her.

“Maybe you could lick his ass and give him a good blowjob,” I suggested.

“Or maybe he could just watch us having sex and jerk off,” my mom replied.

I have to say that last idea turned me on. I thought about all the pleasure I felt and how my dad must have felt the same when he made love to my mom. In a surreal scene, I imagined his hard shaft in his hand as he watched me penetrate his wife, my own mother.

“Mommy, I am about to ejaculate again, it feels so warm,” I warned her.

“Yes son, come here in my arms and ejaculate inside of mommy,” she said as she held me even tighter.

“I love you mommy and I love being inside of you, oh mommy, oh my God I am so hard, oh mommy!”

My mom held my head as I surrendered to her. I felt so loved and protected. Almost as if she was waiting for my signal, my mom then climaxed as well. I could feel her squeeze my penis that was still dripping and resting inside of her.

The next day, I went home early and was surprised to find my dad’s car but not my mom’s. There was nobody upstairs but as I went to the basement I found my dad watching porn in the living room. He was going at it pretty hard when he finally realized that I was home. He quickly hit the stop button and embarrassingly covered himself with the towel he had brought to eventually wipe himself off. Then we both started to laugh as we saw that the towel did nothing to hide my dad’s erection. He took the towel off and proudly exposed himself. He must have been pretty close to finishing when I interrupted him as he was big and hard, even more so than the first time I saw him.

My dad eventually pressed the play button and hesitantly offered me a seat, claiming that the video was quite good. I was very shy to undress in front of him but accepted his offer nonetheless. I was still a bit soft when I got naked and was looking forward to being full size. I sat next to my dad and looked at his hand pumping his shaft. Soon I became fully erect and my shyness when away. Masturbating next to my dad was an interesting experience. I had never done that next to another man although I had thought about it.

As I kept looking at my dad’s hard cock, I stroked myself harder and harder. At some point we both stopped watching the movie and focused on each other. I soon started climaxing and shot my load all over my stomach. Within seconds, my dad followed suit. As soon as he finished, he quickly pushed the stop button and put on the sports channel. Then he got up and suggested we take a quick shower and that I could join him in their private bathroom.

We were both naked and semi hard when we entered my parents’ bedroom and subsequently their private bathroom. I still had vivid memories of the good times I had with my mom in that shower. As my dad walked behind me, he accidentally (or not) poked me lightly with his penis and I felt instant electricity. He then turned on the faucet as we both stood under the stream of hot water. By then I was fully hard again and my father immediately took notice. We stood a little closer and faced each other. Soon our cocks started touching, at first randomly and playfully, but eventually we were seriously rubbing the tip of our shaft again each other. It also felt good when I grabbed both of our penises and stroked them together. His shaft was hard and warm.

My dad then reached out and started pulling his signature move on me. Oh my God the feeling was just as amazing as the last time. I lasted no more than 10-15 seconds before he made me ejaculate again. I again asked him how he did it but got the same answer from him. He smiled but revealed no secret. After a short break, my dad put some soap in his hand and reached for my butt. I felt his strong hand slide along my anus as he carefully cleaned me. And then with his other hand, he grabbed my hardening cock and rubbed the foreskin. He seemed very satisfied when he made me ejaculate yet once again within seconds.

I had never done this before but at that moment I had to reach out for my dad’s hard penis and take it in my hands. He seemed very surprised but in a pleasant way. I stroked him hard for long minutes as he seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself. I loved the feeling of having a hard cock in my hand as I knew exactly how he felt when I masturbated him. I kept going for a bit but we were pressed by time as my mom could arrive any minute. He eventually took matters in his own hands as he finished and sprayed all over me.

It was Mother’s Day just a few weeks ago and my dad decided to rent a cottage for the weekend. Elyse was happy to join me for a family event and several of my uncles, aunts and cousins accepted the invitation as well. My dad hired a food service that looked after the barbecue and they did a fantastic job. The grilled meats and vegetables were amazing. I especially enjoyed the lamb chops and Italian sausages. Wine and beer were flowing as the gathering ended up being so successful that we eventually ran out of bedrooms. Families with young children had priority over the rest of us so naturally Elyse and I were the first to suggest that we take one of the sofa beds and soon my parents followed suit.

I must admit it was both weird and exciting for me and Elyse to be in that situation. As we slipped under the covers and the lights went out, I realized it was the perfect setting for us to fool around. Soon I had an erection and spooned Elyse so I could rub myself against her. She turned over after a moment, grabbed my shaft and discreetly stroked it. It was such a turn-on to be hard while in the same room as both my parents.

As I fingered Elyse, I started paying attention to what my parents were doing. At first they seemed to be dead quiet but as I listened closely I heard a steady noise. We were in the countryside and the house was pitch dark so I could not see anything. I was very intrigued by the rhythmic back and forth however as I imagined it could be my mother stroking my dad.

“Can you hear that little noise, Elyse?” I softly asked her.

“I cannot hear anything, I am too busy enjoying what you are doing to me,” she managed to reply.

“Listen closely, maybe my mom is giving my dad a hand job,” I pleaded as the idea turned me on immensely.

“Regardless of what they are doing, I want you inside of me,” Elyse said as I caressed her wet pussy.

“I don’t know, this sofa bed has squeaky springs, I am not sure we could be discreet enough,” I reluctantly replied. I was hard as a rock though and ready to go anytime.

“Just spoon me from behind and go slowly, we do not need to absolutely finish but I really want to feel you inside of me” she insisted.

Elyse was so wet and warm when I penetrated her from behind. She let go a soft moan as I entered her completely and pushed as deep as I could. I stayed still for long seconds, simply enjoying the pleasant feeling. As I tried to listen in to what was going on in my parents’ bed, I could hear the noise more distinctly and it really sounded like a hand was gliding on a lubricated shaft. Meanwhile, Elyse was breathing heavily and I could not help but move back and forth for a bit as the feeling was so good and my partner was so excited.

We were going at a slow but steady pace when Elyse let out an audible moan that filled the room. At first I felt a little embarrassed but soon I got used to it and I started penetrating her a bit harder. I was so turned on knowing that my parents could hear us having sex from just a few meters away. I wanted our session to last forever but within a couple of minutes Elyse started to climax and she sounded so beautiful that it brought me over the edge as well. There was no doubt that my parents could hear what happened. I fully realized that as we silently rested after a much needed orgasm.

By then it was obvious that something was going on in my parents’ bed as well. The quiet stroking noise now sounded very wet, as if my mother was sucking my dad off. Then I heard some movement as my dad whispered something in her ears. Then the creaking started. They were clearly having sex. My erection quickly came back to life when I fully realized what was going on. Elyse was still hot and willing to go anytime. When I overheard my mom’s erotic moans, I got on top of Elyse and penetrated her missionary style. It was noisier that way but we no longer needed to be as quiet as in the previous round.

Soon, both my mom and Elyse let loose and were breathing heavily. My dad and I were both pumping our respective partners with authority as the excitement made us forget about discretion and decency. Elyse seemed to particularly enjoy giving a show as I had never heard her that way. She sounded really hot. I was nevertheless still in control since I just came a few minutes earlier but when my mom had her orgasm it was too much for me to handle. My dad pumped hard and grunted as my mom’s high pitched moans pierced the room. Soon I came inside of Elyse, grunting loudly like my dad did.

By then, the tension had dropped as everyone in the room was laughing about what had just happened. My dad and I both had the same idea as we simultaneously got up and walked to the bathroom. We needed a towel to clean up our mess. The bathroom light exposed our shiny and lubricated shafts that were still semi-erected. For some strange reason, seeing my dad’s penis turned me on. Despite having just had two consecutive orgasms, my cock sprung up to attention again and my dad surely took notice.

“You are getting hard again, son,” my dad commented.

“I do not want to sound gay or anything but seeing your penis excites me for some reason,” I explained.

“I know exactly what you mean, do not worry,” my dad reassured me.

With that, he reached out and grabbed my shaft. He started to stroke me and I could tell he was going to pinch my foreskin and pull his signature move again. I had just had two orgasms and thought I would last longer but my dad again managed to finish me off within seconds. I still had no idea how he did that but it felt so good. I wanted to return the favour and started stroking him as well. By the time he got really hard, he thanked me with a tap on the shoulder and returned to my mom.

That night, my parents had another round of wild sex. Meanwhile I was completely spent and readily fell asleep.

The next morning, my dad was out driving our extended family to the nearest train station while my mom was busy cleaning up the kitchen. I had gotten up to brush my teeth and say goodbye to everyone but soon I went back to bed and snuggled against Elyse. My mom’s presence combined with my dad being away really turned me on.

“Hey Elyse, do you feel like doing it?” I asked her.

“Hmmm I am already wet and this is very tempting but where is your mom though?” she wondered.

“She is just cleaning up the kitchen but I would not worry about it, her presence is turning me on as I am sure you already know,” I replied as I pressed my erection against her.

“You are such a perverted little boy,” Elyse responded with a playful grin.

With that my hard shaft slid between her thighs as I enjoyed rubbing against her soft and warm skin. I could feel the tingling from her pubic hair as I slowly approached her pussy and entered her from behind. Unlike the previous night, the living room was brightly lit and my mom could clearly see us if she walked in. As Elyse’s pleasure built up, I encouraged her to be expressive and moan as if we were all by ourselves.

“This feels so good, keep going harder, harder,” Elyse requested.

“I am so hard for you, your pussy is so good,” I enthused.

“Oh I am so wet, you feel so big and hard,” she replied excitingly.

“It makes me hard when you moan, please moan louder for me, do it so my mom can hear us,” I suggested while I passionately penetrated her.

“Oh yes, keep going, harder, your dick feels so good!”

We were still partially covered but thoroughly excited when my mom walked in on us. Elyse was not aware of what was going on between me and my mom so it was exciting to watch her go into new territory. Mind you it was new for me as well since I had never had since in front of my mother and I was very keen to do it.

At first my mom remained a few meters away and simply observed us. Then she came closer and sat on the bed next to us. I wanted her to actually see how I penetrated Elyse so I quickly got rid of the covers. Elyse was screaming with her eyes closed while I was staring at my mom. It was a really intense moment. Things even heated up further when Elyse got on all fours so my mom could closely watch my hard shaft sliding back and forth. Elyse came several times during those few minutes. I think she was really enjoying having sex in front of my mom.

When I got close to orgasm, I withdrew from Elyse and turned to my mom while stroking myself. And then I shot my load all over her. Elyse was going wild as she watched the scene. My mom was a little upset however as she had just changed clothes and was out of fresh ones. She had to clean up quickly though as my dad was already on his way back.

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