ADA Miss Cumalot – Part 1B

xxx story: ADA Miss Cumalot – Part 1B

by MarinaTrench69

“Here you are… are in uniform.” I said.

“True, thank you…. “ he said taking the bottle.

We spent an hour going over the case, talking about his probationer and what he can expect from me while on the stand.

“It’s late.” I said looking at my watch.

“What part of town are you in?” he asked.

“Alpharetta, you?”



“I will walk you out, seeing as though you are a UGA grad, I already know you can’t fight.”

I laughed.

“No, but seeing as though I have a 9mm in my purse, I already know how to shoot.”

“Well then….. you can walk me.” he retorted back.

I smiled, grabbing my suit jacket, sliding my heels back on and grabbing my purse.

“How long have you been up here?” I asked.

“I’ve been assigned to this office for three years.”

I nodded.

“Like it?”

“Love it.” He said.

“Question….where the hell was ‘Dawgly’ come from?” I asked.

He let out a loud laugh.

“My stepfather adopted me when I was four. It’s his last name.” he said.

“Ok, I was half expecting a white, overweight white guy.”

“A lot of people do, but again, ‘Drell’ is not a white name.”

I shrugged.


“What is ‘Drell’ short for?” I asked pushing the elevator button.


I smiled.

“Nice to meet you Ladrell, I am Keela.”

“Nice to meet you Miss Keela.”

The elevator opened.

“After you ma’am.”

Being in a confined space with him, I smelled his cologne. It was inviting. It was euphoric.

“Nice cologne…. Is that Creed?”

“Very good, yes it is….. thank you.”

“I knew I smelled it before, ‘Creed’ is nice.”

“It’s my favorite. This is the ‘Millisime Imperial’ one, I sprayed some before I walked in, had to smell good for the ADA.”

He towered over my 5’6 frame.

We walked to the parking garage where my car was waiting.

“Where did you park?” I asked.

“Over there.” He pointed in the direction of the black on black dodge charger.

“State car or POV?” I asked.

“State car.”

“Thank you for walking me to my car.”

“My pleasure.”

“Well, we should be good for Friday.” I said.

“I will be ready.”

I nodded.

“Here you are, call me if you have any last minute questions or…. Whatever.” I said pulling a card out of my pocket.

“I will do that.” He said looking at the card, turning it over as I got into my car.

I got home, threw my bags on the couch and started taking my clothes off as I walked up the stairs to my bedroom. I undid my bra and threw it on the floor. My breasts were sore. I massaged them. I ran my hands over the nipples, squeezing them. I thought about Officer Drell. I wanted him to lick my nipples, bite them, I wanted to taste him. I was having crazy thoughts. I figured the only remedy was Steven.

I opened my drawer, found my trusted friend and push start.

“Oh thank God.” I said seeing that it still worked.

I took my thong off and sat on the bed.

I needed to cum. I needed to cum so badly. My pussy was throbbing from thinking about this man.

I laid back on the bed, letting my legs fall open. I rubbed my clit with the vibrating dildo. I was so wet. I imagined Drell in his uniform, duty belt on and all, fucking me from behind in my office. I wanted the lights on, so everyone down below could watch him pound my pussy up against my desk. I imagined his dick thrusting in and out and making my scream explode all around it.

“Oh damn.” I said rubbing my left breast.

I inserted the dildo inside my pussy, letting it sing as my juices came running out. I closed my eyes, pushing the toy in deeper, taking it out and fucking myself.

I imagined Drell forcing me on my knees, making me clean his dick off with my mouth. I wanted him to throat fuck me so bad. I wanted him to stand over me, looking me in the eyes as I sucked his dick. I imagined spitting on his dick, licking it up, shoving it to the back of my throat, never breaking eye contact with him. I wanted to watch his eyes go to the back of his head, his head lean back as he exploded in my mouth. I wanted to drink his cum. I wanted him to cum deep in my mouth, not letting any of it drip out. I wanted to swallow every drip of his cum. I wanted to suck on his balls, rub them on my face, making him moan and groan in pure ecstasy.

The more I thought about it, the wetter my pussy got. I picked up the rhythm with the dildo. Fucking myself mercilessly. I used my left hand and licked my finger before sticking it in my ass. I loved double penetration. I loved having a dick inside me and a finger in my ass or vice versa. The idea of Drell fucking my holes, with his finger in the other turned me on even more. I felt the orgasm coming and I needed a release so bad. I needed my pussy to throb around Drell’s dick.

“OH SHIT!” I yelled as my finger went deeper into my ass. I couldn’t concentrate on which hole I wanted violated more. I just knew I needed to cum.

‘FFFUUUUUCCCKKKK” I screamed finally cumming and squirting on my sheet.

I lay there for a moment, out of breath, staring at the ceiling.

I turned the vibrator off, removed it out of my pussy and yawned, a sign of a good orgasm, before getting in the shower.

The rest of the week was boring. I was spending long days in the office. Drell never called me, just as well. He had that kind of body that would make me unfocused at work and I did not need the distraction.

“Good morning.” I said to Cherie.

“Good morning, everything is set for court.”

I nodded sipping my QuikTrip coffee.

I had on my beige suit, my lucky court suit. I went for a conservative look. Pearl earrings, white button up top, hair in a bun. I needed to look demure, and professional. My pants weren’t skin tight, but there was nothing I could do to hide my ass.

“Good morning Ms. Wallace.” Officer Drell said in the hallway of the courthouse.

As soon as the elevator door opened, there he was leaning up against the marble wall.

“Hello,” I said smiling warmly.

“I am ready.” He said.

“Good, me too.” I said self-consciously brushing the front of my suit.

“You look perfect.”


“Here we go.” Frank said as the judge walked in.

“All rise.” The bailiff announced as we got started.

“You did an awesome job!” I said to Officer Drell.

“Me? Hell….you are one tough woman.”

“I try to be, in there at least.”

“Well, I am confident you will get a ‘guilty’ verdict.”.

I nodded.

“Thank you for your help.”

“It’s my job.”

“I better get home.”

“Already? You ever go out for a drink?” he asked.

“At times.”

“Could this be one of those times?”

“You’re asking me out?” I asked.

‘Yes, I am.”

“Sure, ok….. why not.”

“Good, I know a great place, around the corner.” He said.

“Ok.” I said following him.

“So this is your spot?” I asked.

He nodded.


I took a seat at the bar

“Let me run to the restroom, I will be right back.”


A few minutes later, Drell returned, in a different shirt.

“I had to change, can’t be in uniform.”

“Oh I know.” I said unbuttoning my suit jacket.

“I will have a Remy.”

“I will do a mojito.”

“Classy.” He said turning in his chair to face me.

“Playing it safe, I only really drink heavy at home, not when I have to drive.” “Smart”

“Can’t be on the news having a DUI,” I joked.

“No, we don’t want that.”

“So…. Officer Drell…..” I said leaning on the bar.

“Miss Wallace.” He said slowly.

I watched his tongue as he said my name, deliberately hitting each syllable.

“You are a beautiful woman.” He said.

I smiled as my pussy seemed to wake up.

“Thank you.”

“Tell me about you.” He said as the drinks arrived.

We spent two hours at the bar. I was feeling good, ready to invite Officer Drell back to my place, thought twice about it though.

“I should be getting home.” I announced.

“Already? You must be an early bird.”

I nodded.

“I have plans.” I said leaning towards him grabbing my purse.

“You ok?”

I nodded.


“You sure?”

“Yes, I am good.” .

“Let me take you home.” He said.

I smiled.

“Trust me, I am ok.” I said.

I took my license out, and some cash, purposely laying both on the counter in front of Officer Drell, who was oblivious and checking his phone.

“I will call you in a few,” he said looking up at me.

I nodded and walked out the bar, rushing to my car.

I was almost home just as Drell called my cell phone.

“Hello.” I answered.

“Hey Keela, uhh…. You left your license at the bar.”

“Did I? Damn, what time does the bar close?” I asked pretending that I was anxious to rush back and get it.

“I have it; I will bring it to you.”

“No, I live all the way out of the way from you.”

“It’s ok, really.”

“Damn, I can’t believe I did that. I never leave my stuff.” I said trying to really play the part.

“It’s no biggie.” He said.

“You know what? I can meet you and get it.”

“Keela….” He said softly.

I loved how my name rolled off is tongue.


He laughed.

“Seriously, that would actually be perfect for me, I have to go out that way anyway.” I lied.

Truth is, I wanted to see his place anyway.

“Well….” He began.

“Would that be a problem?”

“No, I will quickly throw everything in the closet so I can impress you. I just don’t want you to have to drive all the way over here.” He said.

“It’s ok, I have something later on, over on that side of town.”


“It’s perfect, I can swing by on my way to where I am going”

I kept the lie going.

“Ok, let me give you the address”

“Ok, go ahead.”

“It’s 2630 Talley St. Decatur, GA”

“Ok, got it.” I said, typing it in my GPS.

“I have a few errands to run, so…. Can we say an hour?”

“Perfect, see you then.” He said.

I got in the house, jumped in the shower. Thanks to my Brazilian wax the weekend before, my pussy was nice and shaven. Having a waxed pussy allowed me to get soaking wet with little effort. I stood in the shower, my right rubbing my clit, my left hand rubbing my breasts. I was turned on knowing I was going to Officer Drell’s house. It may only be for a moment, but, just the possibilities made me excited me. I used my Victoria Secret Amber Romance body wash and lotion. I wanted my skin to be soft and my pussy to smell heavenly; I planned on having Officer Drell in my pussy, pounding whichever hole he chose by the end of the night. Just the idea of me telling him “You can put it anywhere” made my pussy tingle. I was already wet, sloppy wet. I found a red bra and panty set to put on. I paired it with a beige ruched dress that clung tight to my curves and my black gladiator 4 ½ inch heels. I did my makeup and retouched my hair.

‘Hey, I am on my way.’ I wrote as I climbed into the car.

I drove to the Decatur address and pulled up to a high-rise. Getting out to let valet park my car, I was pleasantly surprised.

“Nice.” I said getting out of my car and looking around at the neighborhood. It was quiet. It was a typical upper-class Decatur neighborhood. Not what I would expect a probation officer to live in, but people surprise me every day. And the truth is, I wasn’t in Officer Drell’s bank account, I had no idea what he was working with. I walked inside, pass the doorman, towards the elevators.

“Hey” he said opening the door.

“Hi.” I smiled.

He looked at me up and down.

“You look beautiful.” He said.

“Thank you.”

“Come on in.”

I walked in and immediately noticed the impressive size living room and the huge floor to ceiling windows.

“Wow, look at that view.” I said.

“Yeah, being on the 16th floor has its advantages.”

“You must have plans to hurt somebody.” He said noticing my dress.

“Naw, not me.”

“Here you are ma’am.” He said handing over my license.

“Thank you so much Officer Dawgly.”

“Call me ‘Drell’, we are not at work Keela and besides, we are past the professional title phase.”

I nodded.

“Thank you Drell.”

“Do you have to go now or can you sit for a moment?”

“No, I can sit.”

I sat on the oversized micro-fiber brown sectional.

“This is nice.” I said looking around.

“Thank you, I love living here.”

I nodded.

“That view is to die for.”

He laughed.

“Do you have something to drink?”

“Yeah, alcohol or no?”


We sat and bullshitted for about an hour.

“What time do you have to leave?”

“Whenever, I don’t have a set time to be there.”

“Give me a tour.” I said after he handed me a glass of wine.


I followed him into the stainless steel, granite countertop kitchen.

“This is where I do all my microwave cooking.” He said.

He showed me his office, with all his LSU and Alabama memorabilia.

“Damn shame.”

“Don’t hate please”

“This is my guest bedroom.” He said turning the light on.

The room had a king size bed, photos of black art on the walls and a floor to ceiling window overlooking Decatur and beyond.

“Nice.” I said.

“This is the hall bathroom.” He said.

“Really?? Purple and Gold?” I asked looking at the paint colors.

“I rep hard.”

He opened the French doors to this bedroom and I damn near passed out.

The walls were painted red, up against the wall was a California king size bed. The back headboard had a built-in mirror. He had a full length mirror leaning on the wall across from the bed.

“Don’t say anything about my Alabama red.”

“I…. I won’t”

He had shelves on the wall with naked women posing. You couldn’t see their faces, but their bodies were in sexy poses.

“I do photography as a hobby.” He said as if reading my mind.

The bathroom was off to the side and was huge. A jetted tub with a window overlooking the city, a stand up shower with a bench and two shower heads stood next to it and a double vanity sink with his razors on the counter.

“I am a bachelor.” He said watching me look at the counter.

“This place is incredible.”

“Thank you, I hired a friend who is an interior decorator to help me.”

There was definitely a female touch to the place.

“What is that in the corner up there? Alarm?” I asked pointing.

“That’s the alarm over there, that’s the camera system for the alarm.” He said.

The man had built in cameras in the bedroom.

“That concludes the tour.” He said looking at me.

“Thank you.” I said drinking the rest of my wine.

“Let me take your glass.” He said.

I walked out the bathroom, back into the bedroom looking out the windows and over the city.

“You sit on your balcony often?’ I asked.

“Almost nightly if the weather allows me to.”

I nodded, still looking outside as I heard the door closed. I turned around and Drell had closed the bedroom door.

He didn’t say a word, just started walking towards me and took his wife-beater off, exposing his chest and tattoos. I knew what was about to happen and I couldn’t wait. I undid the belt of my dress, still looking at him, letting it fall to the floor. He took his sweatpants off, kicking them over to the side. I pulled my dress over my head, standing in front of him in my red bra and thong.

“Get on the bed.” He said.


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